My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 375

Chuck felt speechless, who took this picture?
If Yvette is still a teacher, Yvette will definitely be greatly affected. Fortunately, Yvette did not do it, otherwise Chuck must be in Yvette’s office at this time.
Chuck entered the classroom, and the male students in the class looked at Chuck uncomfortably. Why? How did this hanging man catch up with teacher Yvette?
It’s incredible!
Isn’t this the flower on the cow dung? ?
Their male students envy jealousy and hate. Female students feel that Chuck has insulted Teacher Yvette, which has simply lowered the status of Teacher Yvette!
Why did Teacher Yvette choose to be with such a person? Nothing, no attraction, Teacher Yvette must have been blind before choosing Chuck.
Fortunately, Teacher Yvette slapped Chuck, and the cliff immediately landed.
It must be that Teacher Yvette found Chuck to be dead, so he offered to break up!
However, the whole class felt that Chuck was taking advantage, and Yvette fell asleep! !
This is Shihua!
The male is envious of vomiting blood. After all, Yvette is so beautiful, and his body is so good that the handle can be exciting for a long time, and Chuck actually did what they could never do. Why are they not envious?
Chuck didn’t pay attention to these gossips, let alone these bad eyes, he sat on his own position and prepared to attend class.
“Some people have good luck, they often pick up money, and they often pick up flowers. What else do you say about such a person? Going to make ducks!” said some students sourly.
“That’s right! I don’t know how Mrs. Yvette took his fancy!”
“Maybe Yvette’s eyesight is not good?”
“I think someone has good luck. You said that there are many situations, that is, the kind of hanging wire that catches up with beautiful women, there is no money and no power, just to have beautiful women, God is so unfair, what can you do?”
The people in the class all ridiculed you. I said in a sentence, Chuck didn’t even bother. If Chuck said that Yvette grew up with himself, they must also be unbelievable. Chuck didn’t bother to talk.
Lara, who had been in the classroom for a long time, couldn’t stop, she wanted to get angry, but Chuck didn’t matter, she could only be downcast.
Chuck didn’t pay attention, their fun changed, and began to discuss the fire in the square last night. Many people said that the square should have been on fire. After the fire, there will be no such thing. These words , Touched the counter-scale of Chuck!
“The square will continue to open, three days later!” Chuck said coldly.
“Do you say it’s open? Who do you think you are?” Some classmates disdain, what is it, the square is burned like that, is it still a problem to open, or three days later?
“He may be the boss, so he knows the inside information!”
“Haha, boss? I laughed to death, he is the square boss? I have to laugh all day today!”
“If you don’t open for three days, do you eat Xiang?”
They talked and laughed!
At this time, a beautiful teacher came in.
Everyone in the class was surprised. Why did you change the teacher again? And also a beautiful teacher?
Inferior to Yvette, but also very eye-catching!
The beautiful teacher first glanced at Chuck in the corner. Of course, she was invited by the principal to specifically teach Chuck. Her main task was Chuck.
The key concern is Chuck.
But of course she wouldn’t reveal it deliberately. She also saw the photos and videos of the madness in the school. She felt that Chuck was very powerful, and the teacher was able to get it. This is a powerful student.
I just don’t know how to study.
“Hello everyone, I am your new teacher, Duan Yuexin,” the beautiful teacher said.
“Teacher, you need to pay attention, some people, specialize in soaking up the teacher!” Some students reminded, but the whole class laughed.
Everyone looked at Chuck in the corner and laughed ridiculously. They felt very cool. Who made you sleep in Yvette?
Duan Yuexin smiled slightly, “Thank you students for your care, well, it’s class.”
However, she saw that Chuck’s face was not very good-looking, she smiled slightly after hesitating, “Student in the corner, do you have anything to say?”
“Isn’t it really going to be a teacher?” The classmate smiled.
“Forget about the slap by Teacher Yvette yesterday? Does Toad want to eat swan meat, can it?”
They ridiculed that it was really overwhelming, thinking that shit luck has reached Teacher Yvette, and can they continue to shit luck? ? is it possible?
“Are you guys sick?” Chuck said, and he really couldn’t help it. For so long, they have been ridiculed by them, changed clothes, and ridiculed them. After drinking milk tea, still have to be laughed at, these people are white-eyed wolves!
Chuck decided not to remain silent, he has money! !
“what did you say??”
“C! I thought it would be great to have a cup of milk tea last time, right? What!?”
“That’s not as good as rubbish! Let’s scold us again, will you try it again? I don’t want to kill you!!”
The whole class was very angry! Many boys stood up and glared at Chuck. How could they bear being scolded by a hanging man?
Chuck looked at them and said lightly, “Want to hit me, then you go together.”
“C! Did you take the wrong medicine today? Lao Tzu killed you!” The tallest person in the class rushed over. He couldn’t stand it. Chuck was always the object of their mockery. How dare he resist today? It’s a god?
“What are you doing? Stop it!” Duan Yuexin scolded, this still got it?
She came here to work on the first day and came over to teach Chuck specifically.
Will Chuck be beaten on the first day today?
But where can this classmate hear? Swing his fist and smash it into Chuck’s face!
“Ah!!” Lara was frightened, “Chuck, hurry.”
The whole class sneered, hiding? Where to hide? Don’t you kneel down today and admit your mistakes?
Dare to scold the class? Damn you!
When the whole class thought that Chuck was going to be beaten, he suddenly grabbed the book on the table and smashed it at the head of the classmate.
Chuck smashed out so fast, but he learned to fight and hit it. The classmate put his head on his head and Chuck kicked him in the stomach. what!
This classmate fell to the ground and was embarrassed!
The whole death was silent!
In silence, these students were stunned and all their chins had to fall. what’s the situation? The best person in the class can be beaten down to the ground like this? Illusion? It must be an illusion!
Duan Yuexin covered his mouth and was stunned.
Lara was stunned. She thought Chuck was going to be beaten, but she didn’t expect Chuck to fight back!
“Oh, my stomach hurts, it hurts.” This student was kicked by Chuck, covering his stomach, and his face turned white. Chuck didn’t take it away. If it’s not this student, he would be replaced by other students. He fainted.
“Aren’t you going to hit me? Let’s go together!” Chuck took off his clothes, revealing the muscles with charming lines, and the wheat-colored muscles, exuding the luster that attracted attention.
“Wow, he actually has muscle…”
“Really, why didn’t I see that he was so powerful before? A lot of muscles, how to practice?” Some female students were shocked, usually Chuck was wearing clothes, they never saw it, how could they think of Chuckto Clothes, is this muscular man who makes people look comfortable?
The other students in the class looked at each other!
“C, also undress? A little muscle is amazing, right? Rubbish, fight, everyone go together and give him a lesson,” some classmates took the lead.
Several male students rushed up angrily. Chuck just started fighting, but he still has no problem playing this kind of people who often play games. He knocked down several students with a few punches, and it was not challenging at all.
Their physical fitness is too poor.
“Oh,” five or six classmates screamed in embarrassment. There were no other voices in the class. They were all stunned.
I was shocked by Chuck’s punch, and everyone came up with an idea, that is, did Chuck practice? Otherwise, why is it so powerful?
“Continue, don’t you want to hit me? Today I will accompany you to do enough!”
Chuck said, there are really few people who are so hot today, these people actually said their own square? Time to fight!
“Continue! What are the most fierce ones just now? Come here!” Chuck beckoned, but no one dared to speak, because Chuck shocked them.

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