My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 399

Li family scene!
Karen Lee walked in under everyone’s attention, and everyone glared at her as if she didn’t want her to enter the Li family for a minute and a second.
Especially overlord Li, with his vicious eyes, stared at Karen Lee like this!
This is ruthless! This is hate! !
The raven was silent, only Karen Lee walked in. boom!
The door was closed. The place was empty, but it was particularly depressed.
Karen Lee has always thought so since he was a child.
In fact, she also felt a little sad in her heart, and she was not picked up from outside. How could she be so depressed in her home? And this has always been the case?
Karen Lee sighed, “Dad, I…”
“Don’t call me that, I can’t afford it!” said the owner of the Li family coldly, and you are welcome!
Karen Lee was silent, with a gloom in her eyes.
Xiao Xian, the housekeeper, sighed. Today, Karen Lee is not good. When Karen Lee used to call his father, although he was expressionless, he still nodded, but today he said so, it is not good.
“I ask you, did you return to China the day before yesterday?” Li Family Master asked coldly!
“Yes, I am back to China.”
“Then what did you do? Same clearly!” The head of the Li family stood up.
Everyone else stared at Karen Lee!
Especially Karen Lee’s elder brothers, Karen Lee is so good that they have no face at all since childhood. They feel that they have been trampled by Karen Lee under their feet, so they have also instilled this idea in their children. Don’t call Karen Lee .
If you have a chance, you must drive Karen Lee out! !
Today is a particularly big opportunity!
“I’ll save my son.” Karen Lee said after a silence.
“Save your son? So you killed the world right?” The head of the Li family’s voice thundered!
“Well, kill.” Karen Lee said.
There was an uproar in the audience! !
“It’s still so calm, there’s no repentance at all, how can our Li family have such a cold month and ruthless people? How can you succeed?”
Is this his own relative?
The overlord Li was cold and sullen. If his son Li Shidao became the head of the Li family, then he was too emperor, then the entire Li family could let him do whatever he wanted, but this dream was broken by Karen Lee.
“I ask you, is your son dead?” asked the owner of the Li family.
“If I go later, he will be dead,”
“In other words, your son didn’t die at all. In this case, you also killed the world!”
The head of the Li family stared at Karen Lee, and his turbid eyes shone coldly.
“My son was…”
“Just answer me, yes or no!!!” Li family head eyes haze!
“Yes.” Karen Lee said.
“Okay, the world is going to deal with your son, he is wrong, but he will never kill your son, but you have risen, and actually killed your junior, our Li family hope, your sins can not be forgiven!! “The main face of Li’s family was red-eared, almost angry.
“Dad, can you stop doing this? Li Shidao wanted to kill my son, he found the black…” Karen Lee sighed, as it was, he loaded the mistakes indiscriminately.
Maybe everything you do is wrong and should not be born here.
“Karen Lee, you shut me up!” Li overlord scolded, “Everyone knows the character of my son, he will not violate the family rules, it is you! It is you who aggressively killed my son!!!”
Karen Lee stared at him.
“Don’t you know what’s wrong? Don’t you know yet?” Master Li came step by step.
“I’m not wrong, it was his son who started it, it was him, I was not wrong.” Karen Lee’s eyes were red, and the sadness in his heart appeared.
“Shut up! If you quibble, you have also violated family rules, tell me, what is the consequence of killing family members! Say, tell me aloud!” said the owner of the Li family coldly.
“Say!!!” Other Li family members also scolded.
Karen Lee was silent. “Dad, do you mean there is no right or wrong?”
“You are wrong to kill the people in your family!” the head of the Li family growled. “For so many years, only you dare to do this, and no one else dares. Are you so unique?”
“I do not have.”
“Not yet, what is the consequence!”
“Eject the Li family!” Karen Lee sighed.
Xiao Xian was sad in his heart. Such a good young lady would be besieged by so many people.
“Okay, since you said that, starting today, you are no longer a member of the Li family!” Li family owner said coldly.
Karen Lee feels that his heart has been stabbed, from small to big, it has always been like this, he has never done one thing right, even if there is nothing, it has always been wrong.
“Yes,” Karen Lee turned around and walked outside.
At this moment, the other members of the Li family sneered and finally left, they should have gone by themselves.
Overlord Li was cold, “Stop!”
Karen Lee stopped and looked back at him, “What else?”
“It seems that you don’t understand what it means to be ousted from the Li family.
You are no longer a member of the Li family. Please trouble you to put down everything in the Li family! Because they do not belong to a person who is not a Li family! You are not worthy Have them! Take them out!” Li Overlord said coldly.
All the Li family stared at Karen Lee.
“Nothing in my family belongs to the Li family.” Karen Lee sighed.
“No?? Just kidding, everything you have now belongs to the Li family!”
“No, I made money out of myself, everything I make now is made by myself,”
Karen Lee sighed. After graduating from college, she didn’t find a home to spend a penny, all of it was a penny. After accumulating, the first pot of gold was earned, and then it was out of control. Today, the country is rich! !
Karen Lee is a fighting genius and a business genius!
“It’s ridiculous, without the Li family, what would you make money? Without the Li family, you would have died long ago, what other opportunities are there to make money? You borrowed our Li family’s momentum and made today’s money, everything you are now is Li The family, because of your life, was given by the Li family! Hand over the Li family’s things!” The overlord Li came and other people from the Li family came around.
Everyone glared at him, including the head of the Li family!
His son Li Overlord is right. Everything about Karen Lee now belongs to the Li family. Without the foundation of the Li family and without the reputation of the Li family, will someone cooperate with you? How could she make so much money in such a short time? ?
Karen Lee shook his head, “No, I made it myself. The money is my son’s, and no one else can take it away!”
“Fuck things! It’s yours? You say it again!!!” Li family head scolded!
The sound of thunder seemed to break through the house.
“It’s mine. I have paid back what I owe you. For so many years, I have given the Li family more than one hundred billion dollars. That’s enough,” Karen Lee was stared at by her father so much.
When Karen Lee made money at the beginning, he gave it to the Li family and returned it to the Li family. Over the years, they have given one after another, and they have given so much.
“Fuck!!” The head of the Li family raised his hand and beat Karen Lee.
Karen Lee stood like this, “You can hit me because you are my dad.”
“Dad, beat her!!!” Li overlord scolded. The slap of the head of the Li family, weighing several hundred pounds, could definitely hurt Karen Lee seriously!
The owner of the Li family stared at Karen Lee, “I never beat you, I regret it, I should have killed you when you were a kid!”
Karen Lee sighed. She remembered Xiao Xian telling her that when she was a child when he was one year old, he hit himself, slapped, she was all fainted at that time, but fortunately Karen Lee’s mother rescued her back, otherwise it might It’s all dead, how can this be called never played?
This is what Xiao Xian secretly told Karen Lee. The Li family is too serious for men. The Li family head wants a son in the end, but gave birth to a daughter, Karen Lee.
But overlord Li took the opportunity to kick Karen Lee’s foot, which was too heavy. Karen Lee flew out for four or five meters, but did not fall. She had blood in the corner of her mouth, and he stared at Overlord Li. “From today, you are not me Brother,”
“I’m not your brother anymore, you are a wolf!”
“Neither am I, killing you!”
The four older brothers rushed up and kicked Karen Lee, each with one foot, but none of them kicked Karen Lee down, and she did not hum, so bear it.
She wiped away the blood herself, and there was sadness in her heart, and she was no longer a member of the Li family.

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