My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 403

When Yvette left, Yan Li was silent. She didn’t know if it was right or wrong to let her daughter take this path.
But if Yvette sees more cruelty, then she will become more and more indifferent, because there is blood in her hands, then she may become indifferent and become more and more alienated from Chuck.
So it’s best to be separated from Chuck, because two people who can’t be together, why should they be together again?
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“Daughter, scramble!” Yan Li said.
There is much blood in the hands, so one day you can definitely kill Karen Lee! !
“Let’s go back,” Yan Li said.
They walked out of the ruins and reached the roadside, and Yan Li suddenly saw a car driving past.
It was actually Chuck.
Yan Li’s eyes cooled immediately.
“That, you seem angry.” Her bodyguard was a little strange. how to say? She followed Yan Li for too long, and felt that after the last injection of anesthesia needle, her personality changed a bit, and it seemed more irritable.
One day she actually saw Yan Li crying in the toilet, as if thinking of something, which made her particularly angry.
I was so angry that it was…
“No, what am I doing angry?” Yan Li scolded.
But Chuck suddenly passed by this way, making her think of Chuck looking at her body. Although it was not intentional, Yan Li couldn’t help being angry!
After all, she has been keeping her body like jade until now. For so many years, Yvette’s father has been dead for so long, and she has not done anything extraordinary.
This is something that exists in her bones, but Chuck accidentally broke it.
Her bodyguard was stunned. Was it angry? ?
This seems to kill people in the past!
“Did he do something?” The bodyguard couldn’t help asking, too curious. Yan Li used to be very arrogant and rarely angered at all, because she looked down on many people, and the people who looked down on, could deserve to make her angry? ?
“No, let’s go.” Yan Li scolded, this bodyguard can only nod, strange!
Yan Li stared at Chuck, who was far away, and became colder and colder. If my daughter knew about it, I would kill you by hand! …

