My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 405

“But I can tell you who I am with compassion this time. Remember, I am Zhao Yunlei!” The man sneered.
“Zhao Yunlei?” Chuck had never heard of it.
“Oh, you see how rubbish you are. I haven’t heard of my name. Is it scaring me?
Don’t worry, my level is different from you. People like you don’t have the qualifications to talk to me, but today I Why did you give this opportunity? Very simple, your woman is very beautiful.” Zhao Yunlei smiled.
Yes, Zhao Yunlei feels more and more that he is overcrowding heaven and earth.
Such a beautiful woman is going to be swallowed by pigs?
It’s too wasteful, a good woman, you should let yourself play with it.
Chuck Yi Zheng.
This guy actually fancy Zelda? That’s right, Zelda’s figure and appearance are perfect. It’s too normal to be seen by this kind of son.
However, if Zelda knew, he would not know what would happen.
“So, I will give you the opportunity to speak to me, do you understand now?” Zhao Yunlei smiled.
Chuck glanced at him. At this time, after Zelda parked the car, he came over and said to Chuck, “Let’s go up.”
Chuck shrugged and went up with Zelda.
Zhao Yunlei sneered, it’s really good that the cabbage was swallowed by the pig.
He walked up to the car, “Pai Xin, you parked the car.”
“Yes.” Du Peixin felt that it was better not to say hello to the situation just now, so as not to be embarrassed. After all, she knew that Chuck was with Murong Qing.
At this time, she was with another woman. What is the situation? ?
Step on two boats? ?
So after careful consideration, Du Peixin should stop saying hello, lest he be embarrassed.
Du Peixin parked the car, Zhao Yunlei smiled, “Peixin, the man just said that he knew you, is that true.”
Du Pei was surprised, Chuck admitted?
“Well, know.”
“Are you familiar?”
“Unfamiliar.” Du Peixin said, not familiar at all, and met a few times.
Sure enough, it is impossible to be familiar with it. Zhao Yunlei has no point, even if there is a little interest, this kind of shame, deserve to say him by himself?
Not worthy! There is no qualification to waste saliva!
“He’s called Chuck, it’s…” Du Pei wanted to introduce a little bit. After all, Chuck’s strength, she is not too clear, but this Zhao Yunlei, she is very clear!
Zhao Family, one of the four big families in China!
This is the existence of cattle!
However, there is no Zhang family in the four big families in China, so Chuck should be a little worse than Zhao Yunlei, but it must be better than the Du family.
This is what Du Pei knows clearly.
“Don’t talk about him, let’s go.” Zhao Yunlei is not interested anymore. He can be stamped to death with a person at the bottom.
Du Pei felt helpless, “Yes.”
It seems that the Zhao family, one of the four major families, does not look down on Chuck’s family.
The two people walked inside, and on the stairs, Zhao Yunlei stretched out her hand with a smile, Du Pei embarrassed, “Thank you,”
Zhao Yunlei smiled, Du Pei really is a first-class beauty, how beautiful is this hand? Zhao Yunlei is excited, Du Peixin is the woman he always wanted, only recently has the opportunity to contact.
Du Peixin, a woman like this, is unlikely to be done in a short time. It is too good and very restrained, but this is better. It arouses Zhao Yunlei’s desire to conquer madly. He thinks this is better.
Du Pei’s heart drew back, but Zhao Yunlei’s heart was even more tickling. Du Pei’s heart, you’re so tempted!
This figure is perfect to the extreme.
Zhao Yunlei is slowly admiring.
The two entered the hotel and attended the reception.
Of course, this reception is not the reception of Zelda’s father’s company, but the reception of others.

