My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 400

“I can go.” Karen Lee turned away in silence.
“Stop, you haven’t put down the things that belong to the Li family! You don’t deserve it!” Li overlord scolded.
Karen Lee turned his head, his eyes were cold to strangers, “My money is on me, you, some kind of come over and take!!”
Karen Lee is a woman, but such a word came out and overshadowed everyone’s voice.
Overlord Li is cold, “You take away things belonging to the Li family, are you still so straightforward?”
“Yes, you are too shameless!” The other members of the Li family were sad!
How could there be such a shameless person? They felt that what a correct decision to drive Karen Lee out of the Li family today!
“I said, I don’t have anything that belongs to the Li family!” Karen Lee said, the voice overshadowed the noise of these people again.
“You want, come and get it, you can, come!” Karen Lee faced dozens of former loved ones, she was sad and cold, she was fearless, because these people are no longer her loved ones.
Starting today, it is a stranger!
Here, no one dares to go up!
Karen Lee rarely shot, but many people know that Karen Lee is amazing!
What’s more, among this group of young people, the most powerful Li Shidao was killed, so they are not even Karen Lee’s opponents.
The only ones are Karen Lee’s elder brothers, especially Li Overlord!
The head of the Li family came over. He was very old, more than 90 years old, but the strength of fighting was still there, so he still had the strength to be strong!
Even after years, his fighting is even more vicious!
“You don’t take it, do you?”
“Do not take it, it’s mine, it’s also my son’s, it’s not yours, you know? I gave it back to you, also!” Karen Lee forced her to not be afraid, but this is his father.
“You paid it back? I gave you all the blood you shed. You paid it back? How did you pay it back?” Li Jia asked.
“So you want me to return the blood to you?” Karen Lee was very calm.
“I asked, have you returned yet?” The head of the Li family asked back.
Others sneered, especially Li Overlord, if Karen Lee cut off her own arm, then she would be dead today!
Son, father can avenge you!
“Yes, I paid back when you were about to have a blood transfusion three years ago,” Karen Lee said.
The head of the Li family frowned. Indeed, he went out three years ago and was assassinated. He was seriously injured. It was Karen Lee who rushed back to transfuse himself. He lost a lot, nearly 800 ml. This amount is amazing. of!
“You paid back half, and the rest is still paid today.” The owner of the Li family was indifferent.
“Me, are you your own?” Karen Lee sighed. She could not believe that she did nothing wrong, but why did his father hate himself so much?
“Yes, but I hated your mother at that time, so I hate you. I have always hated you since you were born.” The owner of the Li family was indifferent.
Karen Lee shed tears and sighed, “I know.”
Know the reason, then the other is not important.
“So you paid it? You can’t go without it today.” The head of the Li family stared at Karen Lee.
“I’m enough. From now on, whoever forces me, I will kill whoever dares to come and come!” Karen Lee’s eyes became cold and he had no feelings for these people.
“Dare you talk to dad like this!” Overlord Li hit him with a punch.
Karen Lee narrowed her eyes and punched out with a punch! boom!
The audience was shocked!
The two are evenly matched! is it possible? Just now Karen Lee was seriously injured, but was he able to take a punch from Li Overlord?
“He’s not my dad anymore, and you’re not my brother anymore, and I won’t let you anymore!” Karen Lee said coldly, her fist like steel, amazing fighting, unpredictable, no one saw How Karen Lee shot, including Li Overlord!
He has a fist in his chest. boom!
Overlord Li was kicked back with one punch He was shocked!
Why is Karen Lee so strong?
There is no sound here, including the head of the Li family. He was surprised that his daughter was only forty years old. Why is it so powerful? It’s more than when he was young.
“Does anyone else dare to come? Does anyone dare?” Karen Lee glanced at everyone on the scene!
Quiet to the extreme, all shocked by Karen Lee, no one dared to move!
“I advise you not to provoke me, otherwise I won’t keep my hand, whoever kills me, including everyone in your presence!” Karen Lee stared at the head of the Li family.
This sentence, she said to the so-called father!
Master Li’s face is ugly!
Karen Lee turned and left. She finally looked at Xiao Xian, the housekeeper with a complicated look, “Xiao Lao, have a chance to see you again.”
Xiao Xian sighed.
Karen Lee opened the door and went out, the door was closed.
“Dad, shall we let such a person leave like this?”
“Grandpa, let’s go together, kill her, and recapture what belongs to our Li family.”
When Karen Lee left, the group was indignant. They felt that if all the people started together, then Karen Lee felt that he could not leave and would definitely die here.
This is to return the tiger to the mountain!
The owner of the Li family sneered, “I don’t care about her anymore, everything she belongs to the Li family, whoever takes the fancy, who takes it!”
He turned away and entered the backyard.
“Brother, what shall we do? Karen Lee is rich and enemies. Her money is estimated to be more than that of our Li family. She wants to establish her own portal, so the world is not four big families, but five big families.”
“Huh, is she worthy too?” Li Overlord said coldly.
Where are the four largest families in the world so easily squeezed in? Is it possible without the accumulation of dozens of generations? ? impossible!
“Then we should…” Someone suggested that Karen Lee is a big piece of fat, everyone wants to eat, and even they don’t know how much money Karen Lee has earned in these years. No one knows, only knows that Karen Lee is in the United States. It can be said that one-fifth of the property belongs to her…
This is terrifying. After all, without the industries of other countries, is it possible that one third of the world is hers? ?
Overlord Li’s face became more and more stubborn, and his son would not be so dead!
Everything about Karen Lee is his.
Overlord Li clenched his fists, “Karen Lee, Karen Lee!!”

