My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 37

Wilbur walked over proudly and called out, “Dad!”
This shocked the salespeople at the store. The person that he called was actually the boss of City Square, Harold Wendel! How could they not know him? The sourness in their hearts intensified. They just couldn’t believe that Charlotte was so lucky.
Harold walked into the store, took one look at his son and frowned. He knew what kind of person his son was: arrogant and a big showoff. What kind of car did he want to buy?
He sighed. It was not that he was not willing to buy a car for his son, but he knew that Wilbur already had several cars and sports cars that cost almost two million dollars. He had recently bought a Porsche Cayenne, but now he wanted to buy a car again! It wasn’t even long after he bought the Cayenne!
Truthfully, he didn’t want to promise his son yesterday. However, he did manage to sell off his square and earned 500 million dollars at once, as well as meet that person. He thought of just treating it as a celebration for himself since he was in a good mood. But seeing his son’s expression now, he regretted his decision slightly.
“Dad, I have my eyes on a BMW seven series, can you buy it for me?” Wilbur deliberately raised his volume so that others could hear him.
Harold glared at him. This little rascal was making it difficult for him to reject his requests.
Wilbur chuckled and pulled his father towards him, saying as he walked towards the cars, “Dad, I think you should change your car too. It’s been so many years, and it’s not good enough for your status. Why don’t we order two today?”
He still maintained a loud volume, which surprised several of the salespeople there. Their eyes burned with envy as they looked at Charlotte. She was so lucky!
This flattery was right up Harold’s alley, and he was pretty comfortable with it. In fact, Harold felt like changing his car already. After all, he earned 500 million dollars yesterday and wanted to reward himself. In addition, he did need a change of cars since the car he was driving now was indeed not worthy of his identity. He was more convinced after hearing what his son said. He was attracted by the appearance of the BMW seven series in front of him, and his eyes were fixed on it.
So fixed, that he didn’t notice Chuck Cannon who was standing and looking at him from aside at all.
“Dad, go in and have a look, you can feel the quality with your own hands.” Wilbur opened the door and Harold got in. He was tempted as it indeed felt amazing. Seeing his father’s expression, Wilbur was secretly delighted. The deal was done! Hehe, buying two cars at once!
“Let’s see how embarrassed you’ll be!” Wilbur glanced smugly at Chuck, his heart was full of joy and satisfaction.
“Promote it well to my dad!” Wilbur said to Charlotte.
Charlotte naturally nodded, then got into the car gracefully and started introducing the different specs and functions of the car. Harold was already attracted by the car the moment he got in. With Charlotte’s persuasiveness, he was even enthralled to buy the car.
“How about it? You bought a 911 and I bought two BMW seven series, which is more expensive than yours by a million dollars!” Wilbur smirked as he proudly announced to Chuck.
“Yes, it’s so much more expensive.” Chuck agreed.
“That’s right. It’s just a little bit expensive though, five million dollars is not much anyways. What’s important is that we have to like it to buy it. Besides, good things need to be done in pairs. Buy two at once, what’s the purpose if it’s just one?” Wilbur said with a proud smile.
He was delighted. So what if Chuck could spend four million dollars? Wilbur managed to spend one million dollars more than him now. Now, who was richer?
Chuck once again smiled faintly.
Wilbur was curious but still full of himself. What was Chuck laughing at? Oh, he must feel so embarrassed right now! What a delight!
Wilbur walked to the side of the car and sneered, “Dad, let’s order it today! This car is very suitable for your calibre!”
“This car is not bad! Okay, let’s order two!” Harold announced in satisfaction.
“Thank you, dad.” Wilbur almost laughed out loud. He said to Charlotte in a hurry, “Bring us to complete the procedures!”
“Yes, please wait a minute.” Charlotte got out of the car in surprise, nodded gratefully to Chuck, and then went in to bring the necessary documents.
“Dad, only people of our status can drive this car, other than that, no one is worthy to drive this car even if they bought it!” Wilbur tried to secretly direct the insults to Chuck.
“Who do you think is not worthy of driving this?” Harold touched the steering wheel and asked subconsciously.
“Well, some people.”
Wilbur pointed at Chuck directly and said, “Dad, look, he also bought this car, but I don’t think this car is worthy of him. Only people of your net worth are worthy of this kind of car! Even if they bought the car, they would need the status and position to use the car to the fullest!”
Harold smiled, his son was indeed good at flattering him. Well, let’s see who else bought this car. He withdrew his hand from the steering wheel and looked out of the car window, immediately stunned when he saw the person…..
