My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 385

This lady sneered. What you fancy, you dare to grab it with yourself?
It’s really overwhelming! !
“Wow, the beauty at table three bids 15 million! Wow!!” The beauty auctioneer screamed, the price is so amazing, she is a professional auctioneer, she estimates that it is five or six million tops It’s a day, but now it’s too much beyond the price.
The appearance of the people on the scene is different, and apparently has been settled, this sky-priced jade bracelet will definitely be taken by this lady.
There is no suspense anymore!
“Is there anything higher than fifteen million? Is there any!” the beauty auctioneer screamed!
Murongqing’s eyes were cold. This price was nothing to her, but buying a jade bracelet was too extravagant.
Fifteen million can do many things, she decided to give up!
The lady sneered, hum, her mother scared you to death at this price! ! Let you fight with me!
If you don’t have the strength, you can fight for a hair
“15 million at a time!”
The beauty auctioneer said that she glanced at everyone on the scene, no one bid, no one would come out, it should be the top price, so what else do you expect?
“15 million twice!”
“15 million three…”
“Twenty million!” A voice suddenly appeared.
The beauty auctioneer was stunned, shocked, what? Anyone else? ?
Added 5 million directly on the basis?
The people at the scene were also surprised because it was the young man who asked for the price. Who is this person? So rich?
These people are talking!
Murong Qing looked back at Chuck and was very angry. What do you want to do?
Chuck smiled slightly at her.
Murong Qing immediately turned his head and ignored Chuck, let you shoot well, are you crazy? 20 million to shoot a bracelet? ?
The lady is annoyed, she glared at her, sample, and want to compare with me rich? ? Scare you!
“Thirty million!” the lady raised her sign and sneered.
The beauty auctioneer was dumbfounded, and within a few seconds it actually doubled? This is too fast!
Dreaming? Illusion!
“Forty million!” Chuck calm!
“50 million!!” The lady was furious! Who is this shaman? Tell the old lady to find someone to die you!
“It’s boring to call it, 80 million!” Chuck said lightly.
The audience was shocked! ! what? 80 million to buy a jade bracelet? This Nima antique? no!
The beauty auctioneer has been dumbfounded. She has never seen such a situation.
Five million top-of-the-line auction items, but at this time, actually took 80 million?
This number, for a jade bracelet, this is a sky-high price!
“Mr. Table Nine, are you sure?” The beautiful auctioneer asked her weakly, because she was shocked!
“Okay.” Chuck said lightly, 80 million, really a number.
Bettymei’s eyes blinked, she smiled slightly, but she followed Karen Lee for too long, too long, this 80 million shot a bracelet is nothing, last time Karen Lee was a Baller, an oil painting, took 100 million, and it was still US dollars what!
Originally, the value of the oil painting was five or six million, but Karen Lee took this shot!
As long as the young master likes it, all the others are numbers.
“Hey, where’s the hairy kid? 80 million, can you get it?” The lady was extremely angry, who? 80 million to buy a jade bracelet, do you think you are me?
Chuck glanced at her, “Shoot when you have money, don’t talk when you have no money!”
“You! Okay, you’re still comparable to me. What kind of garbage are you? The old lady has 100 million!!!” the lady exclaimed angrily.
The party was silent, 100 million? The Baller was shaking, the woman went crazy, is the money the number?
The beauty auctioneer is stunned, 100 million, my mother!
“How about, comparing with me, you don’t even have the qualifications to compare with me,” the lady disdains, one hundred million, small, but can you get it as a kid?
It’s impossible! who are you? 100 million to buy a jade bracelet worth only two or three million, this kind of thing is not played by people like you, Chuck shrugged, ready to lift the sign! But Murong Qing stood up and turned to stare at Chuck, “What are you doing?”
Murong Qing knows that Chuck is rich, what is 100 million? She knew that Chuck would shoot, but it was not worth it!
“Auction price.” Chuck said.
