My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 349

Of course, Chuck didn’t know that Logan had come to him. He was in the room to discuss with Betty. His mother called from his side, saying that his cousin was no longer in the United States, and might be coming to Huaxia.
Of course, Chuck is more nervous. This cousin, Bettyming said, in terms of fighting, it is even more powerful than Betty. Chuck has only entered the door of fighting now, and he will definitely not be an opponent. How should he respond?
How will cousin deal with himself? Chuck felt that he had to take precautions, and he had to strengthen his strength, otherwise he would not be a cousin opponent, so dangerous.
“Master, you can rest assured that from today on, I will protect you personally.” Betty said, this was requested by Karen Lee, and Betty was ready to do the same.
After all, she had a good impression of Chuck.
“Okay, then trouble you.” Chuck felt that he could only deal with it first, and he still had time to improve his fighting strength!
“Yes, Master, then go to bed and I will be outside.” This is the presidential suite anyway, there are several rooms.
Betty just slept on the sofa. Chuck must be safe!
In case of an accident, she could not think of what Karen Lee would be in a hurry.
“Well, this is the money that let you transfer it today, and you take it back.” Chuck certainly won’t want this money.
“Master, what are you doing?” Betty was a little confused.
“Alas, there was a chance to make money, but I didn’t expect it.” Chuck was helpless. He really didn’t expect that Du Xinye had such a sister Du Peixin who took care of the overall situation.
“Well, what opportunity is this?” Betty was a little curious.
Chuck said with a shrug. After listening to it, Betty couldn’t help laughing. “Master, you are really naughty. If the Du family receives this money, it can really recover 5 billion and 10 billion back.”
This is strength! The Du family is nothing in front of Karen Lee. In a word, the Du family will be seriously hurt.
“Sister Li, you laughed pretty.” Chuck was honest. Betty usually wears a plain face and wears a suit, but Chuck accidentally grabbed her in front of the last time. It is clear that Betty is very expected. Yes, she is usually expressionless and may be used to it, but suddenly she smiles and is charming.
It’s the kind of Lengjun killer who smiles charmingly, maybe only for himself, but really, Chuck couldn’t help but think of accidentally touching Betty twice, and that figure was really hidden so well.
Betty embarrassed, put away a smile, “Master, you got a good sleep,”
Chuck could see that, Betty was embarrassed, so there are some things she can’t say.
“Well.” Chuck entered the room, he also felt tired. call.
Betty breathed a sigh of relief. If Chuck teased herself, she really didn’t know how to deal with it.
She said that she had today, but Karen Lee had trained it. How could she blame Karen Lee’s son Chuck?
She sat directly on the sofa, closed her eyes and went to sleep alertly.
Chuck was suffering in the room. How could he be too tempted today to find Yvette and failed to find it? At this time, Betty was out again. He was a bit perverted, thinking of going out to do something? But thinking about it, Chuck is ready to sleep after taking a bath.
This idea will definitely not work!
What Chuck didn’t know was that Logan had already arrived in Chuck by her own plane. She didn’t inform anyone. She wanted to surprise Chuck. She came out of the airport and went to Chuck’s house by car. When she was on the road, she got out of the car by herself, but she saw Yvette’s tired driving back, and there was a woman who still had a charm, who was this?
Logan thought of it at once, this should be Yvette’s mother.
Logan was a little lost. Chuck was living with Yvette, so it was useless to come by himself!
“Cere must have no time to hang out with me,” Logan sighed, and found a place to live.
She took the car herself, went to a hotel casually, and opened a room to live in. She thought, how should she meet Chuck? She can’t sleep in bed, what should I do? Come here, Ceer…
What Chuck collapsed was that as soon as he lay down, Lara sent WeChat and asked if he was asleep? Chuck didn’t want to take care of her, but clicked in. She slipped her chat record with Lara and looked at Lara’s fruit photos again. .
Lara’s figure is so good.
It’s really turning around. The next morning, Chuck got up listlessly, opened the door, and Betty brought breakfast over. “Master, let’s have breakfast.”
Chuck ate, and was ready to go to the square to see. Betty, of course, protected himself, drove to Chuck, and then went over there to see. Murong Qing called and talked, let Chuck transfer Fifty million yuan was given to her, and Chuck was surprised. Why did Murong Qing only let himself turn this way?
After all, Murongqing’s investment came from hundreds of millions to hundreds of millions, and Chuck didn’t even think about it. Maybe Murongqing only gave himself 10% or 20% of his shares? Chuck passed the money directly.
Murongqing replied that the contract will be delivered the day after tomorrow.
Of course Chuck was relieved, and then she would be invited to dinner.
After all, no matter what, Murong Qing will get it, just divide the money every quarter or every month.
Chuck felt beautiful.
I think it’s good to know Murong Qing!
There will be more cooperation in the future, of course, this will only need Murongqing to agree.
What Chuck does not know is that as long as Chuck opens this mouth, Murong Qing will agree.
After all, Murong Qing feels that Chuck is not disgusting, and cooperation is also good.
The next day, Betty drove Chuck to the school. Betty knew that Chuck was low-key, so the car was not too good. He stopped at a place far away from the school and Chuck entered the school.
Betty followed.
This is really personal protection.
“Chuck.” Lara was calling Chuck. She prepared milk tea for Chuck and ran over to Chuck.
Chuck was helpless, but Lara milk tea was really good, Chuck did not politely drink it, but thought of seeing Lara’s photos the day before yesterday, Chuck couldn’t help but looked at the entity, Lara wears today It’s still so sexy, with long legs and hot pants.
“Delicious?” Lara asked.
“Then I will continue to bring you tomorrow.” Lara is more happy. Chuck feels okay. Lara has the same feeling. Lara saw Betty following her far. She had seen Betty. Slaughter passed, Lara asked why Betty followed?
Chuck didn’t say much, and Lara pouted.
The two entered the teacher, and the students were still talking about Chuck, or about Chuck picking up money and asking the whole school to drink milk tea. Anyway, there are various versions.
Of course, Chuck was too lazy to care about it. He found a place to sit down. Queenie had come over long ago. Queenie asked Chuck about the opening ceremony of the school a few days later.
Chuck thought, just like that, anyway, this is the opening ceremony of the freshman.
However, at the same time, Logan didn’t even know what to do in the hotel room. She was walking around. She was thinking, how should she appear in front of Chuck? He said he came over to find him?
Logan felt that she could not say that, she was very tangled.
Logan is like this, Yvette is not so lucky, she is training fighting in a secret place, Yan Li teaches her personally, Yvette improves quickly, but a pair of eyes, has been watching her somewhere, just Yvette didn’t find…
“Fei Fei, you believe me, all I said is true!” Lin Daner’s saliva was almost finished, but Ouyang Fei next to her, she didn’t believe it. She thought it was Lin Daner playing herself, how could that person be able to switch What about 1.5 billion?
“Don’t say it!” Ouyang Fei was angry, really, what about being a fool?
The two passed by Chuck’s classroom. Lin Daner saw Chuck. She pointed to Chuck and said,
“Fifi, you don’t believe you and ask him. He is really rich and definitely meets your standards.”
Lin Dan’er also has selfishness, how to say she likes Du Xinye, if Ouyang Fei added Chuck’s WeChat, then you don’t have a chance?
“He meets my standards? It’s never possible!” Ouyang Fei showed his disgust. This man Ouyang Fei looked down on him, and he who wanted to meet his own standards, who had no life in his life? wishful thinking! !

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