My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 417

In the Zhao Family Hall!
At this time, it was particularly cold and handsome, because for so many years, some people dared to challenge the Zhao family in such a majestic manner. This is inherited for dozens of generations, for the first time in thousands of years!
Zhao Tianlong, the Zhao family, was particularly angry at this time!
His murky eyes looked at the person lying on the ground, but this housekeeper had followed him for a lifetime, but at this time, his face was swollen, his mouth was spitting blood, and his teeth were knocked off.
He hurts!
Look around!
Zhao Tianlong stared at the two strangers for him!
One man and two women!
That’s right, Betty and Chuck, and Zelda came in!
Betty is a master of fighting. How can she be able to resist a 60- to 70-year-old man with her means? In a few efforts, the housekeeper Zhao Lao was defeated.
Frightened to call out the head of the Zhao family.
Betty dragged Zhao Lao in! No one dares to block it!
However, at this time, there were too many people from the Zhao family in this hall, and the Zhao family guards were all dispatched because a strong enemy came!
The people brought by Betty are also at the door, confronting these people with a blank expression!
At this time, the atmosphere in the hall was fierce!
A bloody storm must be set off at any time!
“Who are you?” Suddenly, Zhao Tianlong spoke with majesty!
Break the quiet that makes people breathe uncomfortably!
Today, the dignity of the Zhao family was trampled by the man and the woman!
He must let the man and the woman know who the Zhao family is! What can the Zhao family do in China? !
Hit the door? The only consequence is death!
“Has Zhao Yunlei returned?” Betty asked.
“shut up!!”
“Dare you talk to my grandpa like this? My grandpa asked you, you have to answer!” A descendant of the Zhao family scolded!
I’m really annoyed. I was so woken up in the middle of the night!
And still these unknown pawns who do not know!
“You are not qualified to speak to me.” Betty glanced at the young man.
“C!!!” This person was so angry that he was the young master of the Zhao family.
When did anyone dare to talk to him like this?
“Zhao Yunlei took my young master four billion and sold a hotel, so the matter is very simple, my young master gave money, then you ceded the hotel and signed this contract.” Betty said.
The descendants of the Zhao family laughed, thinking they heard a big joke!
Zhao Tianlong frowned, “My grandchildren charge you four billion?”
“Yes, our young master still has a video to prove it.” Betty said, Chuck released the video taken on the phone, and the people of the Zhao family watched it, and laughed more wildly.
“Haha, this is Yun Lei laughing and joking, take you as a pen!” said a granddaughter of the Zhao family, with a ridicule on his face.
“The money is given, then sign this contract,” Betty said.
Zhao Tianlong’s mouth quipped, “Even if my grandchildren collect your money, so what?”
Bettymei narrowed her eyes, Chuck frowned, and Zelda was calm. By this time, she had too much knowledge and realized that Chuck had the qualification to compare with Zhao Jia, otherwise she would not come so hard!
“The four billion, for my Zhao family, nothing counts! You give it, and my grandchild collects it, what about it? After entering my Zhao family’s money, it hasn’t come out yet!” Zhao Tianlong joked Said.
Why did he think that it was only four billion yuan, which is estimated to be the biggest family of these people, so don’t let the dog jump over the wall…
“My Zhao family didn’t have the idea of selling the hotel. You turned over the money. My Zhao family put it away. This is my Zhao family!” Zhao Tianlong sneered.
“Yes, this is my Zhao family! Want to have a fish dead net? Are you qualified?”
Someone said!
“So, you mean, don’t sign this contract?” Betty narrowed her eyes.
“Your ears are deaf? Haven’t you heard my grandpa’s words? Sha you, we collected the money, you understand? You dare to buy things in my Zhao family!”
A fat man mocked.
Have not dared to buy and sell to Zhao Jiaqiang!
“Master, a little trouble next, wait a moment,” Betty turned to Chuck.
Chuck shrugged. “Well, it doesn’t matter.”
“Okay!” Betty raised her hand, so that’s it, just use the direct method, fight!
But at this time, an angry voice came over, “c!! Who did it, who dare to sue the Zhao family?”
Chuck smiled slightly, and this Zhao Yunlei was back.
He turned his head and saw Zhao Yunlei rushing in angrily!
Zhao Yunlei is very angry, really hot, and Zhao Zhao has become like this, who is not hot?
“C, it’s you!!!” Zhao Yunlei’s eyes widened, incredible.
When he came in, he thought it was from the other three big families. After all, in addition to the abilities and courage of the three big families, who else? Is this a complete break?
When he came in, he was going to give these people a dismounted horse!
But what he did not expect was that it was Chuck!
He thought it was dazzling, but not! It’s really him!
What is he doing? Bring someone to the hotel? What a guts! !
“Grandpa!” Zhao Yunlei rushed over angrily. “Grandpa, let me solve them! Dare to sue the Zhao family!”
“You are Zhao Yunlei, right?” Betty turned to stare at him, cold in her eyes.
“Lao Tzu! You are so courageous, okay, let you have no return today!” Zhao Yunlei ordered.
Zhao Tianlong waved his hands. He really didn’t have much interest in this kind of thing. At this time, the Zhao family guards came all over, surrounded them all, and ordered them. These people will lie down today!
“Yun Lei, you’re done,” Zhao Tianlong said.
“It’s grandpa!” Zhao Yunlei sneered and raised his hand!
