My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 347

Zelda bumped into Chuck’s arms, and her face turned red into an apple when she brushed her face. What did she prepare in there just now? And he went into his own office?
Chuck hugged her so much, Zelda blushed at a loss and could only let Chuck so hug.
Chuck was surprised. Today, Zelda is so beautiful. She put on makeup and wore a very standard professional suit, which outlined her perfect body.
Chuck hugged her, of course you can feel it.
With a squeak, the door closed.
This imaginative office, alone and widowed, is so subtle to the extreme that Chuck unconsciously thought of the two times with Zelda…
“Chuck, why are you here?” Zelda said blushing. She had wanted to tell Chuck that her restaurant would open today, but she thought of Chuck going to school, maybe not available, or maybe accompanying Yvette, where Do you have time to come here to celebrate?
So she sadly did not call Chuck.
“Chuck, Chuck,” Zelda felt something, his face was even redder, he reached out and locked the door of the office, and said in Chuck’s ear, “Are you thinking?”
In fact, Zelda thought about the two times with Chuck?
Chuck is embarrassed, really, there is no way, the atmosphere caused, can’t help it, for some women, men can’t forget in a lifetime, for example, for Chuck, Zelda is the kind of woman that makes Chuck never forget It was Zelda who made Chuck really feel something.
That matter was not done by Yvette, who had been with him since he was a child, but Zelda did it.
Chuck must not forget.
The atmosphere became more and more solidified, Chuck hurriedly released her hand on her waist, and her heart stopped, Zelda looked at Chuck, and she was not angry, “Next time you come here to find me, you Men like this.”
Chuck was embarrassed and didn’t know how to deal with it. It was really imaginative here.
Forget it, ask Zelda how it feels today? In terms of business, there is no problem. It is full right after opening. After all, there are so many MoZelda restaurant chains, and there are still a lot of regular customers. Some people will come over to just take a few calls.
“Very good.” Zelda was a little tired. She hadn’t slept well in recent days. Chuck felt Zelda must be tired, and he took her to sit down.
“What are you doing?” Zelda blushed, Chuck wouldn’t do anything to himself, but what would he do to sit down?
Zelda felt that Chuck was pressing her shoulders, and she chuckled, “very professional.”
Chuck was ashamed of Zelda and had such a relationship with Zelda. At first, Chuck wanted to be the kind of partner of Zelda, but now he can’t be.
“Why haven’t you seen Yvette recently?” Zelda asked casually. Mo Zyi remembered that slap very clearly.
“She has her own business.” Chuck stopped pressing, and Zelda turned his head. “Continue, you feel better than those blind massagers, you feel much better, you…”
Zelda blushed, she knew why Chuck did not press, she was happy and lost.
With a sigh, she stood up, “Ask me if you come to me?”
“Then what do I ask you?” Chuck embarrassedly covered up, Zelda smiled slightly, “You don’t need to hide anything in front of me, you can ask me something else.”
Chuck is no problem, but the atmosphere is getting more and more subtle. Chuck is worried about what he can’t control, and he restrains himself, “I…”
Boom, buzz!
There was a knock on the door outside, “Hey, the steak is already served and you can come out and eat.”
This is Murongqing’s voice. Zelda frowned, looked back at the door, and looked at Chuck again,
“You came with her?”
“Yes.” Where does Chuck want to be, will Murongqing come here? But normal, Murong Qing and Zelda are not good, how can you give up this opportunity and make Zelda angry?
“Chuck, are you okay with her?” Zelda didn’t think that what happened to Chuck and Murong Qing. How to say, Zelda still knew Murong Qing’s personality clearly and didn’t like being younger than her. the man.
Chuck is ten years younger than her. Why would Murong Qing like it?
“Nothing, I cooperated with her.” Chuck shrugged. It was nothing. When I went to Huagang that day, La Murong Qing entered the room and kissed her. Nothing else happened. She was then I slapped myself.
It’s so heavy.
Chuck now clearly remembers that half of his face was numb by Murong Qing.
“Cooperation? Well.” Zelda walked to the door and opened the door. Murong Qing was surprised. Zelda’s face was calm. The two men did nothing in the office just now.
The two women looked at each other, and the smell of gunpowder was full.
Just now Murong Qing couldn’t help it. The reason why she came here to eat was because she wanted to make Zelda angry, but Zelda was not angry, and she was angry first.
“Thank you for coming to join us.” Zelda said.
“It’s nothing. I suddenly wanted to eat some cheap dishes. After seeing this, I found that your restaurant is relatively low-end, so I came here.” Murong Qing looked expressionless.
To say this, Chuck was surprised. Murongqing would hurt people. Zelda’s restaurant is still very high-end, okay?
“Well, eat happily.” Zelda smiled slightly, and was not angry at all, “Chuck, you can eat.”
Chuck also felt that, at this time, they must be separated. Chuck came out, “President Murong, let’s eat!”
Murong Qing snorted softly, turned around and swayed his long legs to sit over there, Chuck turned his head back and gave thumbs up to Zelda, Zelda blushed, “Not yet brought by you?
Huh, knowing me and She has a bad relationship, and you still came to mad at me on purpose.”
Chuck apologized, is that his idea? This is where Murong Qing brought Chuck.
“Sorry, Zelda.” Chuck was helpless.
“Okay, don’t have to apologize, go sit down, I’ll add some food for you.” Zelda said.
“You make it for me?” Chuck hasn’t eaten anything made by Zelda. After all, she opens a restaurant. How can you say that cooking is not bad?
“Yes, what do you want to eat?” Zelda hadn’t been in the kitchen for a long time. Murong Qing came over today, so she would cook once.
“Anyway,” Chuck doesn’t matter.
“Anything?” Zelda smiled. “Okay, go sit down. I’ll do it for you.”
“OK.” Chuck walked out with a shrug. Zelda went to the kitchen. The head chef was surprised.
Why did the boss seem to cook himself? Who has this kind of treatment?
Chuck sat across from Murong Qing, “President Murong.”
“Don’t talk to me.” Murong Qing ate himself, and Chuck was hungry, so he ate it. After a while, Murong Qing frowned, because she smelled the fragrance, she looked up and saw Zelda personally. The food is coming, is this for Chuck?
“Eat slowly.” Zelda put the dishes down, smiled at Chuck slightly, turned around and left with a kind of charm, Zelda’s professional suit, the back was too beautiful, completely attracted Chuck’s eyes. .
“Hey, what are you looking at?” Murong Qing was exasperated, and his back was not as beautiful as Zelda’s?
In addition to squatting every day, I have to go for special maintenance. Is it better than Zelda’s?
Chuck looked back awkwardly. The backs of the two of them really have their own merits. They really want to say who looks good, but Chuck can’t tell.
Zelda heard the voice, the smile on his face was more obvious, and he was still very attractive to Chuck.
“Take this.” Chuck gave Murong Qing a dish. Murong Qingmei glared and put down the tableware. “If you don’t eat, I’m not satisfied with today’s meal!”
Chuck was speechless and delicious, but Zelda cooked it himself. Anyway, Chuck ate quite happily.
Seeing Murong Qing angry, Chuck was busy eating the dishes, “President Murong, the meal is finished.”
“So are you chasing me right?” Murong Qing was angry. Chuck said that he wanted to break away from himself, and then do something with Zelda? ? Two people in the office?
The more she wanted Murong Qing to get angry, she felt she should do something.

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