Karen Lee came out of the Li family. She looked back for a while. This place is not her home anymore. She sighed and calmed her mood. She was kicked out today.
Karen Lee laughed bitterly.
She didn’t think about it, but she didn’t regret it, because it was good to leave this place.
She took out her mobile phone to call people, but at this time, a car came over and there was a gentle man in it. Yes, this is Chuck’s father, Zhang Qingyang.
He was next, Karen Lee hurriedly wiped the blood from his mouth and walked over…

Snapped! !
“What the hell are you talking about?” The owner of the Li family suddenly became angry. He was resting. Suddenly, the overlord Li came and said that the supply chain of many industries in the Li family has been broken. This is the supplier of their Li family!
“Dad, that Karen Lee did that bitch. She turned out to have banned many of our industry’s supply chains. She called to cancel the supply to us!” The overlord Li was annoyed. He just received a call and said that their Li family The three hundred restaurants under his name couldn’t find a supplier, he was shocked!
Is this all Karen Lee? ?
The owner of the Li family is ugly, “No, Karen Lee is very brainy, knowing that our restaurant in the Li family is the largest restaurant chain here, so I participated in the bidding. When I opened the tender at the time, I selected it myself. The goodness of other people, I have no reason to choose something else, I did not expect it to be hers!”
The owner of the Li family was furious. Was this premeditated? To know how many years, the supply of hundreds of restaurants, how much does it cost a year? ?
Karen Lee is actually making money with pervasiveness. He didn’t know that Karen Lee didn’t make money for the Li family. He didn’t have any points. He just supplied all the materials to Li’s restaurant at cost.
But Karen Lee is not a member of the Li family, she will not do it again!
“Reselect the supplier!” said the owner of the Li family coldly. “You play with me, you are still a little bit younger!”
The overlord Li immediately did it, but the phone came back again, he answered, and his face was ugly. How many other industries of the Li family are related to Karen Lee?
At this moment, Overlord Li was a bit dazed.

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Wow!!!! Interesting stuff. I love this book…….just can’t sleep before finishing all available chapters. Now I can rest waiting for the new chapters. This book is a thriller for real. Only Yvette annoys me..she does not first investigate the circumstances of her father’s death just say you killed my father. If her grandfather had killed Chuck what was she going to do. Just wish Chuck could leave Yvette and marry aunt Logan

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