But Betty suddenly rushed over and kicked out! what! !
Zhao Yunlei screamed and fell out. He couldn’t climb even if he hit the ground.
The Zhao family was shocked!
Zhao Tianlong’s turbid eyes were blood red! This was in front of him, so he felt a slap in the face with a hot face.
“You can come back, dare to deceive my young master!” Betty stared at Zhao Yunlei!
“Come on, give it to Laozi, give it all to Laozi!” Zhao Yunlei roared when he got up!
All the Zhao Family Guards came around, three or four hundred people! This is an atmosphere of fierce fighting.
But Betty walked in front of Zhao Yunlei and grabbed him with a slap, slapping it out.
Zhao Yunlei was beaten up with blood, his teeth were all smashed, he was shocked, you are looking for death, surrounded by so many people, do you dare to beat me? ?
“Death! Let us our young master!!!” The family guard outside scolded!
The sound is deafening!
But the people brought by Betty were well-trained to form a protective circle, which surrounded these people like an iron wall.
Punch and kick, beat the Zhao Family Guards!
No matter how many times they were beaten, there was no step back and no one was let in!
In the hall, there is noisy roar, scuffle!
It’s like a group fight in a movie, but it’s a hundred times more thrilling than a movie. Hundreds of people actually blocked hundreds of people! How shocking this is!
Betty snapped!
Zhao Yunlei’s screaming shouted, let the fight come to an abrupt end!
Zhao Tianlong stood up, his bloody eyes had a monstrous murderous intention, and the other Zhao family members were extremely angry!
“Your Zhao family… Ha ha! Zhao Yunlei, you are too stupid to offend my young master,” Betty slapped his face meaningfully.
Zhao Yunlei struggled screaming, but how did he struggle? In front of the combat master Betty, he is “without the power of hands!”
“Oh, is Zhao Tianlong right?” Betty held Zhao Yunlei in his hand! Look at Zhao Tianlong!
Suddenly showed a beautiful smile, in this tense hall, like a spring breeze, calm!
“Do you know who my young master is?” Betty said.
“In front of my Zhao family, no one counts! Only deserve to be placed at the feet of my Zhao family!” Zhao Tianlong is poisonous, and today is simply a big shame for the Zhao family!
This shame must be scrubbed with blood!
“You are really watching the sky, your Zhao family is second to none in China, but in the world, what is your Zhao family?” Betty said.
Zhao Tianlong frowned, “What do you mean?”
This sentence awoke him a little bit, Zhao family in the world family, ranked in the top 50, indeed there are many particularly large families or organizations.
But Betty is so strange, he has never seen it!
“Hehe! There is still a mountain high, you are all sitting on the head of a family, do not understand this? What are you mixing?” Betty said.
Zhao Tianlong looked ugly.
“Grandpa, save me.” Zhao Yunlei screamed.
Betty slapped, and Zhao Yunlei’s teeth were beaten a few more.
“I’m telling you well, my young master’s background is not comparable to a Zhao family in China, understand?” Betty brought Zhao Yunlei to Chuck.
“Who are you?” Zhao Tianlong felt that Betty was so unpredictable!
What’s happening here?
“You shouldn’t ask who I am, I should ask who my young master is.” Betty said.
Zhao Tianlong is not a fool. It is this time. The people brought by Chuck just stopped hundreds of family guards. This is not what ordinary people can do.
What’s more, there is such a powerful fighting master protection!
Is he really a descendant of a world-class family?
But Zhang family? ? He had never heard of it!
“However, I can tell you a little bit, my young master and mother can buy your entire Zhao family without any effort,” Betty said.
To put it this way, these people of the Zhao family all ridicule, what? Buy the Zhao family? What is this saying? Nightmare!
It can be said that the Zhao family does not know how much money there is in the family, because there are too many industries, the count is not counted, how can it be bought?
Zhao Tianlong stared at Betty with a vicious look.
“Don’t believe it? Forget it, let me show you something. Remember that your Zhao family is a small-scale, non-climate technology company in Miguo, and you should know this thing.” Betty threw out something.
This is a piece of metal the size of a fingernail. Zhao Tiantian frowned and grabbed it, but he was surprised. What metal is this? Why is it so heavy?
He almost couldn’t hold it anymore. He stared at it for a few seconds, and suddenly he was shocked, horrified! !
Betty was right. The Zhao family was working on some new technologies and metals at the Mi State-owned Technology Company, but there has been no breakthroughs, so there is really no climate. He has decided that if it is not possible in ten years, he will decide to close This technology company.
He had been to a technology company before and knew that Miguo had a particularly large technology company, ranking among the top three in the country.
He studied special metals. It was small, but it was heavy and heavy, with very high hardness and high value, which was higher than gold. Several thousand times more expensive!
He always wanted to research this metal, but it was useless. He was envious, because as long as this metal is refined into a table, it is close to hundreds of millions of dollars. He heard that this company has already mass-produced this metal. That is to say, this company may make hundreds of millions of dollars every month…
But he has never seen this metal. I saw it today. Is this Chuck the son of the boss of this technology company? ?
Zhao Tianlong was shocked! If this is the case, then the Zhao family is really nothing in front of him!
Because there are so large technology companies, the overall strength cannot be estimated!
The hall is quiet and the needles can be heard. All the children of the Zhao family are curious. What happened to his grandfather? Why does it seem to be ignorant?
“Now know who my young master is?” Betty asked lightly.

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