My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 410

Zhao Yunlei laughed at Chuck’s words, and could come up with 2 billion? who do you think You Are? ?
“Oh, your joke is very good, can you come up with 2 billion?” Zhao Yunlei sneered.
Du Pei’s heart and eyes are moving. Who is this Zhao Yunlei calling? This expression seems to laugh at others!
Du Pei wanted to hear something, but it was too far, how could she hear it?
However, he is a young master of the Zhao family. In addition to the other three big family members, Huaxia can be said to be able to ridicule anyone.
This is nothing, but who is he laughing at this time?
This is what Du Pei wants to know.
“Yes, you agree to sell it,” Chuck doesn’t matter.
This money is nothing to the mother at all, just a phone call.
“But I think you are talking nonsense to me. You are waiting. When I’m finished, I will come down to find you and talk to you in person. Don’t go. Otherwise, you can go anywhere in China. Find you!” This is nothing to Zhao Yunlei.
The four big Chinese families are not kidding.
It is so confident, hang up Chuck’s phone.
Zhao Yunlei sneered, he continued to dial a person’s number, “Hey, the hotel called someone here, yes, thirty people.”
Zhao Yunlei smiled again, thirty people, enough to kill you!
He walked to the beautiful Du Peixin, the two collided with their wine glasses, Zhao Yunlei’s heart was a horse, Du Peixin drank a little wine, and made her beautiful face a little red, this is a superb.
“Tell you a fun thing.” Zhao Yunlei smiled.
“Well,” Du Peixin thought, he meant to say what he had just said, did he mean to laugh at the person just now?
“Someone just said that he would buy this hotel,” Zhao Yunlei smiled slightly.
Du Pei was surprised. No wonder Zhao Yunlei was mocking. Someone even wanted to buy the hotel of Zhao Family? How arrogant can this person say?
Could it be people from the other three big families?
Not to mention, this hotel belongs to the Zhao family, which is the simplest problem. The value of this hotel is very high, and it is not affordable by ordinary people. After all, Du Peixin knows that this hotel is worth more than two billion yuan, and more Not to mention the value of this hotel, there is no five or six billion, it will not come.
Du Pei smiled, “This is indeed a fun thing.”
There is no doubt.
“Do you think, how much can I sell this hotel?” Zhao Yunlei smiled.
“No one can buy it.” Du Pei’s mood is high, how can he answer such a question?
Yes, the other three big families will certainly not shoot, so who can buy it? Who dares to buy it?
Buying a hotel in Zhao’s house may cause uproar in China!
Zhao Yunlei smiled, this woman is smart, he likes it.
“By the way, who was the person you just said to buy?” Du Pei smiled.
She was so curious.
“You know, the man in the parking lot just now, Chuck!”
“He?” Du Pei was surprised. why?
Chuck knows that there are many industries, and there is definitely no problem with five or six billion. After all, “losing money” last time was a loss of 2.5 billion.
This money can certainly be taken out.
But why did you buy the Zhao’s hotel?
Don’t Chuck know that the Zhao family is one of the four big families in China!
This is all about igniting the upper body.
Du Peixin could not understand.
“Looking at your expression, do you think he can buy my hotel?” Zhao Yunlei smiled lightly. At this time, there were some men and women in his mind.
Because Du Peixin is too tempting at this time.
The dress is perfect and the figure is uneven.
He has seen too many women, but Du Peixin makes him feel strong at the moment.
“This.” How did Du Peixin answer? If the answer is yes, will Zhao Yunlei be angry? Will it be angry to Chuck? After all, I said so, didn’t I just hit him in the face?
Du Pei was cautious, “He can’t buy this.”
Du Peixin felt that at this time, she had to contact Chuck. When Chuck said this, did she not know that this was the Zhao family? Then this is dangerous!
China’s four major families, that’s the end of the sky, it is undoubtedly a dead end to fight against the four major families in China!
Because the influence of the four major families is too great, you must have a low profile in front of the four major families if you have money.
“Oh!” Zhao Yunlei was very satisfied with this answer. correct. Can he buy it?
“Drink.” Zhao Yunlei touched the glass. Du Pei was relieved. Chuck, what are you doing?
As everyone knows, the words of the two were heard by a top-notch beauty, Zhao Yunlei frowned, he saw the beauty walking past him, his eyes narrowed.
He knows this woman!
“The one just now?” Du Pei asked, the woman was as cold as ice, which was amazing.
“Qian Yueying of the Qian family!” Zhao Yunlei said coldly.
“What?” Du Pei was surprised. This woman is the other of the four big families, the Qian family!
The Qian family is also as strong as the Zhao family! !
This is the Zhao’s hotel. Why would Qian Yueying come here?
“Don’t be surprised, our four big families don’t seem to get along so harmoniously, but nobody else thinks so badly!” Zhao Yunlei said coldly.
This is a reception. Anyone who is qualified can come. He often goes to receptions of other families. This is nothing.
This is an apparent situation in the four major families.
Du Pei’s heart is not clear, after all, her Du family is very different from the four major families!
But Qian Yueying of the Qian family just now, this woman is a widow, her husband died, and she has a young three-year-old daughter, she knew this.
Others, she is not very clear, but this is the first time she saw the real person of Qian Yueying, really beautiful and superb, but this woman is a man!
Married twice, the man is dead, which makes other men who like her beautifully also fear her.
Even Zhao Yunlei is the same, thinking of this best woman in her heart, but afraid of dying.
This is not a joke, kill two men, this kind of woman must be, even if it is beautiful, no matter how good the figure is, it can’t be touched!
“Drink, don’t worry about her.” Zhao Yunlei smiled, this woman, he didn’t want to see it.
“Yes.” Du Peixin touched the glass.

Chuck stunned the manager with a stick, and came out of the basement. Zhao Yunlei’s performance was to beat himself up. It was completely meaningless to talk about. It is estimated that he could look down on the hotel where he could buy the Zhao family.
Chuck was too lazy to wait and figure it out, but Chuck was curious, his mother had money, or the four big families had money?
The four big families Chuck had little contact, Chuck was not very clear, but Chuck knew that his mother was super rich!
Chuck was ready to go up to find Zelda. Counting time, her father’s company reception should be almost? Just go straight away.
But just by taking the elevator, Chuck saw a superb beauty. beautiful.
Wearing a water-blue dress, it made her concave and convex, perfect and showed her perfect figure.
But Chuck didn’t look too much. The woman was as cold as ice cubes, and Chuck was trembling.
“Did you want to buy this hotel of the Zhao family?” Yes, Qian Yueying came down. She was about to leave here, but she heard a conversation between Zhao Yunlei and Du Peixin.
She also found it ridiculous, this Chuck? She had never heard of the whole of China and even the whole world. There are no people with the surname Zhang who are too occasional. Such people are eligible to buy this hotel? not to mention. She was surprised just now, how can you say this, at least the appearance is aristocratic temperament, rich temperament? But this is the kind of person. Do you have three hundred pieces of clothes? should not. Very cheap feeling.
She usually doesn’t pay attention to it, but today, she feels a little bit interesting, because some people actually said that they want to buy a Zhao family hotel?
This is ridiculous.
The Qian family, opposite the Zhao family, of course, felt ridiculous.
It’s just that this person who spoke has disappointed her!
“How do you know?” Chuck was a little bit confused. Did Zhao Yunlei let this woman come forward? This woman is also from the Zhao family?
“answer my question.”
“Uh, are you from the Zhao family, right?”
Qian Yueying frowned, “No, I’m from the Qian family.”
“Qian family? Is it famous?” Chuck asked.

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