My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 34

The moment Chuck sent the message out, he knew that it was probably not a good idea. Wasn’t this flirting with Yvette? If he was using his own identity now, it would be fine. But now, he was under the guise of the baller. He quickly withdrew the message. He then waited patiently and nervously for Yvette to reply him. Could she have seen it?
However, thirty seconds later, Yvette replied: Let’s have dinner when you’re free. Thanks again. Good night!
As he saw her reply, Chuck knew that Yvette had definitely seen the message, or else she would not have brought up the word of thanks constantly. Probably she was just pretending not to see the message. In fact, Chuck was a little pleased to see Yvette’s reply. At least she wasn’t like Lara Jean who already took the chance to get close to him under the pretense of thanking him. The only thing that he wanted to know was how Yvette thought of the baller.
Despite wanting to know, he just replied with a good night, then put down his phone and went to sleep. However, his plans were disturbed by Wilbur’s friend request that was sent once again. He was reminded that yesterday night before sleeping, a notification came in around 11. Probably he had sent him the friend request then.
Under the remarks section, there were some words written: Add me please, I want to talk to you. Let me treat you to something!
Did that mean he was giving in to Chuck? Chuck smirked. He had just bought Wilbur’s father’s square, so Wilbur should have enough money to buy a car. Chuck agreed and accepted his friend request. One minute later, Wilbur’s message came in:
“Where are you? Why haven’t you come yet? Don’t tell me you’re not going to buy it? I’ve been waiting for you to come pick up the car all day!”
Chuck was taken aback. Yesterday, Wilbur seemed to be wary of him, but today he returned to his old ways. Looks like your dad has told you that he sold the square for five hundred million dollars.
“Do you need me to go pick you up personally?” Wilbur sent a message over that was full of sarcasm.
Chuck paused for a while to think, then continued to reply: I’ll be there in an hour. He grabbed his car keys and headed out to City Square after sending the message. When he arrived, he got into his car and searched for the Porsche car centre in the car’s navigation system before driving straight there.
Porsche Center! Wilbur Wendel was sitting cross-legged on the large couch of the shop while looking at his messages on WeChat. His face was tinged with a poisonous smile like a snake waiting to engulf its prey. Chuck really had the courage to come meet him.
The manager of the store sat beside him with a chuckle, “Who is the young master this time who’s going to buy a car?”
“Beats me. I’ve never seen him before.” Wilbur continued, sneering deep down:
Wasn’t Chuck so full of himself yesterday? In that case, it was already noon, why wasn’t he here to pick up the car? Could it be, he was trying to gather the money?
“Well, it doesn’t particularly matter then, as long as he comes to buy the car.” The manager’s mouth curved into a smile.
“Who knows if he can afford it?” Wilbur shook his head in displeasure.
“Oh? But didn’t you say that the person managed to pay a deposit of 300,000 dollars?” The manager was stunned. After all, the person did manage to pay a deposit of 300,000 dollars. By logic, he should be able to pay the rest, right?
“So what if he managed to pay? I checked yesterday. In the whole province, there are a lot of rich people whose last name is Cannon, but no one with the name of Chuck Cannon. I’m 70% sure that he’s definitely not a rich person! He must be faking it.” Wilbur commented snarkily.
“At this point, it doesn’t matter if he’s fake. We’ve already collected the 300,000 dollars, and the deposit is not refundable. Let’s just split the deposit in half between us.” The manager smiled. This was not a loss for him at all. No matter what, he was still happy to earn 150,000 dollars so easily.
“Split equally? It’s just 150,000 dollars, it doesn’t really matter to me.” Wilbur said arrogantly.
That’s right! Yesterday, his father came back and told him that his square has been sold for 500,000 million dollars. After hearing that, Wilbur was shocked. Right after the shock came a feeling of pleasure. Although his father’s total assets amounted to more than one billion dollars, the working capital was still considered little. As a result, his pocket money was only around 100,000 dollars a month. Now, he suddenly had 500 million dollars in cash!
To Wilbur, this was an enormous number. Although he didn’t ask his father for cash yesterday, but he did ask his father if he could buy a car when his father’s mood was still good. His father agreed. He even asked Wilbur to call him to pay for the car once Wilbur had made his mind. This explained why Wilbur was on cloud nine today.
