My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 353

Ouyang Fei thinks, the young master of such a big five-star hotel, can really eat yellow-lip fish directly, after all, it is his own thing, so it must be no problem to eat! It’s no problem not to be external.
But when she said this, she had to have a result because she felt deceived and ignored. Why didn’t you say that this was the order your young master ordered?
It hurts me to be ugly here. After all, some other guests here have whispered to themselves. The words are good and bad. Ouyang Fei also heard someone mocking her.
I am a frequent visitor of high-end places, when was it mocked?
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Must give an account today!
Ouyang Fei vowed!
“Our young master is in the presidential suite upstairs, not in the restaurant.” The manager said, this dish is to be served by the elevator, and there are other dishes that need to be delivered as soon as possible. After all, this is the son of the hotel owner.
“So I can’t see this young master?” Ouyang Fei frowned, feeling even more uncomfortable, didn’t he look down on people?
One sentence is the master’s dish, just perfunctory?
Ouyang Fei was already in a bad mood today, so he felt even more upset.
“Sorry, our young master usually comes down, but today may be tired, so he asked us to send it up.” The manager explained.
“Let your young master come down!” Du Xinye came over, joking, a son of a fivestar hotel owner, can he be called a young master? When did Master’s standard drop so low?
This five-star hotel has four to five billion dollars, plus some of them, almost ten billion in net worth, can this be called the young master? Is it possible to call the young master only by myself? Can some cats and dogs call? It is an insult to the word “Young Master”!
“This…” The manager is embarrassed, what is this called? Betty will definitely get angry, she can’t bear it.
“Sorry, our young master is going to rest after eating, but we can’t see the guests,” the manager said.
“Let him come down! I want this yellow lip fish, how much do you count, have you heard?” At this time, Du Xinye felt that it was time to show his strength in front of Ouyang Fei. Kneel down and lick, how much face do you have in front of Ouyang Fei? It is more likely that Ouyang Fei can be done tonight, so this step is crucial!
This young master must be let down, and this dish must be let out! Let Ouyang Fei begin to worship himself, then the next thing is as simple as it comes.
“This.” The manager was suddenly embarrassed. She hesitated and said, “Wait, I’ll go up and ask the young master,”
Du Xinye waved his hand. Sure enough, the manager would be scared. The fivestar hotel had nothing to expect, just one word.
“Ouyang Fei, let’s sit first.” Du Xinye said, Ouyang Fei sat down with satisfaction, but Du Xinye frowned, “Leave this dish first.”
Because the manager has already prepared the dishes.
The manager had no choice but to put down the dish first, and also gave the waiter a face, letting her look at the dish first.
The manager went out and took the elevator to the top of the building.
Du Xinye snorted and brought the dish over. The waiter hurriedly said, “Sir, this is our young master’s dish.”
“What about your young master? Don’t you know that the customer is God? God fancy this dish, you still let God wait?” Du Xinye picked up a piece of chopsticks and gave it to Ouyang Fei. Say, “Try it first.”
“Well.” Ouyang Fei took it for granted, it should have been like this, he is God, how about this dish is the young master?
Fighting for food with God, you don’t want to open the hotel anymore?
Ouyang Fei ate it and found it to be really delicious, so tender and delicious. Sure enough, he was right to fight for it. If I didn’t eat this dish, I would really regret it!
Du Xinye saw Ouyang Fei’s expression, and he couldn’t help eating it together. He hadn’t eaten this fish for a long time.
The waiter saw that Du Xinye and Ouyang Fei had eaten one third of your chopsticks and one of her chopsticks. She collapsed and could only go out. She couldn’t stop her just now, she could only use the intercom to tell The manager.
Boom Boom Boom!
“Come in.” Chuck said. At this time, Chuck and Betty said about his cousin in the room, how to deal with it, his cousin must have come to China, Chuck had to deal with it?
The manager opened the door and came in with an apology. “That, I’m sorry Master, I’m sorry Supervisor Bai, the yellow-lip fish you asked us to prepare was caught by a guest. He wanted to eat that dish.”
Betty frowned, “What’s going on?”
Chuck was a bit surprised. The manager simply said that Chuck didn’t care, shrugging, “Then he’s fancy, just give him.”
Chuck doesn’t care about this. Betty is different. She deliberately explained to the kitchen that there are yellow-lip fish that must be kept for Chuck. After all, wild yellow-lip fish are not every day!
“Master, this dish is made for you.” Betty said.
“It’s okay, since the guests are fancy, then give them a good deal,” Chuck smiled slightly, his mother was there, and certainly would do the same.
The manager breathed a sigh of relief. Unexpectedly, the young master was getting better and better. She continued, “Master, this man still wants you to see him…”
“What are you talking about? Let the young master go down to see him? Not many people in the world have this qualification, can he?” Betty’s voice was cold.
“Sorry, this man brought a beautiful woman over. Maybe he wanted to pretend to be in front of this beautiful woman, so he said this.” The manager was helpless.
“Tell him, leave without eating!” Betty said coldly. At the Yeshi Hotel, Betty really would not let Chuck suffer any grievances.
The manager is good, she turned around to prepare, but the intercom rang in her hand.
“What are you doing? You don’t know that this is the young master’s dish! When someone else eats it, what does the young master eat today?” The manager was annoyed.
Chuck shrugged and stood up, “It’s okay, he just ate it, forget it.”
“Yes.” The manager nodded. “Then what do you want to eat today, Master?”
The yellow lip fish is the main dish, but it is now being robbed and eaten. This is really not what the manager thought of.
“Sister Li, what do you eat?” Chuck does everything. Chuck doesn’t have any requirements for food.
“Master, you make the decision.” Betty followed Chuck.
“That line, you just ask the kitchen to fry a few side dishes, just for dinner.”
“Yes, Master, please wait.” The manager opened the door and went out.
“Master, such a person is unreasonable, and actually eats your food, so you don’t take your eyes into consideration. If Mr. Li is there, she will definitely let these two people leave,” Betty said. It’s not good that Karen Lee will give these two people a bit of suffering. To be honest, Betty wants to go straight down.
“It’s okay, it’s the guests anyway.” Chuck sat down. It didn’t have a reputation for the hotel. Chuck felt unnecessary.
Of course, with Karen Lee’s strength, this matter really won’t have any impact!
“Okay,” Betty continued to prepare to tell Chuck some things, but Betty was also pleased that Chuck’s affinity was much better than the other young masters in the family, especially Chuck’s cousin.
The manager came down and saw that Ouyang Fei and Du Xinye had eaten most of this dish. The manager was helpless!
“Your young master will not come down?” Du Xinye snorted softly.
“Sorry, our young master said that you have eaten this dish, please enjoy it slowly.” The manager maintained a smile.
“Huh, do you dare not give it? Know who I am?” Du Xinye sneered. Don’t dare to talk about it, this young master is rubbish! It seems that he says who he is, so this so-called young master will definitely come down to see himself, this is an opportunity to conquer Ouyang Fei.
“I don’t know clearly, you use it slowly!” The manager took the waiter out.
Du Xinye frowned, and could only smile to let Ouyang Fei eat more, Ouyang Fei was very happy to eat, how do you think. She has also been single for a long time.
Du Xinye is regarded as a boyfriend in all aspects and can enter her own standards.
You can give him a chance to see what Du Xinye means. If you want to take yourself up to open a house? So should I agree?

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