My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 411

“What are you talking about?” Qian Yueying frowned, so ignorant?
The Qian family is one of the four major families. Does Huaxia know the four major families? ?
This guy, don’t you know that this is Zhao’s hotel?
Can people be ignorant to this point? Qian Yueying is an eye-opener.
Chuck was a little impressed. He certainly did not know this woman, but how could the native Chinese people not know the four big families?
Could this woman say that the money house is the money house of the four big families?
Chuck had this question, but soon no doubt, because the temperament, not the people of the four families, how can there be such a noble temperament? ?
“Oh, are you talking about the money family of the four big families? I know. I know.” Chuck is embarrassed. “So what are you doing?” know? what do you know?
Qian Yueying frowned deeper, “Answering my question just now. Are you going to buy the Zhao’s hotel?”
“Yes, yes, it’s me, how do you know?” Chuck asked. Curious, how could the Qian family appear in the Zhao family?
Do the four big families have a good relationship?
Can you ask this question? Qian Yueying glanced at Chuck, “How do you buy?”
This question is very hopeless, and Qian Yueying feels that he has asked it in vain.
But why should she ask?
It’s easy!
As a person of the Qian family, it must be fun to see someone want to beat Zhao’s face!
This is the reason why she came here to ask. At the very least, if the person who wants to buy does not have so much money, she will not mind giving money to this person.
But this Chuck made her give up the idea, because he will have money?
This may be an ignorant, fearless prank.
She happened to see it.
“Well, if he is willing to sell, then I can buy it by making a phone call,” Chuck shrugged. This is really the case. He wants to call his mother.
“A call?”, Qian Yueying felt no need to ask anymore, this man was bragging.
It was completely unscrupulous, but too ignorant.
“Yes, it’s just a phone call,” Chuck said.
Qian Yueying didn’t speak, there was no need to say it, she herself felt ridiculous, and she came up with such words and came out, is she okay to find something?
Yes, I just have nothing to do.
“You don’t believe it?” Chuck asked, why not? You are like a liar? Not really.
Qian Yueying was quiet, waiting for the elevator door to open.
“You don’t believe me to call now.” Chuck took the phone, and in front of Qian Yueying, quickly connected.
“Hello, mom, I have a fancy hotel. I want to buy… well, it is a hotel of the Zhao family of the four big families… can I buy it? Yes? Well, I have seen this hotel, about six or seven billion. Get it…well.”
Chuck hung up, the mother said, and immediately transferred the money.
Chuck was surprised, so much money can be transferred at once? What Chuck didn’t know was that Karen Lee had his own bank in Mito…
“My mom transferred the money right away,” Chuck shook his phone.
Qian Yueying glanced at Chuck, but she didn’t see Chuck anymore.
It’s really a joke, Qian Yueying thinks that this is the most wrong move of her life.
Does she actually talk to such a person? ?
She couldn’t understand herself.
Chuck’s mobile phone rang, and at first glance, his mother turned 8 billion on herself, and Chuck suddenly felt confident.
“Look, this is the SMS to arrive…” Chuck’s mobile phone reached out to her to show her. But Qian Yueying frowned.
The elevator door opened, and Qian Yueying went out without saying a word, and didn’t want to see it at all.
Chuck was speechless. When he told you the truth, when he showed you the evidence, did you not believe it? Just a glance!
Qian Yueying came out and got into his car.
She was about to leave and wasted her saliva just now.
But as soon as she started the car, she saw three cars coming in from the outside.
This is the Zhao family’s car. What happened?
She was puzzled.
At this time, there were thirty people in the car, but these people were called by Zhao Yunlei, all of them were well-trained!
They wanted to seize Chuck, after all, Zhao Yunlei spoke up!
Seeing so many people, Chuck frowned, and it was true that this Zhao Yunlei had asked people to come and block himself.
Chuck came out of the elevator.
If there are too many people, you can’t beat them.
Chuck will not be afraid. Learning to fight has already given him a particularly great improvement in physical fitness. Running, these people should not be able to catch up.
These thirty people came around and stared at him.
But at this time, the elevator doors opened again, Zhao Yunlei and Du Pei fell down, Zhao Yunlei saw Chuck, he smiled slightly, and hit a finger, these people around Chuck temporarily stopped.
“What did you just say?” Zhao Yunlei came over, Du Pei felt helpless, Chuck, your family is rich, but the gap with the Zhao family of the four big families is still very big!
“Buy your hotel, bid!” Chuck doesn’t matter.
Very calm. It’s better for Zhao Yunlei to come down. It’s a big deal to grab Zhao Yunlei directly. Isn’t it easier to leave?
“Oh, are you right?” Zhao Yunlei smiled slightly. This joke is good.
“Okay, I’ll bid you six billion yuan! If you take out six billion yuan, I will sell you!” Why did Zhao Yunlei say that!
First of all, Chuck cannot have so much money. Secondly, even if there is so much money, do you dare to sell?
If you give it, you won’t get it back.
Zhao Yunlei felt that he could do this business, not from the other three big families. He wouldn’t even think about it at all, so if he gave it, the money would be made in vain.
Because you dare not take things from my Zhao family!
Give it to the Zhao family, so why does Zhao Yunlei not do it?
Although this kid can’t afford so much money.
“This price is a bit expensive,” Chuck muttered. The price in Chuck’s mind should be between 5.6 billion and 700 million, with an increase of 300 million. Of course, Chuck is not willing, he is not a fool, and he will not be slaughtered if he wants to buy it!
“Expensive? Haha! How much do you think is appropriate?” Zhao Yunlei smiled.
This is really a shame. With so many people now, how dare you take the money? Robbed your money, killed you, no one dared to trouble me Zhao family!
Chucksi wanted to come and go, think of it, bargain. “About four billion.”
“Haha!!” Zhao Yunlei laughed, what? Four billion? ?
Du Pei was also embarrassed. How could this money buy this hotel?
Others sneered and taunted. Looking at Chuck like a fool, this is really ignorance to the extreme.
“Can? Can I buy it now.” Chuck shrugged.
“Haha, well, you have 4 billion of me in this hotel…” Zhao Yunlei laughed, but Chuck took out his mobile phone. “Wait, let me take a picture. Otherwise you will regret it.”
Everyone else laughed, is this a shame?
Zhao Yunlei smiled slightly, “OK, you shoot, you have 4 billion, I will sell you this hotel.”
Chuck filmed this paragraph.
There is also evidence.
“Give me the money.” Zhao Yunlei laughed, which was completely shameless.
“Oh, I’ll make a phone call later.” Chuck called. This transfered so much money at once. Chuck’s card would definitely not work, so his mother would get better.
“Hello, mom, I have negotiated, 4 billion… Um, yes, that’s right, I don’t believe it, but people sold me for 4 billion. Um, I also took a video to make evidence, oh, You took out 4 billion of the money in my card and called him on his account…”
Chuck looked at Zhao Yunlei, “What about your card number?”
“Haha, quite professional, and ask me my card number?” Zhao Yunlei was about to laugh, he took out a card and handed it over.
Chuck took it, “Mom, the card number is… well, I’m fine, hang up,”
The phone hung up, my mother said just now, and you will be able to arrive soon.
Zhao Yunlei snapped her fingers. The others came around and Chuck shrugged.
“Wait, this hotel is mine. You can’t be here. It will be mine soon,”
“Haha!” Zhao Yunlei laughed. He was so happy today. How could he encounter such a shame?
But suddenly, Zhao Yunlei’s cell phone bit, and a text message came…

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