My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 338

Du Xinye feels in recent days that Chuck has a square, a sports car and a BMW. He believes this.
Because the facts lie ahead.
He also deliberately asked someone to ask him, basically confirming this, but he suddenly thought of what kind of people, they all have their own squares, why are they dressed so garbage? Still not as rich as the rich? ?
He thought about it, this Chuck low-key? He doesn’t think so.
He thinks it is Chuck even if there is a square? It must be that the square is all his belongings, and there is no other extra money to dress himself up. In other words, the square does not make money, it may still be at a loss, so that he has no extra spare money to use, let alone no money to go What car to buy, the sports car broke down, BMW crashed and could only take the bus.
This is Du Xinye’s idea. When he thinks about it, all the doubts in his mind are solved. He saw Chuck on the bus and was so uncomfortable that he laughed.
The thunder of the throttle thundered, and in the envy of the bus, Du Xinye followed Ouyang Fei’s car in front of him.
Chuck heard this voice, a little curious, and looked at it more.
“Sports car, I like it so much.”
“Alas, this kind of stuff is played by rich people. Let’s just look at it, but the sports car is really handsome! I don’t know who is driving.” The people in the bus were envious of the argument.
Chuck bowed his head. At this time, Yolanda was blushing, and there was no way. There were too many people on the bus. Lu Yuwen was squeezed into Chuck’s arms. Yolanda put his hands on Chuck’s heart and tried not to have Chuck. Too much physical contact, but it is not as Lu Yuwen thought. There are too many people, and there is no way to squeeze Lu Yuwen.
Chuck didn’t have much feeling just now, but when he looked down so much, he found that Yolanda only opened a buttoned shirt collar and could see something.
Chuck didn’t dare to read more, otherwise such a crowded person, in case there is any feeling, wasn’t it felt by Yolanda? That policy would be embarrassing.
After all, Yolanda is his own employee.
Uncomfortable all the way, I finally arrived at the place where the car was sold. Fortunately, there was no ugly reaction. Thanks to Yvette for helping Chuck in the car last night. Fortunately, Yolanda kept his head down.
This is the place where Chuck bought Porsche last time. Basically, this piece is a luxury car.
There were few Ferrari stores in China. Here, Chuck saw one, and Yolanda saw it. When Chuck found that Yolanda was watching, he asked to buy a sports car?
“No, the company uses it, so it must be a bit more commercial,” of course Yolanda will not need a sports car anymore. How practical?
Chuck has a Porsche, and certainly does not buy a sports car. There is nothing to watch. What Chuck wants is a Mercedes-Benz big g. This car is also off-road. It is convenient to go anywhere, not too expensive, about two million. It can be done.
Chuck thought about buying a car such as Rolls-Royce and Bentley, but if you think about it, it’s okay. On the one hand, there is such a car on the side of my mom’s hotel. Another aspect of wasting money to buy again is that my mother’s custom-made aircraft is coming. You may occasionally take out your own aircraft. This is very cool.
So Chuck thought about buying a Mercedes-Benz big g.
Chuck came up with the idea, and Yolanda nodded with a smile, “Well, men are very suitable for driving Mercedes-Benz.”
“So what car do you want?” Chuck was curious.
Yolanda pointed his finger, Chuck was surprised, “What car is this?”
Chuck doesn’t know too many signs of cars. After all, Chuck really has little contact with this aspect.
“Lincoln.” Yolanda was surprised. Why did Chuck not recognize Lincoln’s logo? This is also the luxury car of the United States. She watched it for a long time last night and fancy a commercial Lincoln Navigator. More than one million cars, although it can not reach the five million yuan that Chuck said, but Yolanda feels enough Used, she likes it very much.
She said what she thought. Chuck thought about it and thought it was okay. She liked it. How to say that this car was bought for her own, Chuck would definitely obey her.
Yolanda was relieved, “Thank you,”
“Thank you? Go in. I will look at the car to see if I like it,” Chuck smiled.
Of course, first of all, I went to the Lincoln store.
The two went inside.
There are relatively few people in the store. First, it’s just over ten o’clock in the morning, followed by Lincoln’s car, which is not very popular in China. In other words, there are very few people who buy it. The salespersons here expect customers to come to the door.
Chu Hanhan is one of them. She is a veteran employee of Lincoln sales. She has strong observation ability and can see if other people have this consumption ability. How to say, the car that is not sold well is basically a show. As long as someone comes in.
At this time, she saw someone walk in, she walked over to smile and greet, “Welcome, may I ask what model you came to see?”
When she said this, she first looked at the man, Chuck.
But at a glance, she was a little disappointed in her heart. She was too young. This is one of them. After all, Lincoln’s audience is not young. The second is wearing it. Chuck is wearing a temperament. If she is 100 points, she can only Fifty cents, bargains, and no trimming, no hair cut, very decadent, this kind of person, not a consumer of Lincoln.
Chu Hanhan first rejected Chuck.
It’s Yolanda, Chu Hanhan feels very beautiful, as if she had just graduated from college, she should not be the audience of Lincoln. After all, most of Lincoln’s models are business-oriented, that is, people in their thirties prefer.
These two people should have come to see it, or even come to see it.
Chu Hanhan has analyzed it in her heart, disappointed, she is more disappointed, not the audience, how can you buy it?
“Navigator, I want to see it.” Yolanda said that Chuck didn’t know which kind of navigator Yolanda said, so he curiously pointed to one of them and said, “That one?”
“No, that is another model of Lincoln, it seems to be a navigator.” Yolanda explained.
“Oh, this car is also pretty.” Chuck shrugged.
Chu Hanhan glanced at Chuck, and sighed and disappointed in his heart. He didn’t know the car.
It certainly had no spending power. After all, the pilot could buy two or three navigators.
“The pilot is over there.” Chu Hanhan still had to introduce it. She took Chuck and Yolanda to the past. Yolanda’s eyes shine, and her finger touches the car. This car is good, really good.
Yolanda saw the real car and really liked it.
“Can you go in and see?” Yolanda asked with a smile, she was nervous.
“Well, yes,” Chu Hanhan opened the door, and Chuck also sat in. The space is particularly large, and the business is still very good, but such a big car, a female driver Yolanda…
Chuck’s worries are superfluous. Yolanda’s car skills are still very good. Although he seldom drove after his bankruptcy at home, this car. There is nothing wrong with Yolandakai.
“Chuck, what do you think?” Yolanda asked Chuck, mainly because Chuck gave money, she must ask clearly.
“Yes.” Chuck told the truth.
“Can that be a test drive?” Yolanda asked, and Chu Hanhan hesitated. “Do you really want to buy it?”
She thinks that neither of these people is an audience of Lincoln. The chance of buying it is too small. It is still a test drive. Isn’t it a waste of fuel and a test driver’s time? Even Chu Hanhan thought, did these two men just get their driver’s license to find a car driver?
“Well, my boss said it was good. If I think I can drive it, then buy it.” Yolanda said.
“Alas.” Chu Hanhan sighed in his heart, boss? This man wearing only 50 cents, is the boss? Who believes?
“Okay, do you have a driver’s seat? I will help you register, and I will arrange a test drive later.”
Chu Hanhan said, of course, Yolanda took the driver’s seat out, and Yolanda asked Chuck to wait a while and she went to register.
Chuck is of course no problem, but he also wants to test drive and experience the experience.
Chuck followed and took out his driving license. “Trouble help me to register, I also want to test drive.”
Chu Hanhan took Chuck’s driver’s license next, and was even more disappointed in his heart. It took him less than half a year to get his driver’s license. Alas, plus it was not an audience. Sure enough, these two people came to get a car to practice.

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