My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 381

Chuck passed the phone, Ouyang Fei frowned, “What are you doing? Who said you want to see your phone?”
Ouyang Fei loathes, what a junk phone? How old is it? Sure enough, it is one thing for Chuck to have money, but it’s too foolproof, can’t you change a better phone? ?
Hundreds of old models, still in use? Isn’t it shameful to take it out?
When Ouyang Fei saw the junk phone in Chuck’s hands, she didn’t want to see it at all.
“Look at it.” Chuck passed over.
Ouyang Fei raised her hand in disgust and knocked off Chuck’s cell phone.
When the phone fell to the ground, the screen suddenly shattered, and Chuck was annoyed.
Chuck picked up the phone and stared at Ouyang Fei.
“This kind of junk phone, you should have changed it a long time ago, and you want me to see that kind of junk resolution. Are you insulting my eyes?” Ouyang Fei snorted and said proudly.
She usually doesn’t take a look at this kind of mobile phone. If there is such a mobile phone on the ground, then she will pick it up and throw it into the trash bin instead of asking for it.
Chuck was too lazy to care about her cell phone with her. This cell phone was really worthless. Chuck spent more than two years, and he hasn’t changed it, and he was too lazy to change it.
“I let you see the picture.” Chuck handed it over again, Ouyang Fei frowned, “I don’t see, what do you want to show me? Your bank deposit? Or the real estate certificate you took? You think I rarely see these. ?Your flaunting point is too rubbish.”
Chuck laughed suddenly, a little ridiculed, “Is there a mole on your lap.”
The photos sent by Du Xinye are very rich. Chuck has appreciated it several times.
It can be said that all the details of Ouyang Fei’s body are clear to Chuck.
“How do you know? You peeped at me?” Ouyang Fei was angry and shameless! !
She usually wears a skirt, but the mole that Chuck said was on top, it must be a voyeur, shameless. Dirty!
“Hey, I won’t spy on you. I’m looking at it honestly, and I’ll show you now.” Chuck handed the phone over again.
Ouyang Fei took the phone annoyed and looked impatiently, “This junk phone can’t be seen clearly. You should change the phone. Huh, you’re so nasty. Actually show me colored photos? Are you sick!”
Ouyang Fei was annoyed to throw the phone to Chuck, but suddenly, she saw a photo of her face.
At this moment, Ouyang Fei froze, and she seemed to be struck by thunder, and she was dumbfounded.
This is a picture of myself. What happened? With my eyes closed, this is asleep, and this background is actually a hotel, and it is still a night hotel! !
Ouyang Fei was annoyed at once, “Chuck, I didn’t expect you to be that kind of person. You actually took a picture of me while I was fainting, and I took off my clothes, you…”
Ouyang Fei said that her eyes were red. At this moment, she wanted to kill people, because in these photos, she was photographed like someone else’s toy, and she burst into tears.
When was she played like this? She is still intact!
Ouyang Fei was about to fall off his phone, but Chuck thought about it and recaptured his phone. Chuck suddenly saw the arrogant and arrogant Ouyang Fei suddenly cried. Chuck smiled slightly, “Don’t be wrong, the person who took your picture Not me,”
“Do you still say it’s not you?” Ouyang Fei waved her fist and struck her. She was extremely ashamed, but with such strength, Chuck didn’t care.
“I fainted, you sent me to your hotel, you are to me, to me. You die!” Ouyang Fei said with a cry, desperately playing Chuck.
Chuck smiled, “Are you a pen? What fainting can make you comatose day and night?”
Ouyang Fei suddenly froze. She actually thought about why she was comatose? And why did the coma coma for so long? Ouyang Fei had thought about it, but she didn’t break anything, so she didn’t think much about it.
However, Chuck suddenly reminded her that she thought she was drugged?
“You actually gave me medicine?” Ouyang Fei continued to cry and hit Chuck.
There was no arrogance at all, she must have collapsed!
“You’re so shameless, before you faint, don’t you know what you ate?” Chuck despise, what brain is this shame?