“You are sick, don’t cry anymore, it’s not worth it.” Murong Qing sat down and didn’t want to talk anymore.
“You like it, then I’ll shoot it for you.” Chuck really made this plan, which can make his heart feel less guilty.
“I don’t like it, don’t shoot it again.” Murong Qing was angry.
Others are stunned, what? Spend more than 100 million yuan, photographed the bracelet, this is to give away?
The audience looked at each other, it was incredible!
“But you just filmed it to show that you like it.” Chuck said.
“I don’t like it!” Murong Qing stood up again. Staring at Chuck, his eyes were about to kill, “Don’t shoot again.”
“Huh, what do you two pretend to say? If you don’t have money, you can pretend not to shoot,” the lady laughed. Who is this? ?
Murong Qing stared at her, “Is it more than 100 million?”
“For you, it’s a lot, look at you, it’s someone else’s third.” The lady sneered. She started her own business, but Murong Qing is so beautiful, she must betray her body, then she has money. Than?
“You! Well, I’ll shoot with you today, 110 million!” Murong Qing said coldly.
Chuck froze, and Murong Qing was angry.
“Huh, it’s over 100 million, plus 10 million to 10 million, it’s boring, 150 million!”
The lady lightly hummed, this price will scare you!
The scene of the party continued to be silent, and all the people present were rich people, but the lady and Murong Qing Ballers reached this point, which is amazing. This is to completely distance them.
“Two hundred million!” Murong Qing was expressionless.
The lady was furious. “Are you sick? Can you get 200 million?”
She was so hot, who could get so much money out of the whole scene except herself?
“Did you give up?” Murong said coldly.
“Give up? The old lady has money, do you compare with me? Three hundred million, the old lady pays three hundred million!!!” The lady screamed!
The beauty auctioneer is still stunned, is this a dream?
Who is it, 300 million? The beauty auctioneer has completely lost the sense of consideration.
Murong Qingmei squinted, this price is so high! But she couldn’t lose. She was ready to bid, but someone said, “400 million!”
Chuck spoke, and the audience was horrified! Who is this young man!
Murong Qing turned his head, “Don’t go out again, don’t go out again.”
Is this for yourself? Murong Qing does not.
Chuck was silent.
“I have 400 million!” Murong Qing held out his finger.
The lady was extremely angry, “Okay, you are so good, 400 million to buy a garbage, you are so good!”
She laughed, who is it? 400 million to buy garbage? Seeing you go back crying.
“Are you out? There is no money or something?” Chuck said with a shrug.
The lady was angry, “Shut up, the old lady is not a fool, and spends 400 million yuan to buy garbage!”
“That’s because there’s no money, what do you say so much?” Chuck said, and the lady screamed, “Shut up and hear?”
Chuck looked at her, Betty said coldly, “It’s you who shut up!”
“Oh, I’m still pretending to force me,” the lady bite angrily, but someone at the scene maintained order.
“400 million buy rubbish, old lady laugh, do you understand? Haha. Haha!” The lady sneered and broke the silence on the spot, this is really a shame.
400 million to buy bracelets, this really Baller.
Chuck frowned.
“Is it all right?” Murong Qing said.
“Okay,” the beauty auctioneer was shocked, her body was shaking, 400 million,
“There are people higher than 400 million? Well, 400 million once, 400 million twice, 400 million three times! Congratulations to seven Beauty at the table.”
Murong Qing sat down and closed his eyes.
Next are other auction items. After the peak just now, everything seems so calm, just a few million. How does it compare with 400 million?
Chuck felt that the money would definitely not allow Murong Qing to come out, and he had to come by himself, but at this time, the lady sneered, “Hey, my old lady is ready to shoot again, is there a shame to follow? Haha! There is no money!
Haha !”
The people at the scene looked at each other, so rampant!
Murong Qing was angry, Chuck stared at this lady, more than rich? it is good! !

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