My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 359

Chuckhua said so, Betty of course increased the throttle, and the car was like a beast out of control.
Chuck’s heart was shocking anger, these people actually caught Yvette and Yan Li? boom! !
Betty drove to the rear and ran into it. This car, which is hundreds of thousands of cars, will definitely be distressed, but Betty did not, so he stepped on the accelerator and hit it.
The No. 7 and No. 6 in the car were startled. The No. 7 was doing nothing to Yan Li, who was already in a coma. Yan Li was basically naked.
“What’s going on?” No. 7 was annoyed, he had to act, and was disturbed?
The No. 6 driver’s face was ugly. “No, we were discovered.”
“That’s not too fast to leave! Come on!”
Seventh put on clothes in a hurry, this time is not the time to continue to do that kind of thing, but people are catching up!
On the 6th, the accelerator has been stepped to the end. The two cars were galloping on the road in the suburbs, and the roar of the engine was ringing all around!
“Bump!” Chuck growled!
He looked through the back glass of the car in front and saw a man wearing clothes. Is this man doing something to Yvette?
Chuck was so angry! !
Actually touch your wife? Chuck’s eyes were red, and Yvette’s character was strong. If she knew that she had been insulted, she would never cross this threshold.
“Yes, Master!” Betty’s eyes are also cold, she is also a woman, seeing this picture, where can she bear it?
She drove desperately. Betty’s car skills were too high. She directly pushed the front car out of the roadside and directly plunged into the sand on the roadside. The car didn’t move much.
“Master! You stay in the car.” Betty is serious, this is not a joke, and can subdue Yan Li and Yvette, these two people must be very powerful!
If something happens to Chuck, she simply cannot explain to Karen Lee!
“My wife has an accident,” Chuck got out of the car, and Betty was shocked. When she hurriedly got out of the car, she saw a cold muzzle in the front car stick out! And a person came out!
Anesthesia gun!
Betty’s face was furious, she took out her dagger and rushed to Chuck, “Master, be careful!”
With a loud bang, an anesthesia needle was blown by Betty with a dagger. Betty used a dagger too much!
“court death!”
Betty coldly guarded Chuck behind him, throwing the dagger out at once, just like darts.
This shot number seven can only be avoided. Betty seized this opportunity, rushed over and grabbed the anesthesia gun, she took out another dagger and stabbed!
This No. 7 is also amazing, the two people are fighting like this!
Chuck was already on fire. He picked up the anesthesia needle on the ground and rushed to fight No.6. His brain was full of anger. How dare he touch his wife?
From a young age to a big one, Chuck didn’t really touch Yvette, but he was touched by you. Chuck was a raging fire and distressed.
Chuck distressed Yvette, which was not her wish, she was the victim.
Chuck’s anger is coming up, and that kind of anger is in Chuck’s eyes!
Blood red blood red!
This No.6 frowned, he is also a master of fighting, how could Zhang Ze be bluffed? He came with a fist.
Fight back!
Shortly after Chuck came into contact with fighting, even if he was well-trained, it was unlikely to be the opponent of this kind of fighting veteran, but Chuck’s lifeless attack.
When fighting, the most fearful thing is to die, no one can bear it!
Chuck was beaten with several fists, and there was blood in his mouth, but even with his angry heart, he couldn’t fight back. The No. 6 heart was surprised, “What’s wrong with this kid!”
Betty was shocked, “Master, don’t wake up like that!!”
If this continues, Chuck will be seriously injured!
She repulsed the number seven, so a kick kicked the number six kicked, and the number six kicked so much that she spit out blood.
Chuck seized this opportunity and inserted the anesthesia needle in his hand!
Number six felt his hands tingle, and he was shocked, “You, you. You…”
Anesthesia caused him to quickly lose his resistance. He lay softly on the ground, struggling, twisting his body like a headless loach, and Chuck kicked.
No. 6 screamed and passed out. Chuck kicked his head, which no one could bear.
But at this time, Betty helped Chuck, let No. 7 find an opportunity to take advantage, he rushed over and kicked Betty.
Betty’s eyes cooled completely, and she got up from the ground, fighting like a robot.
Chuck shivered and walked to the door of the car, his hands were shaking, Yvette knew that it must be very sad. Won’t she think about it?
After all, Yvette said, it will definitely be given to Chuck for the first time, and no one can touch her again, but today, Yvette will definitely despair.
Chuck regained her mood. Chuck didn’t blame Yvette. She couldn’t resist at all.
Chuck loved her and wanted to comfort her, “Wifey, it’s okay, it’s okay.”
Chuck really comforted, he opened the car door tremblingly, and then he froze.
Because he saw at first glance that it was not Yvette, but a woman without clothes, Chuck was shocked. Is this Yvette’s mother Yan Li?
Chuck was shocked to be dumb. Was Yan Li just that time? Chuck was watching, subconsciously watching, Yan Li was stripped off, Chuck looked dumbfounded.
“You, still watching…” Yan Li kept her last point of consciousness, she opened her tired eyes, her eyes were covered by desperate tears, red.
To be honest, Yan Li wished she had been comatose, but she woke up struggling, and she actually saw the awkward Chuck. At this moment, she was covered by endless shame.
Was stunned.
Chuck hurriedly took off his coat and covered Yan Li. Yan Li closed her eyes.
Chuck saw Yvette unconscious, but the clothes were intact, Chuck was relieved, Chuck hugged Yvette out, and Yvette was struggling. This is instinct. She burst into tears, Chuck felt hurt, and kissed Yvette, “Wifey, it’s me, you sleep well.”
Yvette seemed to hear it and buried his head in Chuck’s arms…
Betty was stabbed to death on the 7th, and Betty came over, “Master, how do you deal with this person? Also killed?”
“Kill!” Chuck said coldly!
Betty nodded and stabbed the No. 6 knife in the past. He hummed and he was motionless.
Betty took out her mobile phone, “I’m in the suburbs and let people come to clean up the scene!”
Hang up the phone, this place needs to be cleaned up, otherwise something will happen.
Betty saw that Yan Li was inside the car. She was surprised. She uncovered Chuck’s clothes. She could not judge whether Yan Li had been violated or not. But how to say, she was rescued.
Soon several cars came and more than ten people came down to clean up the scene professionally.
“Master, let’s get in this car.” The car that Betty drove just now was not in a good shape. Chuck embraced Yvette and got on the car. Betty brought the unconscious Yan Li over. Betty drove again.
“It’s good to go back to the hotel,” Chuck thought that only the hotel can protect Yvette, because there are many security guards in the hotel! And the place before him must not be able to live, Chuck thought about whether to sell the house over there?
Buy another villa with strict security? That would be much safer.
“Well.” Betty drove to the hotel!
Chuck has been holding Yvette, and Betty has given Yvette and Yan Li injections just now, so that they can wake up quickly. Slowly, Yvette’s eyes are moving, and she opens Beauty eyes, seeing Chuck hugged herself, she was feeble and moved, said, “Husband.”
Chuck kissed her, which was too dangerous. Yvette moved to embrace Chuck. At this time, she remembered her mother Yan Li.
She turned her head and found that Yan Li had Chuck’s clothes on it, and it was still. .
Yvette was shocked, “Mom, Mom.”
Yvette shed tears. In this case, Yan Li must have been violated. Yvette felt that his heart was bleeding, and he could not protect his mother.
In fact, Yan Li has woke up, but the endless shame prevents her from opening her eyes at all…She wants to die, she was violated, and she was seen by Chuck.

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