My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 373

Chuck and Betty went upstairs, and Chuck could not wait to see Yvette.
“Master, wait a minute!!”
But Betty frowned suddenly. After following Karen Lee for so many years, she was super alert. Someone!
Chuck heard of Betty’s voice, of course, knew what it meant.
Bettyla Chuck reached the corner.
“Master, wait a minute, there are people outside! I will solve them!” Betty took out the dagger, and the dagger glowed with cold light, as if to see blood.
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This is too dangerous, Chuck pulls Betty, “Sister Li, too dangerous.”
“It’s okay, I was originally to protect you.” Betty shook her head.
Chuck is the son of Karen Lee, and Betty will definitely fight to protect!
“But protection doesn’t have to be this way either.”
“This is what I should do, young master, I was originally a member of you, and it should be to protect the young master,” Betty said. In fact, Betty thinks that as Karen Lee’s confidant, Karen Lee trusts her all. But for Zhang Qing, Karen Lee’s son, she must be a man, even a maid.
Anyway, to listen to Chuck.
“Sister Li, don’t say that, I never treat you as a man,” Chuck said this truthfully. Chuck regarded Betty as his sister, and he didn’t mean it. Not at all.
Betty was surprised? are not there? I don’t know why she heard Chuck say that, she was happy.
“Sister Li, I treat you as a sister,” Chuck said.
“Don’t, young master, I can’t be the younger sister.” Betty said quickly, Chuck called her sister, Betty was really flattered.
“It really doesn’t work, young master, you wait, I’ll solve them!” Betty ran out, and there was no shadow.
Chuck was anxiously waiting to make a woman go out so dangerous. Chuck felt that this should not be the case. He also took out his dagger and ran out.
He looked around and found that Betty ran towards a car. This car is very ordinary.
Chuck didn’t think there was anything abnormal, but Betty must have found something before passing it!
Chuck also ran over.
Suddenly, Chuck saw the door open, and a person rushed out, but Betty lifted his long legs, and a kicker kicked the person into the car. Betty also got into the car.
Soon, she was excited. The sound of fighting, the car is shaking violently!
Chuck hurried over and the car returned to calm.
“Sister Li!”
Chuck opened the car door and saw Betty’s dagger pulled out of a man’s neck. His expression was cold, but he saw Chuck. She was surprised, “Master, what are you doing here?”
Chuck was relieved. “Sister Li, these are all Li Shidao’s people?”
“Yes, Master, don’t follow up next time, it’s too dangerous, you know?” Betty is very serious, Chuck’s fighting strength is not enough, the contact time is too short.
Chuck shrugged, “Sister Li, you have to train me quickly.”
“I will, as long as the young master can endure hardship, young master, wait a minute, I will go up with the young master,” Betty nodded, took out her mobile phone, called someone, “Come on, this car will give me Sink into the water!!!”
You must destroy the dead! Otherwise there will be trouble.
“Okay, Master, you can go up.” Betty came out of the car and Chuck quickly went up together…

“Huh, the two people who followed Yvette were actually solved? Is that Betty’s hand?” Li Shidao frowned, his fingers pressed hard, and actually shattered the glass in his hand!
“I said Karen Lee, why did you go to the United States so confidently? It turned out that people like Betty had already arranged for him to be beside Chuck. You know, I haven’t seen Betty shot yet. Betty is a chess piece. You Karen Lee Hidden too deep!”
Li Shidao stood up, his face so gloomy!

Yvette had already met Li Shidao again just now, and confirmed that Li Shidao would abide by his promise. He would not act against Chuck within a month before Yvette returned.
She is leaving here, because Li Shidao said, as long as Yvette met Chuck in this month, even if it was only one second, Li Shidao would immediately act against Chuck!
Chuck must not be allowed to do anything!
Yvette absolutely does not allow this to happen, so she has to take her mother and her bodyguard away.
She returned home. Yan Li saw her daughter had been back for so long. She was very angry. Did she go out to open a room with Chuck?
Or why is it so late?
Thinking of the last time she smelled Yan Li, she was angry. This time she went so long. What if she got pregnant?
Yan Li wanted to get angry, but when she saw that Yvette’s eyes were red and swollen, she was surprised, “Daughter, what’s wrong with you?”
“Mom, pack things, we leave here.” Yvette was anxious.
Yan Li glanced at Yvette, “You broke up with Chuck?”
“Well, yes, I will never see him again.” Yvette wept, and of course Yan Li nodded.
This is a good thing. “Okay, I’ll pack things up and we’ll leave here.”
Yan Li breathed a sigh of relief. It must have been a dispute between the two just now, so she broke up. Yan Li didn’t want to see Chuck. That’s best. Otherwise, she doesn’t know what to do with the next thing. It’s better to have a short pain. After all, Yvette and Chuck will never agree to her life, unless she is dead!
But there was a knock on the door, Yan Li was about to open the door, Yvette was wary, “Mom, I’m going!”
Yvette ran to the door, took out the dagger, grasped the door lock with his hand, and opened it at once, and she was frightened because a hug held her in her arms.
The dagger fell to the ground. This hug was familiar. Yvette froze. Why did her husband come? So fast?
Yan Li saw Chuck cuddling her daughter in front of her face, her mouth twitching fiercely! Fire is spitting out in proud eyes!
“Wifey, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that to you, I know why you set fire, you are saving me, you are threatened by Li Shidao.” Chuck felt at ease, and Yvette’s body gave Chuck a sense of security.
Yvette burst into tears, and she hurriedly struggled. ”Hubby, you go quickly. When Li Shidao finds out, he will act on you. Li Shidao may be even more powerful than your mother, go away.”
Yvette was anxious, she wanted to leave here soon, but why did Chuck come here so quickly?
“Trust me!” Chuck said.
Yvette froze, this voice is very calm, believe me? Yvette was given a sense of security as if Chuck appeared when she was beaten before.
“Li Shidao is a cousin. If he treats me like this, I will start to deal with him.
Believe me, you don’t have to be threatened by him, just believe me.”
“I believe in you, but Li Shidao is too powerful. If he says I set fire, I won’t move you for a month. This kind of person is like a lunatic.” This is Yvette’s impression of Li Shidao, abnormal!
“I know, you have done a lot for me, don’t go on, to deal with Li Shidao, I will find a way now!” Chuck hugged her tightly, and moved more in her heart, it was really Yvette who was threatened by Li Shidao .
Yvette was too worried about herself, and too afraid of having an accident. She fell into this dead end. It was really stupid and cute. They all said that the IQ of people in love fell, and Yvette fell to the end.
“Husband, I don’t want you to have anything, don’t do anything at all,” Yvette will compromise on anything that threatens Chuck, because Chuck died in an accident, so how could the two be together?
“I will be fine, and I love you.” Chuck let go of her and kissed Yvette directly.
Yvette froze, struggling hurriedly, “Woo, my mother, my mother is still…”
“What are you two doing?” Yan Li couldn’t help but yelled coldly!
What are you doing when you are air? ?
“Hubby, don’t do this.” Yvette blushed and pushed away.
Chuck was looked at by Yan Li’s fire-breathing eyes. He felt embarrassed. He was too involved just now and actually forgot that Yan Li was still here.
“Mom.” Yvette didn’t know what to say, because she saw that her mother was very angry.
“You didn’t say you broke up with him just now? Why did he come over?” Yan Li came over step by step. Her daughter was so disappointed. This is your enemy’s son!
“Mom, I, I didn’t break up with him, just quarreled now, now it’s okay,” Yvette whispered.

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