Ouyang Fei cried. She stopped. She tried to think back and dine with Du Xinye, but he also ate. There must be no problem with the food, then. . Ouyang Fei suddenly thought that Du Xinye seemed to give her a bottle of water. After drinking it, she felt uncomfortable, and then she didn’t remember everything.
Did Du Xinye drug himself?
Ouyang Fei was stunned. She screamed, Du Xinye! !
He actually treated himself so much, thinking that Du Xinye just contacted him just now, what else did he want to do?
“It’s Du Xinye!”
“Don’t you stop writing?” Chuck smiled.
“You took these pictures of you?” Ouyang Fei’s eyes were red.
“I wasn’t so bored. It was taken by Du Xinye, and then shared with me,” Chuck shrugged. I thought this method was good. At least seeing Ouyang Fei collapse and cry, Chuck felt very good.
“Share it with you? How many did he share?” Ouyang Fei panicked. If this is spread, how can she still meet someone? ?
“How do I know? He is showing off that he played with you,” Chuck said.
“Ah!!!” Ouyang Fei collapsed and cried. He actually took the trick, but his own one was not broken. Is it not Du Xinye? So take pictures?
Ouyang Fei’s emotions are difficult to control, and Chuck feels almost the same.
He has to keep these photos well. As long as this pen appears in front of him, Chuck will show it to herself.
“Don’t go, delete the photo for me,” Ouyang Fei held Chuck and let it go. She couldn’t let Chuck look at her body when she was fine! This is intolerable.
“Obey, otherwise I will share your photos with others,” Chuck laughed.
He felt that he was suddenly abnormal, it was a bit, but it was not Chuck’s fault. If it wasn’t for Ouyang Fei to provoke himself, he was too lazy to talk to such a person.
“Ah!!” Ouyang Fei slumped on the ground and wept.
Chuck’s abnormal smile, she felt that she wanted to die.
Chuck walked to the classroom, Ouyang Fei got up, grabbed him, and begged hard,
“Chuck, I’m sorry, I don’t want you to like it anymore, please delete the photo for me, OK, please,”
Ouyang Fei was crying sadly. She thought that Chuck would threaten her with photos. What if she was threatened to accompany him?
“Not good.” Chuck was too lazy to take care of her, and her goal had been achieved. If Ouyang Fei did not appear in front of her, then Chuck would not share it. After all, Lu Ce was thinking about doing that before. , But eventually stopped.
“No, please,” Ouyang Fei cried, “Don’t do this to me, don’t.”
“Let go,” Chuck struggled to throw her away, Ouyang Fei fell to the ground.
When he went to the classroom, Ouyang Fei sat on the ground herself. She was desperate and her eyes quickly became cold. “Du Xinye, Chuck, the two of you who killed a thousand knives, dare to play with me, I will fight with you!”
Ouyang Fei got up, she wiped away her tears and stared at Chuck, who was far away, and she caught up.
Chuck came to the classroom. No one in the class dared to say that Chuck was looking at Chuck.
Chuck is at ease, these people just need to cure that way!
Chuck sat down, but Ouyang Fei walked in and walked in front of Chuck under the watch of everyone.
The whole class was stunned. Ouyang Fei, the new school flower, actually came to find Chuck again? Sure enough, anything will do!
Chuck shrugged and looked at her like this. This pen wanted others to see her picture, although it was good to do something. But beyond Chuck’s expectation, Ouyang Fei smiled close to herself and actually wanted to kiss herself.
Chuck frowned and retreated.
This move made the whole class of boys envious of vomiting blood, and actually rejected Ouyang Fei’s kiss? ?
Chuck is amazing!
Ouyang Fei has a grudge in her eyes. She smiles and continues to kiss Chuck.
Chuck backs off, “What are you doing? Get out!”
“What? Chuck let the school flowers get out! My goodness!” The whole class was stunned.
But what made them even more shocked was that the school flower Ouyang Fei actually walked out obediently. In a flash, the class was silent!
Is this an illusion? ? Ouyang Fei is so obedient?
Chuck sat down and said lightly, “Disturb me in class.”

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