My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 362

Chuck thought that he had not offended Ouyang Fei!
I didn’t know it at first, this Ouyang Fei suddenly appeared, sneering at himself, Chuck ignored her, and now he said he was a thief?
Chuck couldn’t help it, this woman was too much.
Wasn’t Du Xinye playing silly the day before yesterday? Maybe, I slept like a pen all day and night, the medicine was too heavy, and the ghost knew how long Du
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Xinye had struggled?
If you can get a woman that way, Du Xin’s ambitions must be very abnormal, maybe even secretly recording videos.
“You say it again.” Chuck stared at her and walked past.
Chuck doesn’t want to beat a woman, but if the woman is too cheap, then Chuck doesn’t mind beating her.
It doesn’t matter what school flowers she spends.
“You are a thief, you are a thief!!!” Ouyang Fei loathes, she feels that this method can definitely drive Chuck out of school today!
She has already recorded the video just now, just edit it and create the illusion of Chuck stealing money, she can still do it.
“I will let the principal fire you! You are waiting! You are a thief! You are garbage! The garbage is about to get out of the school. I will not let a rat shit break a pot of porridge. I will drive this rat shit out! You Waiting!!! Prepare to pack up bastards!” Ouyang Fei turned and swayed her long legs and left.
Chuck frowned and stared at her back for a few seconds. The back was beautiful and the bumps were beautiful. It was comparable to Yvette’s back, but the heart of the viper was so cruel.
What about this?
Chuck was too lazy to care about her. Could Chuck catch up and beat her? Chuck was too lazy to chase and didn’t bother to do such a thing.
But does she want the principal to drive herself away?
Chuck shrugged, then come!
Chuck went to the place where Betty stopped. Of course Betty noticed Ouyang Fei just now, “Master, do you want me to drive her away?”
This is really a matter of words, regardless of whether Ouyang Fei has a background or whether there is money in the family, it is really a matter of words.
Chuck wanted to buy this school. Just call Karen Lee and say that Karen Lee’s answer must be one word, that is “Buy!!!”
“What do you know with this kind of person?” Chuck also expected, how could this Ouyang Fei drive himself out!
“Well.” Betty drove and took Chuck back to the hotel.
Ouyang Fei moved her long legs to the principal’s office again. She had already processed the video just now and created the illusion of Chuck stealing her own money. She handled it very delicately, although the video she filmed was that Chuck picked up her wallet , But who is she?
How could this little thing be her?
Knock on the door.
“Come in.” the principal said.
Ouyang Fei opened the door and entered. The principal saw that it was Ouyang Fei again. She frowned, “Ouyang Fei, what are you doing again?”
“Principal, I’ll show you a video.” Ouyang Fei came over sadly, as if the heart after the robbery had a lingering fear.
The headmaster nodded impatiently. Ouyang Fei turned on the phone and put the edited video. The illusion was that Chuck stole Ouyang Fei’s wallet and opened it…
When the principal saw this video, he was shocked. Was Tang Tang’s person stealing his wallet? How is this possible?
The principal looked at it repeatedly, and his face was ugly.
Ouyang Fei saw the principal’s expression, and she smiled, “Principal, woo, fortunately I was just playing with my mobile phone, I took this shot, this Chuck just stolen my wallet, you look like him, an absolute repeat offender, I don’t know how many of his classmates have been stolen by him. How abhorrent? How can our students be safe when such a person is in school? He is stealing money now, and he is still so unscrupulous. One day he is not allowed to steal money from girls’ dorms. What should I do if I am interested in girls? Many crimes start from stealing things. He has already started. Principal, you have to find a way to solve it! Otherwise, the college will be damaged by such people, and even, it will affect the school. What about reputation.”
Ouyang Fei feels that he no longer needs to see the disgusting people like Chuck, hurry up and leave, spicy eyes.
This video is out, the principal will definitely expel Chuck, this is beyond doubt.
The principal looked at Ouyang Fei seriously, “How much do you have on WeChat?”
