My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 389

Chuck was moved and seemed to be chatting with Logan alone. I haven’t seen her for a long time, but now it seems that it is not a good time to chat. Chuck feels that Logan and Betty must know the specific situation of this first killer, Black Rose, You have to talk about it.
How to say, this killer wants to kill himself in five days starting from tomorrow, then how should he respond?
Don’t go anywhere directly, stay in the mother’s hotel?
Or find a more hidden place to hide?
Even, tonight, take a plane directly to the United States to find my mother to protect?
After all, the strength of the mother, followed her, there will certainly be no danger, let alone five days, five years is estimated to be no problem.
But how to deal with it specifically, Chuck felt that it was enough to listen to Logan. Logan was her Aunt Logan, she would make herself safe.
How should I spend the next five days tomorrow? Chuck also feels a little inexplicable. He may be dying himself!
Very embarrassed, tangled, and there is still a trace of instinctive fear of death, of course, a lot of it is calm, it is all at this time, fear is useless!
Coping well is the most important thing!
“Cer, let’s leave here first,” Logan was gentle. She was more worried. Chuck didn’t panic. This character is similar to Karen Lee, but the less you panic, the better you can tell that Chuck grew up.
But he was still young, and he had to bear such a great pressure this time.
Thinking, Logan felt distressed.
Chuck had no opinion. Betty was injured. She still had to find a place. After spending the evening, Chuck decided to go back to the hotel first!
“Okay, listen to you,” Logan smiled softly.
People began to evacuate here, Chuck went to pay for the oil paintings he bought, and the large army was waiting outside. When Chuck went to pay, she met Murong Qing, who bit her lip, “What the hell are you doing? Why are there gunshots? ”
She really wanted to go away, but the series of gunshots just made her startled and felt that something must have happened. She wanted to go, but she couldn’t go.
Regarding Chuck, Murong Qing’s character is really in that car. After the end of Chuck’s words, Murong Qing really hated Chuck.
But Chuck is also someone who wants his own body. What can Murong Qing do? killed? Can’t bear to meet? She will only get angry.
She decided that she would never see Chuck again, but in the middle of nowhere, she saw it again.
Murong Qing struggled with what to do, especially after the gunshot just now, she was even more at a loss.
Leave? Can’t go.
Chuck didn’t answer Murong Qing’s question, but came over and hugged Murong Qing. Murong Qing was stunned and immediately wanted to resist, but she froze, Chuck didn’t do anything, just embraced herself.
What’s wrong?
Murong Qing could feel Chuck’s calm heartbeat. With this hug, Murong Qing actually felt so warm.
“Chuck, have you encountered anything?” Murong Qing felt that something was wrong and Chuck was too abnormal.
“It’s okay,” Chuck let go of her, “I’ll pay.”
Chuck turned and walked inside, and Murong Qing was angry, “Chuck, you want to bastard again, right? What happened?”
Chuck didn’t want to tell Murong Qing that he was going to die!
“It’s okay, President Murong. After six days, I invite you to dinner. Are you willing?” Chuck smiled.
In five days, Chuck wanted to find a way to escape the first killer’s attack!
“Reluctant.” Murong Qing thought Chuck had something wrong. Why is it five days later?
“Then… okay,” Chuck was disappointed and turned around to pay. After payment, he took the oil painting in his hand. The truth is really expensive. This painting is almost comparable to his own square.
Keep it well, or else it will break, then Chuck will die.
Murong Qing is still there. Chuck accidentally, does Murong Qing still have himself in his heart?
Otherwise what is she doing here?
“Tell me, what happened to you, I might be able to help you, after all, the two of us are… partners.” Murong Qing said.
“It’s okay, I’ll go back first,” Chuck shrugged and walked away.
Murong Qing stared at Chuck who left, and wanted to scold others, but couldn’t curse, and eventually she couldn’t see Chuck anymore. There was a trace of sadness in her beautiful eyes…
Chuck came out, and the big troops were all waiting in the car. Chuck got on the car. This time Logan drove and all returned to the hotel first.
When I arrived at the hotel without incident, Betty told the hotel to stop business within five days and not allow anyone who does not belong to the hotel to come in and out, so it would reduce the possibility of being assassinated.
Others guarded the exits of all hotels, and even some nearby buildings, which might become a sniper spot, and some people patrolled to ensure Chuck’s safety.
Chuck and Logan, Betty entered the hotel.
This scene was seen by Ouyang Fei who had been squatting for a long time. After seeing Logan from afar, she felt more ashamed in her heart. Logan’s figure, appearance and temperament made Ouyang Fei lose her confidence. The perfect woman?
Ouyang Fei is unbelievable. Chuck has Yvette’s perfect girlfriend. At this time, there was another one.
Ouyang Fei was shocked. She understood it uncomfortably. No wonder Chuck didn’t like herself anymore. There were too many perfect women around her.
Ouyang Fei is jealous, it is difficult to capture Chuck’s privacy in this situation.
Boom, boom, boom.
Someone came to knock on the car window.
Ouyang Fei frowned.
A man, “Hello, please leave here, our hotel needs to handle things,”
“What’s the matter?” Ouyang Fei was angry and drove himself away?
“This can’t be revealed, please understand,” said the man, who had already started to clean the entire hotel.
Eliminate everything suspicious.
“Forgiveness? You are rushing people, do you want to continue driving?” Ouyang Feihuo extreme!
“Sorry, please leave.” The man said.
“I won’t leave. How can you treat me?” Ouyang Fei sneered. She stayed here to see how a little security guard could treat herself.
She doesn’t believe what a security guard can do to herself.
This man calls people on a walkie-talkie, Ouyang Fei disdains, is it amazing? More than a dozen people soon came, Ouyang Fei calmed down, “What do you want to do?”
“Master has orders, the hotel will be closed!” These more than ten men lifted Ouyang Fei’s car, Ouyang Fei was angry, “What are you doing…”
Taking Ouyang Fei’s car out and putting it on the side of the road, Ouyang Fei opened the car door angrily, “You guys…”
“This lady, take a step closer, don’t blame us for being welcome!” said the man.
“You’re welcome? I see how you’re welcome, today if you dare to touch me, I will…” Ouyang Fei mocked, you dare! It’s turning again? Don’t know the customer is God?
Snapped! !
The man glanced at her and slammed it out. Ouyang Fei hummed and was stunned by her slap. Her face was red and swollen. The moment she was stunned, she was shocked. This little security guard actually dared Fight yourself?
She couldn’t figure it out.
These men lifted Ouyang Fei, put it inside the car and went back to the hotel.
In the presidential suite, Betty is still under personal protection, and Logan is also outside. She has to protect Chuck’s safety.
Chuck rested in peace and had to deal with Black Rose tomorrow! In fact, Chuck wanted Logan to enter his room, but Chuck knew that Logan wouldn’t agree with it. morning.
Lara was waiting in the classroom. She had prepared milk tea, but when it was time for class, why didn’t Chuck come?
She took out her mobile phone to send a message to Chuck, but Chuck did not return. Is this the rhythm of truancy?
“Chuck didn’t come today, truant.”
“Alas, they are the second generation of rich people, they are only interested in class, it doesn’t matter if they come or not.”
“Yes. Chuck this guy, envy!”
“What do you envy? Chuck would just reincarnate, and found a wealthy parent, he was lucky, do you see what extraordinary ability he has?”
“No, I think, if I were as rich as him, I would be bigger than him, just a small square…”
The students were sour, Lara was very angry, and they quarreled with them, but at noon, Chuck had not come yet, Lara was sad, what are you doing Chuck? Why not come to class!

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