“Dad, it’s him. He also bought the same car as us. Even with the same car, he’ll never be able to bring the beauty of the car out to its fullest! People like them are different from us, do they really think they by driving the same car with us, they will be put on a pedestal?” Wilbur sneered. As soon as he proudly turned his head to continue insulting Chuck, a slap was hurled his way.
The slap echoed throughout the hall, informing everyone that something was amiss. All the salespeople stopped and subconsciously came over. What had happened?
Wilbur was stunned and he clasped his swollen cheek with his palm, staring at his father in disbelief. “Dad, we were chatting nicely. Why did you hit me?”
“Bastard, come out of the car now!” Harold broke out into curses and dragged Wilbur out of the car. Wilbur was even more confused. He felt ashamed as he seemed to be the butt of everyone’s laughter and asked pitifully, “Dad, what are you doing?”
“How many times have I told you? Don’t compare with others. You just ignored what I said, didn’t you?” Harold was angry.
“No, I…” Wilbur tried to deny by shaking his head, feigning ignorance.
Harold was so furious that he gave Wilbur a big slap again, and Wilbur was forced to sit on his knees on the ground.
“What are you waiting for? Get up and apologize!”
Harold was furious, his good mood from just now completely wrecked to shreds. He couldn’t believe that his good-for-nothing son actually said that Chuck, who had called him in person, didn’t deserve to drive a BMW seven series? Someone who could afford to transfer 500 million dollars in one shot did not deserve to drive a BMW seven series? Harold was mad with rage. Since Chuck knew that person, he could drive a Rolls-Royce custom made version and Harold wouldn’t even dare to say a thing! If Chuck was not qualified to drive the car, that wouldn’t make him any more qualified to do so either!
“Dad, you’re old and confused, aren’t you? Why should I apologize to him?” Wilbur was confused, angry and ashamed.
“F*ck!” Harold kicked him, and Wilbur once again fell to the ground with a cry.
“Sorry, Young Master Cannon!” Harold walked over to Chuck with an apologetic smile on his face, feeling extremely nervous on the inside. Was Chuck going to call that person and tell on him? He would be absolutely ruined if that person was angered by him. Since a billion dollars was nothing in front of that person, they could easily send him to the depths of despair in just a blink of an eye! The more he thought about it, the more scared he became.
The other salespeople were shocked. How could the owner of the City Square call him young master? This…..
The whole place was silent.
“It’s alright, it’s just buying cars. Good things come in pairs anyways, so it’s good to buy two.” Chuck said.
“No, no, I won’t buy it. It’s fine.” Harold quickly shook his head. How would he even dare to drive the same car as Chuck now that he knew that Chuck drove a BMW seven series too? Doesn’t that mean that he would be on an equal footing with Chuck? He would never dare to even think or do so!
“Just continue.” Chuck just smiled at him unnervingly.
Harold shook his head.
“Dad!” Wilbur was anxious. He had already placed the order so why weren’t they buying it? What was going on? Who was this guy? And why is he a young master? What the hell!
“Bastard! Our status is not worthy of this car!” Harold glared angrily at his son.
“Dad, what are you saying? We just ordered the cars. The deal’s been done.” Wilbur really felt ashamed. Not only had he been slapped by his father in public, but now his father was going back on his word. He would be the laughingstock of the town because of Chuck!
“Dad, what are you worried about? It’s only more than five million dollars. Didn’t you earn 500 million dollars yesterday?….” Before Wilbur could finish his sentence, Harold angrily slapped him again.
A loud slap could be heard again! This time, Wilbur fell butt first to the ground.
Bastard, there wasn’t any point showing off to the person whose mother gave him the 500 million dollars for the square. Harold wanted to dig a hole in the ground and hide.
“Dad, please don’t hit me. The cars have been ordered, so you have to buy them today!” Wilbur was also angry. Having been slapped several times, he felt that it was more reasonable for him to feel wronged.
“The hell to buying them! I won’t buy them!” Harold shook his head and said, “Get out of here!”
Wilbur got up from the ground and pouted unhappily. “Dad, who is he? Why is he only worthy of this car?”
Harold was angry and speechless at his son. It wasn’t a question of whether or not Chuck was qualified to drive a fifty million dollar car, it was because he was low-profiled!
“You want to talk some more? Didn’t you want to buy a car? Okay, salesgirl!” Harold shouted for Charlotte, who ran over with a confused face. “Sir, what can I do for you?”
“We don’t want this car anymore. Give me the cheapest car you have here, I’ll order it!” Harold said.
“Dad, I don’t want it!” Wilbur shook his head angrily.
Harold couldn’t hold himself back and slapped his son once again. “You still want the same car as Young Master Cannon? Dream on! You are only worthy of the cheapest car!”

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