“Chuck, what did you say? The man just fell in love with me?” Zelda froze, Chuck said just now.
“Yes, it’s up to you.” Chuck shrugged.
Zelda’s eyes are moving. “Are you jealous?”
Zelda is happy, Chuckti came out, isn’t he jealous?
“No.” Chuck just said it, and was not jealous. How could Zelda not be seen?
“Can you comfort me and say jealous?” Zelda lost and comforted me.
“Um, jealous,”
“Oh, I won’t like him. He is not the type I like. I like…” Zelda stopped and looked at Chuck with a pair of beautiful eyes, showing affectionately.
She has always been bachelorism, but to Chuck, she fell.
The atmosphere is a bit awkward.
“Cough, who do I like? I think about it,” Zelda smiled. Chuck’s sigh of breath, Zelda’s EQ is particularly high, which makes Chuck also a little uncontrollable. So empathetic, Chuck is afraid that one day he can’t help himself, and has done something sorry Yvette, then it can’t be done.
“Sister Zelda, how nice you are,” Chuck said with emotion.
“Okay? I’m not good. If it’s good, someone still refuses me, hum,” Zelda grunted her mouth, acting like a little woman.
Chuck smiled, “Sister Zelda, you are so cute,”
Zelda’s face turned red all of a sudden. She was so exaggerated. She was so excited that Chuck spoke so sweetly? Zelda’s heart is soft, “Chuck, am I really cute?”
“Yes.” Chuck didn’t lie. At this time, Zelda was shy and had a little anticipation.
This expression is like the girl who was in love for the first time. The key is that she is thirty years old, and this expression does not violate her.
“Chuck, I want to take you to the toilet,” said Zelda. She thought of her two experiences with Chuck, and Chuck froze.

“Why haven’t the daughter come yet?” Zelda’s mother Liu Meili was anxious and urged many times. Zelda kept saying that there was no time, Chuck was the boss, where is he so busy?
Liu Meili worried about her daughter and broke up with Chuck. After all, Liu Meili saw that her daughter especially liked Chuck. This was the first time Zelda who had always adhered to singleism!
If this breaks up, what should I do?
“Maybe traffic jam! Don’t worry.” The young woman in shorts who went to Chuck Square with Liu Meili at that time said that the fish glue Zhang Zhang gave her last time was envied by relatives and friends after letting her go home!
She would also like to see Chuck. After all, Zelda also called her aunt. If Chuck really got better with Zelda, she would also be blessed!
Liu Meili sighed, traffic jam? She worried that her daughter would find an excuse to say no.
“Oh, beautiful, don’t you say that Zelda will bring a friend this time? Why didn’t I see it?” A young woman came over.
Liu Meili glanced at her.
“Listen to you, last time Zelda’s boyfriend sent someone to the plane to deliver the ingredients. Did this come from the plane this time?” the young woman laughed.
The last time she heard Liu Meili say this, she didn’t believe it! how can that be possible? Flying over the plane to deliver ingredients, what is it that Ballers can do?
Liu Meili was angry.
“It is estimated that it is not coming. Now people like to pretend…” The young woman shrugged and Liu Meili hummed. “It doesn’t matter if you come or not?”
“Oh, you’re angry? Didn’t Mr. Mo leave you in your pajamas, which made you so angry? Ouch, how can that be done, or my husband’s power, I am happy every day, which is like you? , If you want to say something, you will breathe fire. I don’t know anything about you.” The young woman gave Liu Meili a glance.
“You are sick, do you have nothing to mention about my man?” Liu Meili was really annoyed and wanted to hit someone.
“You’re sick, don’t you say that your daughter’s boyfriend is very powerful? He also said there is a square, hey, there is a square is great? In this society, a square can be bragging?” The young woman laughed.
Her husband has a big company. This time he came to the reception to show off, not show off, every day, beauty and boredom died.
“You shut up,” Liu Meili was angry.
“You’re so angry, find a young guy… I’ll stop telling you, it’s boring,” the young woman left with a sneer, and Liu Meili was extremely angry. “Are you sick? Say these things?”
“It’s you who is sick. Look, isn’t it your daughter who walked in? It turned out to be your daughter’s boyfriend? Is it a duck working in a club?” The young woman smiled. Yeah, Zelda is looking for such a young boyfriend, no, it should be the duck who came looking for it.

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