My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 363

“You are not qualified to know!” The principal is indifferent, Logan has said clearly, don’t let students know Chuck’s identity!
“I’m not qualified?” Ouyang Fei sneered, feeling that he was insulted by the sky.
Chuck’s rubbish that requires the whole school to drink milk tea is eligible to compare with himself?
As long as you tick your fingers, how many men will kneel in front of you?
What do you want?
What does he have? Not at all, skill? Looks? background? All garbage!
“Yes, you are not qualified! Take the money, and you dare to presume it in the face of others, the consequences will be at your own risk!” said the principal coldly.
Ouyang Fei’s heart was full of anger, “Who is Chuck? You don’t say, I will go out and tell other students immediately, he is a thief!”
The headmaster’s eyes narrowed like those of a leopard, “Say, you will be at your own risk!”
Ouyang Fei was angry and took the phone out, but was slapped by the principal? This is something she can’t stand!
“Wait!” the principal yelled!
Ouyang Fei stopped the car, she sneered and turned her head, “Principal, I didn’t expect you to be that kind of person, you…”
The headmaster slapped it out and hit Ouyang Fei’s face heavily.
Ouyang Fei froze, her face was red again, hot, Ouyang Fei’s eyes were filled with tears of grievances, and he was slapped!
“Be smart, tell you this, you can’t make money in Chuck’s house for a hundred lifetimes,” the principal also wondered. Chuck has someone like Logan, how can he steal money? What?
Is this a particular hobby?
Steal money to find excitement? The headmaster thinks so.
Some also like to photograph women secretly, which are hobbies.
“Make it more clear to you, this school was bought by Chuck’s relatives, okay? I’m all Chuck’s employee. Do you dare to let me fire him? I have the courage to fire him?” The principal thought it necessary Ouyang Fei revealed a little. Or else, thanks to the shabi woman, she will definitely go out and talk nonsense, then it will be out of control!
“Principal, what do you say?” Ouyang Fei’s voice was shocked to tremble. is it possible? impossible! Yes, the school is a private school and can be bought and sold casually, but will this be a school of relatives of Chuck?
Does Ouyang Fei believe it? Unbelievable at all, it must be a random remark made by the principal!
How can a relative of a school make Chuck so poor? Credit still everywhere? ?
This is too unreasonable, not to mention, Chuck’s hanging silk look, there is no rich second-generation temperament!
The principal also thinks that Logan is a relative of Chuck, such as the elders. After all, Logan is gentle when it comes to Chuck, which is clearly the gentleness of the elders.
“Be smart and forget what happened today,” the principal reminded. “All I can say is this. Also, if you let other people know about this matter, then you are finished, because the relative of Chuck bought the school. When I came down, less than ten minutes before and after, the school was just over a billion, you can think about it, the relatives of Chuck are rich, are you eligible to compare with him?”
Ouyang Fei is shocked, is this true? Did my girlfriend Lin Dan’er say that Chuck paid Du Xinye 2.5 billion that day, is it true? how can that be?
Ouyang Fei was dumbfounded.
She walked out of the office blankly. She thought of what she said before. Lin Daner said, Chuck has a square, a sports car, and a BMW. Is it really there?
Square, is it the city square next to the school?
Ouyang Fei went out blankly, but what she didn’t hear was that the passing classmates were laughing at her because her face was beaten or hot red. Ouyang Fei had no time to take care of her. She drove to this city square unconsciously. , This is Chuck? Ouyang Fei got off the car and walked inside the square. If the square is rubbish, if it is really Chuck, then it is worth hundreds of millions.
But why buy milk tea on credit?
She walked to the door of Lara’s milk tea shop, Lara was inside, and Ouyang Fei asked, “Did Chuck give you money?”
Lara was a little unhappy, “What’s your business?”
“Isn’t he transferred? Is he on credit?” Ouyang Fei was at a loss.
“Credit, which silly do you listen to?” Lara was unhappy, did Chuckming transfer money to himself?
