My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 409

Since the manager said so, Chuck has nothing to hide. He said directly, “My friend is here for a reception, so I won’t let my friend leave until the reception is over.”
This is affirmative, Zelda’s father company is holding a reception here.
Certainly not!
“This can’t help you anymore, our young master told you to leave!” The manager was indifferent. He thought it was ridiculous. Who is this person? Talk like this?
“I can’t help you anymore, I said, I won’t leave until the reception is over.”
The manager frowned, “That’s what made me come out and said to me?”
“Yes,” Chuck shrugged.
“Then you are disappointed, no, you leave immediately, or I will call the security guards to blast you out!” The manager snorted, he didn’t want to waste any more time.
“Do you know who this is?” the manager said.
“You should pay attention to knowing what you are talking about, Zhao’s family, but it’s not that you, an unknown pawn, can provoke you. If you provoke you, you will die, young people, I don’t know if it’s high!”
As he was about to leave, Chuck suddenly smiled.
The manager frowned, “You want to die, right?”
The manager thinks this kid is really dead!
“A price.” Chuck said suddenly.
“What do you mean?” The manager was cold, is this a fool? What price?
“How much is your hotel, I bought it,” Chuck said.
This hotel is also five-star, and the location and business are good. It’s good to let my mom pay for it. It’s good to sell here. My mom’s night hotel is also about 4 billion. It should be similar to this. Chuck thinks that 30 Five hundred million is almost there.
After all, this hotel is not comparable to my mom’s night hotel!
The manager laughed, “What are you talking about? Am I playing?”
He was amused by Chuck’s words, bought here? Haha. Not to mention the five-star hotel here, but the boss is the Zhao family. Who dares to buy the Zhao family? ?
This kid really knows nothing about it!
“What am I teasing you to do? Ask your boss how much money I sold,” Chuck said.
The manager’s face was ugly, “Do you know what you’re talking about? If our younger master is here, you will break a hand!!!”
Yes, Zhao Yunlei is here, Chuck will break his hand, because buying here is an insult to the Zhao family. Does the Zhao family lack money? No shortage, billions in front of the Zhao family, nothing counts!
What’s more, this kid is so badly dressed, there are billions to buy here? ?
“Then you won’t do business, you won’t make money,” Chuck shrugged.
“Dare you say we are young masters?” The manager was cold and suddenly irritated.
“What did you say?” Chuck looked at him and said lightly.
The manager snapped a finger, and just over a dozen security guards rushed over.
“Bring me to the basement.” The manager said indifferently.
The dozen or so people stared at Chuck, glaring at them, and Chuck glanced at them. “Also, go to your basement to talk,”
Chuck was taken to the basement by more than a dozen people.
The manager said indifferently, “Is it still for Erlang? Hit, break his leg first!!”
More than a dozen people came around, with steel pipes in their hands. Chuck glanced, “Wait, I came down to talk to you, not a fight.”
“Talk? Are you qualified to talk to me? Call me first!” The manager was indifferent.
Chuck glanced, “Since this is the case, then it is okay to fight!”
Chuck kicked directly, kicked on a man’s stomach, this foot is very heavy!
The man was kicked away with a yell, Chuck grabbed the steel pipe in his hand and cracked.
Three minutes later, Chuck stood, and the manager also stood, but there were more than a dozen people lying on the ground.
Chuck, who learns fighting, has a steel pipe. How can he not beat these security guards?
No one can afford to hit the key one by one.
Chuck came over, carrying a steel pipe, and gently hitting the manager’s shoulder.
The manager frowned, but his face didn’t change his color. Hit me??”
Undoubtedly, how dare it? I’m the hotel manager of the Zhao family!
If you hit it, you would hit Zhao’s face. Do you dare?
“Let your young master come down, I find him to buy here, call him,” Chuck ordered.
“It’s ridiculous, you are a hairy boy, actually… Ah!!!” The manager’s face was white, and Chuck hit him with a stick on his shoulder. This is an iron rod. The manager is all off.
“Call your young master down, have you heard?” Chuck stared at him, he didn’t have too good interest to wait too long.
“You’re looking for death, do you know?” The manager growled with severe pain!
Today, the boat turned over in the gutter?
Chuck gave him a slap, what to do with him, fight without being obedient!
The manager was beaten. When was he beaten? Actually now? ?
Chuck didn’t speak to him, and he was too lazy to waste time. He pointed his hand at him with an iron rod. “Can’t you fight?”
“I, I, I fight,” the manager was frightened, annoyed, and Chuck gave him the feeling that it would really hit him like this, then his hand was wasted!
He took out his mobile phone, called Zhao Yunlei, and Chuckdao said, “Be smart.”
The phone is connected.
“How is it?” Zhao Yunlei was impatient.
“Go back to Master, something went wrong…”
“What’s the problem? Your efficiency is too low!!”
“No, someone said he would buy a hotel!”
“Buy a hotel? Haha!!”
“Master, he wants you to come down and talk,” the manager said weakly.
“Talk? No, you asked someone to take him to the basement and beat me hard!”
The phone hangs up suddenly.
The manager was dumbfounded, Chuck kicked out, and the manager screamed.
“Continue to fight!” Chuck ordered.
The manager hurried to call again, this time answering. Inside is Zhao Yunlei’s cold voice, “You don’t want to do it, do you dare to bother me so much?”
“No young master, he is in the basement, he beat us all.” The manager said quickly.
“Master, if you come down, he will talk to you.”
“It’s kind of interesting. You asked someone to tidy him up first. I don’t have time on it. When my side is over, I will come down.”
Zhao Yunlei sneered, is this a joke? Yes, for him, no one dared to say that, buy a hotel?
What kind of words can a talented person say?
“Master, wait, I was caught by him,”
“What? Then he should be by your side?” Zhao Yunlei frowned. It was okay. He could beat more than a dozen people, and he still had to buy a hotel.
“Yes, he is by my side. He asked the master, how much does the hotel cost,”
“Do you think I will sell? Tell him not to die, otherwise I have a hundred ways to kill him!”
Zhao Yunlei’s eyes are fierce!
“How much is the price?” Chuck said.
Zhao Yunlei frowned, this sound is a bit familiar, yes…
Oh! !
Zhao Yunlei suddenly realized that it was that rubbish!
“Are you buying my hotel?” Zhao Yunlei teased. This was interesting. It turned out that this person couldn’t get rid of it, so why did you do something? But it’s quite possible to beat more than ten security guards? interesting.
“Yes. How much is it,”
“You’re pretty pretending, how much is a five-star hotel?”
“My mother has, three or four billion.” Chuckzhi said.
“Haha, does your mother have it? Haha!” Zhao Yunlei laughed, was this bragging right? The entire five-star hotel in China is basically under 80% owned by four major families. Who is this for?
“Tell me how much your hotel is, I bought it,”
“You can’t afford it, how do you buy it? I tell you, this hotel needs two billion yuan of bare land, isn’t it a lot? Scared?”
“A bit,” Chuck thought it was more than three billion yuan. Unexpectedly, there were so many plots of land. Isn’t it going to be six or seven billion?
“Haha, you can’t get two billions. What hotel do you buy? Go home and eat, shit.”
Zhao Yunlei laughed, and this pen is so cute and happy.
“If I can get 2 billion, have you sold it to me?” Chuck felt that it was acceptable, as long as the business was good.
Six to seven billion, just call your mother and talk about it, simple.

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