“Me?” Ouyang Fei froze, the principal asked what was this doing? Want to add your own WeChat?
“Speak, I add your WeChat,” the principal said.
Ouyang Fei nodded and told the headmaster, the headmaster immediately, but Ouyang Fei was shocked, “What are you doing, headmaster? Why delete this video?”
Ouyang Fei was very angry, but this was easily edited by her, and was deleted by the principal?
The principal returned the phone to Ouyang Fei.
Ouyang Fei took it subconsciously and saw the transfer information on the screen of the mobile phone. She was stunned, clicked to read, and even more stunned, because the principal actually transferred 100,000 to herself!
What is this for?
Hundreds of thousands of Ouyang Fei certainly don’t look in her eyes. Her set of underwear is about 50 or 60 thousand. But she was shocked, why did the principal transfer money to himself?
What reason?
“What happened today did not happen to you. This is one hundred thousand. You have collected it,” the principal said.
“Principal? You…” Ouyang Fei understood that this is the principal’s shutting herself up. She understood that if Chuck’s video of stealing money, if it is spread, the network is so developed, it will definitely affect the school’s completion. .
So the principal deleted it and gave a sealing fee.
“Principal, I won’t tell the story, but I want the principal to expel Chuck because he is a thief.” Ouyang Fei continued.
“I said, forget about it.” The principal was indifferent. If Logan knew about it, then she principal, don’t do it.
“Principal?” Ouyang Fei was shocked again. What does this mean? When did nothing happen? Why is this so?
“Give you two choices, accept the money, forget about it, don’t mention it to anyone, the other choice is…”
“I don’t want the first choice, I want the second!!!” Ouyang Fei was serious and directly interrupted the principal. She didn’t lack 100,000. Why should I take this sealing fee? It was difficult to edit the video, and Zhang Ze must be kicked out!
“Are you sure about the second choice?” The principal was indifferent.
“Yes, I’m sure!” Ouyang Fei affirmed. The first choice she would not have any consideration at all!
“Well, you left the school by packing up. You were expelled!” the principal said indifferently.
“What?” Ouyang Fei froze, was this wrong? Obviously Chuck was a thief, and it was him who stolen. Why would the expelled person be himself?
Ouyang Fei feels incredible!
“Don’t understand? You were fired!”
“Principal, I’m not convinced. It’s him who stole things. Why did you expel me?”
Ouyang Fei was particularly angry, which was not fair!
“Because you are not smart!” said the principal, “Chuck is not something you can afford. After receiving this money, everyone is safe.”
Ouyang Fei laughed and laughed. “Principal, are you kidding me? Chuck I can’t afford it? I know, you are so partial to Chuck, to a thief, he will not be your bastard!” Ouyang Fei no matter how polite, you must showdown!
She is not vegetarian.
Ouyang Fei really wanted to go out for other reasons. Chuck must be the principal’s illegitimate child, otherwise why would he favor a rubbish?
The headmaster slapped a slap and hit Ouyang Fei’s face. Ouyang Fei was stunned.
She touched her hot cheek and was beaten herself.
“Principal, you beat me.” Ouyang Fei was shocked that she had not been beaten since she was a child. Was she beaten today? Ouyang Fei felt humiliated!
“What’s your mouth? How could Chuck be my illegitimate child?” The headmaster was annoyed. If Logan heard this, she would feel scared!
“That’s not an illegitimate child, why are you so partial to him? He is a thief!”
Ouyang Fei was angry.
“I said, Chuck, you can’t afford it! I’m saying it again, shut up with money, or get out!” The principal was indifferent.
Ouyang Fei is so mad that he can’t fight Chuck’s rubbish? How is this possible?
“Chuck’s words, you have to get away, do you know? Don’t collect the money and get out!” the headmaster scolded.
“You always say that I can’t afford Chuck. Well, you’ll quickly say who he really is. I want to see how I can’t afford a rubbish!” Ouyang Fei sneered!

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