“Du Xinye said.”
“Does he know it? How can Chuck be on credit? It’s him in the square…” Lara shut her mouth quickly, but she remembered Chuck’s words and said that she wanted to send her photo, although Lara thought Zhang Policy will not do that, after all, the relationship between the two has eased!
He sees for himself, should he not let others see his body?
Lara felt embarrassed.
“All his?”
“Don’t say it, Chuck won’t let me say it!” Lara hurriedly covered Ouyang Fei’s mouth.
Ouyang Fei shocked, is it really his?
At this time, someone came over and took a car key, “Lara is right?”
“Yes. I am. What’s the matter?” Lara unexpectedly took the sports car key in this man’s hand.
“Your friend Chuck asked me to put this key here first. He will come here tomorrow to get it. Please help him collect it.” This man was sold by Porsche.
Chuck’s car has been repaired long ago.
But Chuck never came to mention it. Of course, these employees called to ask Chuck. After all, the manager told him that Chuck was a VIP! The service must be good.
Chuck is on his way to the hotel, how can he have time? Let these employees drive their cars to the square, and save a lot of time.
Chuck originally wanted this employee to give the car key to Yolanda, but Chuck called Yolanda, and Yolanda was on the other side of the land, not in the square, so Chucksi wanted to go and thought that it was Lara who got it .
Anyway, he will come to the square tomorrow.
“Good.” Lara remembered, this is the key to Chuck’s sports car.
Lara put it away carefully, Chuck actually believed himself? Lara was happy.
“That’s trouble.” The man was relieved, the task was completed, I hope Chuck is satisfied!
He was about to leave, Ouyang Fei stopped him, “Is this really Chuck’s car?”
“Yes, this was bought in our shop more than a month ago by Mr. Zhang, but it was rubbed in front, so I took it to our shop for repairs,” the man said.
Ouyang Fei was shocked that Chuck really had a sports car!
“I’m so impressed with this Mr. Zhang. When he went to our store to pick up the car, we heard from our manager that he had bought more than 2 million yuan and bought a BMW 7 Series. I bought a sports car from our store in full, and this Mr.
Zhang is hidden!” This man is envious!
“I bought BMW in full?” Ouyang Fei was shocked again. Does Chuck really have a BMW? And still the seventh series?
“Yes! I bought it in full. This Mr. Zhang is really rich! By the way, you ask these, do you know Mr. Zhang?” The man was curious, otherwise how could this beauty ask so clearly?
“Acknowledge, know.” Ouyang Fei was at a loss.
“Oh, I envy you. If you can have such a wealthy friend, Mr. Zhang is generous.
The kind of sports car can be assured that we can drive over. Also, when I called Mr. Zhang just now, he seemed to want to buy it. Car, ask me what car is good, I introduced it, beauty you can go with your friend Mr. Zhang next time!” This man is more envious.
However, Chuck really asked casually, there are still a lot of Porsche models, Chuck thought about buying a Porsche is also good!
Go with him? Ouyang Fei was shocked.
“Don’t say ha, I’m going back.” The man left.
Ouyang Fei stayed in place, Lara pouted unwillingly, “What do you ask so much about Chuck’s business?”
Lara thinks that Ouyang Fei likes Chuck? Otherwise, why do you ask so many things? Of course, Lara does not want to have an opponent. How to say that Ouyang Fei is a top-notch beauty, prettier than Lara, but with a figure, Lara feels that he does not lose anyone.
“It’s nothing.” Ouyang Fei’s soul is not at home, Chuck is so rich, he really is not qualified to compare with him, but why does Chuck not have the temperament of the second generation at all? This is something Ouyang Fei didn’t understand.
“Don’t wait, Chuck went to Ye Ye Hotel,” Lara was not happy. She took Chuck’s car and heard the conversation between Betty and Chuck. She knew that Chuck had recently lived in Ye Ye Hotel.
“Why did he go to the Yeshi Hotel?” Ouyang Fei froze.

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