My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 343

Ouyang Fei doesn’t want to listen. How much can a person who hasn’t paid a lifetime pay?
Lin Daner stuttered, she extended her fingers, first two, then five fingers.
“Twenty-five thousand? Or twenty-five thousand?” Ouyang Fei was angry.
“No, no.” Lin Dan shook his head hurriedly.
“That’s 250,000? Can’t see it, can this person still bring out so much money? What are you doing? Not yet? Two and a half million? Impossible? Where did people like him get so much money? I don’t believe people who have to pay by credit!…… What’s the matter with you? Why keep shaking your head, don’t tell me, you have lost 25 million!”
Ouyang Fei is angry, what’s going on with this Lin Dan’er? Shaking his head like a pen.
Was the slap being beaten silly just now?
“Not twenty-five million.” Lin Dan’er still shook her head. The number stuck in her throat and couldn’t tell.
Because this number is too scary, if she sees this number on someone else’s mobile phone, she will disdain and smile, it must be pretending to be fake, but it is different on Du Xinye’s mobile phone.
This is true, as true as dreaming.
“How much is that? Are you playing with me? It’s not 25 million, is it 250 million? Are you stupid of me?” Ouyang Fei was particularly angry. She felt like to change friends. Such friends are too few. After seeing it, I said something like this.
“No, it is 2.5 billion! The man just paid 2.5 million to Du Xinye!!” Lin Dan’er finally said, was this true? She saw it clearly just now, but when she said it, she felt unreal again.
Du Xinye is so valuable? How much money did you lose with a slap? ?
“Humph!” Ouyang Fei sneered and turned to sway his long legs.
2.5 billion? ?
Ouyang Fei felt insulted!
“Feifei, don’t go, it’s so much money!” Lin Daner was anxious, why didn’t Ouyang Fei believe it?
“Don’t follow me, you go back in the car by yourself, and you actually think of me as a fool!”
Ouyang Fei didn’t look back and didn’t want to go back at all. She felt that her IQ had been greatly insulted! is it possible? Pay 25,000, Ouyang Fei did not believe it, let alone 2.5 billion? When you are stupid!
What did such friends want?
Ouyang Fei decided to quit!
“Hey, Feifei, oops…” Lin Daner fell to the ground when she chased, and she cried with pain.
Ouyang Fei looked back at her in disgust, “Don’t say you know me, I don’t have a friend like you!”
Ouyang Fei hummed, she returned to the sports car store, drove her car away, she no longer ignored Lin Daner.
They are all uninformed friends, making these jokes without thinking. She was bored.
Here Lin Daner got up with her legs covered, “Fifi, I didn’t lie to you, that hanging wire, that person, really transferred 2.5 billion to Du Xinye!”
Lin Daner was wronged, she was slapped by Chuck, she was thinking, why didn’t Chuck lose money for herself? Du Xinye has been compensated 2.5 billion, so it is okay to pay 100,000 to one million!

Du Xinye anxiously waited by the roadside, “Why can’t it come?”
He just received a call from his sister Du Peixin and told him to wait here. He has been waiting for more than ten minutes. Why can’t he still come?
He was sitting upset!
After a while, a roar from far and near cut through the street, a red sports car came from far away, stopped in front of Du Xinye, the door opened, and the first thing came out was a pair of particularly beautiful legs, Flawless. Gives a healthy shine.
Soon, a big beautiful woman came out and looked a bit like Du Xinye. It can be said that the perfection was perfect. The woman was too beautiful. The slender legs were dressed in good-cut denim skirts. Passing people’s gaze.
This is Du Xinye’s sister, Du Peixin.
She swayed over her long legs and frowned slightly, “What’s going on? Was someone beaten?
And, why is there 2.5 billion more inexplicably in your card?”
The card of her brother Du Xinye is connected to her. She knows clearly that every money goes in and out. Just two hours later, she suddenly received a text message and found that her brother’s card was actually more than 500 million. She was shocked that her brother did not have any business, how could there be so much money?
Before waiting for her inquiry, less than a minute later, she actually came in with another billion.
Du Pei was shocked. When she was busy calling to ask what was going on, she received another SMS, 2.5 billion! !
How did your brother get it? Who transferred it to him? This simply shocked Du Pei to the point of anger. Is his brother doing something bad? Where did you get so much money?
She immediately called and asked her brother’s location. She put everything down and drove over.
“I, someone transferred it to me,” Du Xinye said, his sister was too stressed, he was very honest.
“Who? Make it clear!” Du Pei narrowed his eyes and shot the majestic cold light!
“Me, I don’t know how to say it, just a student, sophomore, he has a square, a bit of money, when I went to buy a car just now. I met him. Argued with him, he, he beat me , So I lost money.” Du Xinye said.
Du Peixin slaps out, Du Xinye’s face is even more red, “Sister, what are you doing? Why hit me?”
“You say what you just said, do you dare to lie to me?!” Du Pei was expressionless and felt that his IQ was insulted. Whoever hit someone would lose 2.5 billion?
“Sister, I didn’t lie, really,” Du Xinye collapsed.
“You say another word? Say!” Du Pei stared at him, his tone cold.
“Really, sister, how dare I lie to you? It was the person who paid me, what did I lie to you?” Du Xinye was wronged.
Du Pei frowned, “Did you really lie to me?”
“What’s the matter, tell me this matter carefully, dare to lie to me, and see how I clean up you!”
Du Pei said coldly.
Du Xinye certainly made things clear. Du Pei’s brows grew deeper and deeper, “I don’t quite believe what you said, this person slapped you a few times, giving you millions of possibilities, but 2.5 billion, I think it’s impossible!”
“Sister, don’t hit me. Really, if you lied to you, I was killed by a car immediately.” Du Xinye said.
“Shut up!” Du Pei sneered, “If you say that again, see how I clean up you!”
She was thinking about the authenticity of this matter, and her brother swears like this, how could she not believe it?
“What is this person’s name?”
“Chuck, there is also a small square, that square is very garbage.” Du Xinye said unhappy.
“Can you shut up? Can Trash Plaza transfer you 2.5 billion? Think about it.” Du Pei sneered, Trash Plaza? Can there be so much money?
“This person is not simple. It is definitely not easy to lose you so much money.”
“I know, it may be similar to our family, what’s the matter. Am I afraid of him?” Du Xinye felt confident, but his sister was very powerful. Haven’t suffered under the men’s hands yet.
“Same as our family? You hit someone, will you pay 2.5 billion to others?” Du Pei’s eyes narrowed.
“I,” Du Xinye didn’t answer, certainly not. If this is mentioned, his father might be swearing.
“This person should be more powerful than our family. This money can’t be obtained and refunded to him.” Du Pei said after analysis, this must not be taken!
“Why should I refund? This is the money I earned from my ability, I will not refund!” Du Xinye was excited, how much can he buy with so much money? You can buy many cars, even private jets.
He will not retreat!
“You say it again?” Du Pei said coldly.
“Sister, two and a half billion yuan, this pen is transferred to me, and I will definitely not give it to him. Our Du family is still afraid that he will not succeed?” Du Xinye is confident, can it be remarkable if there is 2.5 billion? I don’t pay it back to you, it’s you who paid me, it’s just money!
Du Pei gave his brother a slap. “Are you comatose? Someone who can give you 2.5 billion. You can’t think he will charge 5 billion, even 10 billion?”
“Where does he have that ability?” Du Xinye pouted, certainly not!

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