Zelda was very anxious. She was speechless. Her mother kept calling and said she wanted to come directly, but Chuck was missing and never showed up.
Fortunately, Zelda had the courage to call Chuck. And connected.
“Sister Zelda.” Chuck drove over and was in the square parking lot.
He decided to look up at Yolanda and asked what happened to the land, a few minutes.
“En.” Zelda was delighted and relieved. I haven’t seen Chuck for a long time. This time, there is no change, but Zelda is relieved.
Chuck got out of the car and said to Zelda, Zelda.
Chuck went upstairs and she was happy to see Yolanda. After all, Chuck didn’t show up recently!
Chuck asked about the situation and was particularly satisfied. Yolanda’s work efficiency was very good. The site started to work, and the progress was very fast.
“I may have come a little lately, you look at it,” Chuck said of this matter. After helping Zelda this time, Chuck asked Logan to train himself for the devil!
“Okay, are you okay?” Yolanda cared.
“It’s okay,” Chuck smiled slightly. Today, Yolanda is very beautiful. She wears a professional attire and outlines a perfect figure. She has to say that Yolanda, who has really entered the workplace for a few months, already has the temperament of a strong woman. , People have the desire to conquer.
“I’m gone, something is wrong,”
“it is good.”
Chuck came out and felt eye-catching and did not know what kind of boyfriend Yolanda would find. After all, she was so good!
“Chuck,” Chuck just came out and heard someone calling himself, Chuck looked, it was actually Lara.
Lara was pleasantly surprised. Chuck had been missing for ten days. She missed Chuck.
Lara ran over and hugged Chuck.
Chuck was speechless, “What are you doing?”
This is a kind of torture, not to mention the other. Lara is wearing it today, denim shorts, these perfect legs are exposed, and the sexy suspenders are on it. Chuck will collapse when he hugs him like this.
Chuck pushed her away.
Lara was a little wronged. I haven’t seen him for a long time. I can’t hug it!
“Chuck, why didn’t you go to school lately? The classmates say you don’t read anymore,”
Chuck is thinking, how to read this situation? He said, “Well, don’t read for now,”
“Why?” Lara was particularly anxious. She was least willing to hear such words from Chuck. What if she didn’t read it?
“Because you are annoying,” Chuck joked.
Lara’s eyes were red, pitiful, “I’m not bored, then I won’t talk anymore, can you come to school?”
Chuck shrugged, “Yes, I think about it.”
Lara was relieved, “Then I’ll wait for you, I won’t bother you anymore.”
Chuck shrugged and went downstairs, Lara was wronged to the extreme, when did he bother him?
Lara sighed.
Chuck went downstairs and didn’t plan to drive. He got into Zelda’s car. Today Zelda is not sexy at all. After all, he went back to see his parents!
Must be conservative. Zelda was a little disappointed to see Chuck. She was a little surprised. “Chuck, what do you think?”
“Nothing, Sister Zelda, you drive.” Chuck leaned back.
Zelda unfastened his seat belt and came over to kiss Chuck, Chuck froze.
“Don’t think about it, thank you for helping me,” Zelda said.
How does this prevent Chuck from thinking? “Sister Zelda, my wife had…”
“I know, but I should have a position in your heart, right?”
Chuck felt that it was true. After all, Zelda gave himself the first time. How could this be forgotten?
“So, what do you want to see? Am I not dressed correctly?” Zelda asked.
Chuck is embarrassed. Zelda’s figure is good, and she is usually more sexy, and her figure is not stingy at all. Especially when she is running and wearing yoga pants, it is really indescribable. Legs , Especially straight, perfect to the extreme.
“You tell me, I wear it according to yours,” Zelda summoned the courage. She was already bold and had such a personality, otherwise she would not give Chuck what to do in the car.
Chuck was embarrassed, “Farewell, Sister Zelda, you drive, I am afraid of me.”
Zelda smiled slightly, “What are you afraid of? What do you not see?”
Chuck coughed and didn’t even talk. Zelda smiled slightly. Do you think you are making fun of Chuck?
A little cute!
Zelda drove, Chuck breathed a sigh of relief, and simply went to sleep with his eyes closed, but Zelda said, “Me and you are in the car, you can do what you want, as long as I don’t delay driving, because I have to guarantee you Security.”
“Sister Zelda, don’t say it,” Chuck collapsed and understood what Zelda meant.
In ten days’ absence, Zelda is even bolder.
Zelda smiled and continued to drive. Chuck didn’t do anything. Zelda was a little lost, but fortunately, at least he kept looking at himself. He was restraining, indicating that he was attractive to him, only because Yvette was restrained for reasons.
“Here we are.” Zelda drove Chuck to a hotel. This is her father’s company. Some of the most recent receptions were held at this hotel. She, as a daughter, will definitely be popular.
Chuck got off the car, and it was really “uncomfortable”. Fortunately, Yvette is now a little bit open, and can meet Chuck’s requirements, otherwise Chuckzhen… after all, Zelda is also a superb beauty.
Zelda is calling and asking.
Chuck looked at the door of the hotel. Suddenly a Maybach drove over. The luxurious car suddenly compared all the cars in the hotel parking lot. The driver was a beautiful woman. Chuck actually knew.
This is Du Xinye’s sister, Du Peixin!
She also came to the reception? But there is a handsome man beside him. Is this her boyfriend?
Du Peixin didn’t see Chuck, but the man next to her saw it, opened the car window, and threw out a pile of money. “Let your woman move the parking space away!”
I actually drove a small BMW, and the car of seven or eight hundred thousand still came over? Don’t you feel embarrassed?
The man sneered, Chuck was dumbfounded. What happened?
At this time, Du Peixin only saw Chuck, she was also stunned.
The man opened the car door and pointed at Chuck, “Hear no, your garbage truck is parked farther away, here are all more than five million cars, don’t you feel inferior? If you bump into it, you will lose money Rise?”
The man sneered, this man has no eyesight!

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