“If 150,000 dollars is nothing to you, have you become a baller, Wilbur? Did you make a fortune recently?” The manager was surprised.
“Not really.” Wilbur answered proudly. “My dad’s square was taken over by someone last night.”
“What? Taken over?” Tge manager couldn’t sit still. He remembered previously that Wilbur had told him that the square wasn’t doing well, but even if it wasn’t doing well, such a large-scale square would cost at least a few hundred million dollars, right? And someone actually managed to take it over? In addition, if Wilbur was correct, the person even managed to pay everything in one go? There weren’t many people in the city who had such financial ability and funds to do so, were there?
“Yes, someone took over.” Wilbur was also envious.
“Who could it be?” The manager was too curious.
“I don’t know either, but I’m pretty sure whoever manages to pay such a large sum of money at once is definitely a true baller! It’s just a pity that my dad didn’t want to tell me anything when I asked him yesterday. He said that this person doesn’t want anyone to know that they’ve already bought the square. If I had known who it was, I would have already tried to make him my blood brother!”
Speaking of this, Wilbur felt a pity. He knew himself well that he was nothing in front of such a person. If he could know such a person and suck up to him, wouldn’t he be able to be pretentious as well?
“Only a few financial groups can have such strength,” the manager thought for a moment and said.
“I guess so. I really want to know who this person is, but my father is always stubborn. He wants me to learn from that person to keep a low profile.”
Chuck sighed. He was going to continue ranting when a BMW 7 series car stopped outside the store. He frowned when the car door opened and someone stepped down from the car. Could it be him?
“Is this the person who is going to buy a car?” The manager was surprised.
“Do you know this person?” Wilbur raised an eyebrow at the manager.
“I don’t know him, but I have a friend working at the BMW store. He said that a few days ago, there was a young man who bought a BMW seven series. Since his car doesn’t have a car plate, and he’s so young, I’m pretty sure that the person they were talking about must be him!” The manager’s eyes lit up. I’d this person was able to pay for a BMW seven series, then buying a Cayenne should be as easy as ABC for him.
Wilbur was pissed off. Was this guy seriously rich?
Chuck walked into the store. Before he came, he even specifically looked up the specs for a Cayenne and noted that it was indeed impressive. It cost less than two million dollars, so he could actually buy one.
“I thought you weren’t coming.” Wilbur greeted Chuck in a strange tone.
“Why won’t I come? This car is not bad. Is this a Cayenne?” Chuck Cannon looked around the car. Wilbur sneered, and the manager immediately walked over. “Yes, sir, the one you ordered is this one.”
Chuck Cannon opened the car door and sat in. Indeed, it gave off a different feeling from the BMW seven series: this was much more fashionable! Not bad.
“How is it?” Wilbur asked provokingly.
“Not bad!” Chuck approved while nodding his head.
“Sir, this is just one of the Cayennes from series….” The manager started to introduce, but Chuck looked at him a few times and walked out of the car, shaking his head. The manager was stunned. “Do you not like it, sir?”
Chuck didn’t say anything but just looked around. Wilbur was amused and snickered. Was this one of his plans? Not buying the car just because he didn’t like it? I see. Since the car is just new and only about a week old, how could his family allow him to get a new car?
“How is it? To me, the best thing about this car is the controls, it’s amazing to race with it! I think you’d better let your BMW 7 series rest for a while and just buy this car. Look at me, I drive these sorts of cars all the time. Once you’re used to the controls, you’ll fall in love with Porsches!” Wilbur tried to pressure Chuck into buying it.
However, Chuck was still wandering around and looking at the other cars in the hall. Wilbur couldn’t help but be even more disgusted at him. “Not feel like buying it? Well, it doesn’t matter, you can just tell me. It’s really not a big deal, but just to let you know, your deposit is not refundable. Since it’s not worth it like this, why don’t you just close your eyes and pay for the car? If you can afford it, you can just borrow money from other people, it’s just that simple.”
Chuck glanced at Wilbur Wendel and finally said something, “Who said I won’t buy it? Do you really think I’ll stoop down to yiur level and buy the car?”
What did he mean? Wilbur Wendel was pissed, he was insulting him! Let’s see what kind of car Chuck could drive? Wilbur laughed under his breath and walked over. Chuck was just asking for the humiliation, so he would be absolutely glad to oblige him.

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