My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 391

Logan went downstairs with a gun. She was specially trained to survive in the dead. She had been to the Amazon and the virgin forest. Her skills were accumulated.
Fighting is also accumulated by her between life and death, and the gun is the same!
If Logan’s goal is a killer, he will definitely not be ranked lower than Black Rose!
Last time she fought against Black Rose, she already knew the strength of Black Rose and felt that she should be able to kill Black Rose.
She went downstairs with a gun and saw a corpse under a staircase. She was alert.
This shot is very strong, but how is this trick not like a black rose?
Logan frowned, she stared around, and suddenly, she pulled the trigger and shot at a place!
The bullet hit a place and was empty.
But a figure was forced to appear, and immediately ran downstairs, Logan chased down!
In the stairs, there is the sound of shooting, continuous! Let the heart frighten!
Logan found the right time, aimed at the figure, and pulled the trigger! ! boom! what!
The figure fell to the ground. After the convulsions, blood bleeds out. Logan hurriedly walked over. She felt bad because she had fought with the black rose.
Why was it so much different this time?
Logan was useless and practically killed the man.
She turned the body over, and she was shocked in her heart. It was a man-like blond woman, not a black rose? Black Rose is the first female killer and the most beautiful one among the killers. How could it be like this?
“Tiaohulishan? Not good. Ceer!” Logan’s face turned white, and she immediately called Betty, but no one answered, Logan was anxious and ran up at the fastest speed, “Ceer, Ceer, Don’t worry about you…”

“Master, hurry up,” Betty was anxious. She felt uneasy, but Logan had gone downstairs to block the black rose. Logan should be able to block the block, why?
Chuck and Yvette ran out quickly. Because of Chuck’s reasons, Yvette had already sent his mother and mother’s bodyguard to other places, and waited a few days before returning.
When the three people reached the top floor, Betty would fly the plane. She hurried over to start the plane and the sound of the propeller rang.
“Master, hurry up!” Betty was anxious. Chuck and Yvette had already ran over, but suddenly, a bullet came and actually hit the plane’s fuel tank.
Betty was shocked!
Chuck and Yvette stopped, and his heart sank, because a beautiful black woman appeared in extreme beauty. This woman’s tights, blonde hair, and blue eyes are beautiful, ranking first in the world. Female killer, black rose!
Chuck stared at her, and Yvette’s eyes cooled down. She came to Chuck and wanted to use her body to block Chuck, but how could Chuck let her do this? Limar lived with her, Yvette was anxious!
Betty is down!
“Black Rose, how much did Li Shidao spend on you? The younger mother will give you ten times, one hundred times!” Betty stared at her.
“I know that Karen Lee has money and can give me so much money, but my rules are not whoever has more money,” Black Rose said in rusty Chinese language.
“But you know, if you started to deal with the young master today, then Li will always find you, and you will die miserably!”
“I don’t think so! Karen Lee can’t kill me, just like I killed her,” Black Rose shook his head, and the sniper rifle in his hand exuded a cold glare in the night.
“Don’t stop me, my bullet is precious.” Black Rose came over, Betty stopped, “I won’t let you kill the young master.”
“But you don’t have a gun in your hand, and none of you said such things to me, no time to waste with you, get out!” Black Rose said, and Betty suddenly started, grabbing her gun.
Black Rose smiled slightly, “Karen Lee can’t kill me, let alone you, get away!”
Black Rose kicked out, and Betty was shot in the shoulder. She was weak. She didn’t escape this foot. She kicked out for five or six meters and fell on the ground and vomited blood.
Betty got up, Black Rose gave her a glance, the gun in her hand was facing her, and pulled the trigger! boom!
A bullet came out and hit Betty. She backed away and fell motionless.
Chuck’s eyes widened, “Sister Li!”
Was Betty shot to death? Blood, a lot of blood came out, and at this moment, Chuck’s mind was full of anger! !
Black Rose continued to come over, “Your cousin, spent ten million dollars to kill me. I think this price is a bit high, because you can’t, but Li Shidao has a request, I promised, that is to let you die A bit worse, should you be able to meet my request?”
Black Rose said, the gun in his hand was pointed at Chuck!
There was a fiery spout inside the cold muzzle, which was the residual temperature after the shot of Betty.
Chuck is not afraid, what are he afraid of? This black rose killed himself, his mother will avenge herself!
“Don’t!” Yvette’s eyes were bloody, and she reached over. During this period of training, she made her a lot faster, but it was still not enough to watch the first killer Black Rose. Black Rose glanced at her and kicked out. .
Yvette grabbed her leg and took out her dagger. She plucked her black rose and frowned. She flipped and hit with a sniper rifle. Chuck stopped and her hands were all interrupted. boom!
Black Rose kicked Yvette on one foot, she raised her gun, “Reward you a bullet?”
She responded instinctively, but she remembered that Li Shidao could not kill Yvette. At this moment of hesitation, Chuck seized the opportunity and kicked her gun with a kick, and then the whole person rushed up.
Black Rose frowned, this attack method was okay, there was such a shadow of Karen Lee, but the difference was too far, Black Rose kicked on Chuck’s stomach, that kind of pain, Chuck covered her stomach, I almost squatted down.
But squatting down is death!
“You are too bad.” The gun in Black Rose’s hand hit Chuck’s head. This was a steel pipe. Chuck’s head bleed and fell to the ground.
Black Rose took out his phone and gave Li Shidao a video.
When connected, Li Shidao smiled, “What’s the matter?”
“Look for yourself!” Black Rose pointed her mobile phone at Chuck, Yvette, and Bettyzhao, still motionless.
Li Shidao laughed, “Sure enough, the first killer is the first killer, did not let me down!”
“of course!”
“Logan? Don’t kill this woman.” Li Shidao reminded Logan before he saw him.
“Got it, now I will show you how miserable he is.” Black Rose put the phone in one place.
In the video, Li Shidao is drinking red wine, ready to enjoy a good show!
Black Rose came over, Chuck got up and attacked her, attacked by all means of fighting, Black Rose easily blocked, “How can Karen Lee have such a garbage son? It’s too garbage, too garbage.”
Black Rose slaps, and Chuck’s face is numb and hot.
This gap in strength is too great. Chuck feels like an elementary school student and is so powerless in the face of adults.
“Don’t hit my husband.” Yvette’s eyes were blood red. She rushed over, and the black rose gave her a glance and kicked again.
Yvette hid, his fist hitting Black Rose, and Black Rose ridiculed, “The attacking skills are okay, but this strength?”
Yvette was shocked, but she put all her strength into it, why didn’t Black Rose do anything? How is this possible? boom!
Another foot, Yvette fell out, she spit out blood, unable to climb up.
“Tap, I want this woman.” Li Shidao smiled slightly, reminding Black Rose.
“There are really many women you want,” said Black Rose.
“Haha, I want you too, but you don’t want to.” Li Shidao laughed. The black rose is a standard American, and his figure is excited by Li Shidao. The face of black rose is amazing!
It’s a pity that Li Shidao chased after her, Black Rose was unwilling, and he was also afraid, so he didn’t force it.
“I don’t mind people asking me to kill you,” Black Rose said.
“Haha, you go on, let me see how miserable Chuck is!” Li Shidao laughed haha, and the viciousness on his face was grim.
Black Rose ignored Li Shidao, she walked to Chuck, Chuck got up and punched her fist, Black Rose snorted coldly, kicked out, kicked Chuck to fly.

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