My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 42

Yvette felt that everything was fishy. In the afternoon, she was already shocked by the fact that Yolanda came to find Chuck. When Yolanda went out with Chuck, she thought that they were going to hang out. Maybe they were going for dinner or a walk. However, Yvette didn’t expect to see Chuck here. This was a square, a place for official business deeds. What was he doing here? What made her feel even more strange was the fact that Yolanda was here too!
As for Yolanda, she was still a college student who had not graduated yet, so it was not surprising that she was at the square. After all, there was plenty of entertainment here where most youngsters come to eat, play and relax. It was completely strange for Yolanda, who was a student, to be sitting in the manager’s office! When did she become the manager? And if she did, how? These were questions that Yvette desperately wanted answers to. Why did Yolanda bring Chuck to the manager’s office after looking for him this afternoon? What was the relationship between these two people?
Yvette automatically disregarded the possibility of them being a couple, because they didn’t have any contacts before, and they had just met each other recently.
Chuck knew that things didn’t look good for him now, because the doubts and strangeness on Yvette’s face became more and more intense. What was he going to do?
“Yvette, what are you….” Chuck had no choice but to ask first, although he knew what she was doing.
“I came over to ask for the renewal of the company.” Yvette walked over. “When did Yolanda become the manager?”
Chuck shook his head. “I don’t know either. Yolanda brought me here in the afternoon, saying that she would find a part-time job for me, so I came over….”
“Yes, I just took over the manager’s position, and it happened that I was short of help, so I asked Chuck to help me.” said Yolanda who knew what Chuck was thinking as she smiled. At the same time, Yolanda was also surprised at why Yvette, a teacher, was here. Did she have a business in the square? If so, that was pretty amazing.
Yvette suddenly understood and felt that Yolanda’s explanation was a reasonable one. But he was still puzzled. Why did Yolanda suddenly become a manager? She knew that Manager Yarn was out of office for a few days, probably because Zelda Maine had the owner of the square fire him after Chuck called her the last time. It was unexpected for the owner of the square to replace Manager Yarn with a student who was yet to graduate from college.
Maybe Yolanda knew the owner of the square! With that, Yvette managed to convince herself that this wasn’t a strange sight anymore. She nodded as a sign of agreeing to Yolanda, and couldn’t help glancing at Chuck a few more times. “You’re working quite hard. Weren’t you working part-time at the housing agency the last time?”
Chuck heaved a sigh of relief, secretly speechless with Yvette. The reason why Yvette was asking him was because the last time when he met her at the Housing Ministry, he had tried to give her an excuse that he was doing a part-time job there. Chuck could only say that he quit the job. However, he secretly had some expectations: what would Yvette look like when she knew that he was the owner of the square?
“Well, since Yolanda asked you to help her, you should work with dedication.” Yvette encouraged him.
“I will.” Chuck smiled in his heart.
After Yolanda settled the matter of the few people who had just arrived, she began to deal with Yvette’s affairs. After asking clearly about the renewal of the contract, she could only ask Yvette to come tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. After all, she had just come to work and she didn’t know where the contract was! Of course Yolanda certainly could not say that since it was unprofessional. She could only say that she had to consult the boss first.
This was an excuse for Yolanda, but for Yvette, it irked her nerve. “What else do you want to ask the boss for? My friend has solved the problem and said that I can renew it directly.”
Yolanda didn’t know who the “friend” she mentioned was, but Chuck knew it was him, the baller.
“Teacher Jordan, who is your friend?” Yolanda couldn’t help asking.
The owner of the plaza had been changed, but there was no official nor big news about it, so until now there was only a few people who knew. Even the merchants in the plaza didn’t know. Yolanda thought that maybe Yvette was referring to an old friend that could be acquaintances of Uncle Wendel. But now, the plaza was not Uncle Wendel’s, it was Chuck’s. She naturally had to take responsibility and clarify some things. After all, she didn’t know what Chuck was thinking.
Should she renew Yvette Jordan’s company’s contract? If she misunderstood him, she would ruin her internship today. She had to be cautious.
“I…. don’t know his name.” Yvette said helplessly. Was this friend of hers a baller? She now knew too little about this baller friend. Except for the fact that he was rich and influential, she didn’t know anything else about him. She didn’t know what his name was, how old he was, and what he looked like, so she didn’t know how to answer this question at all.
“You don’t know?”
This time, it was Yolanda’s turn to be surprised. She didn’t know what she should do. Deep down, she was also anxious.
“I don’t know what to say. Anyway, my friend has said he already helped me to solve this problem, so I should be able to renew the contract.” Yvette was a little nervous so she really didn’t know how to say it.
Yolanda felt helpless and thought: “Teacher Jordan, the key is the boss has been changed in the past few days. Does your friend know the new boss, Chuck Cannon?”
However, an idea popped in her mind. She could just ask Chuck directly! She looked at Chuck and said, “Chuck, why don’t you call the boss and ask him about the renewal of Teacher Jordan’s contract?”
Chuck was stunned for a moment and immediately understood what Yolanda meant. This woman was really smart. He pretended to take out his mobile phone and said, “Wait a minute.” Then, he went out to call the “boss” to ask.
Yvette hesitated for a while, walked over to Chuck and whispered to him, “Chuck, when you talk to your boss, please tell him that this friend of mine is only a WeChat friend and I don’t know his real name. I only know him by his WeChat name, baller. He is very powerful, so your boss must know him.”
Chuck smiled deep down. Of course, he knew him since both of them were just two identities of himself. However, Chuck was also a little excited when he heard Yvette praising him like this. He was even more curious about what she would think of when she knew that the amazing baller was him.
“Yes, I will.” Chuck said. Yvette nodded and Chuck went out to “call the boss”.
The manager’s room was quiet. Yolanda secretly understood what was going on, so she smiled and said, “Teacher Jordan, don’t worry. Since you know the boss’s friend, it should be no problem to renew the contract.”
“Yes.” Yvette felt relieved, but she asked curiously, “Do you know the owner of the plaza?”
“Yes.” Yolanda smiled, secretly continuing her sentence in her heart: I just met him today.
“Can you give me your boss’s phone number?” Yvette said. Since the baller had helped her solve this problem, he must have known the owner of the plaza. If she could know the number of the owner of the plaza, she could call to ask him, then she would know who the baller was.
“Well…….” Yolanda was silent. How could she give her Chuck’s number? She was worried that if she gave Yvette Chuck’s number, she would lose her position as manager.
Seeing that Yolanda Lane was embarrassed, Yvette assured, “Well, if you can’t give it to me, then it’s alright.” Yvette said so because she knew that Chuck also know the phone number of the owner of the plaza. She could ask him later.
“How is Chuck doing at work?” Yvette suddenly asked.
“Pretty well. If not, I wouldn’t have him come over to help me!” Yolanda chuckled. The whole plaza belonged to him, so if he wasn’t doing well, it would be a big problem!
“That’s good.” Yvette Jordan felt at ease. It seemed that Chuck had really changed after knowing Zelda Maine.
At that moment, Chuck finished “calling the boss” and came in. He said, “Okay, the boss said that we can renew Teacher Jordan’s contract.”
Yvette sighed in relief. Thank God mentioning the baller helped! At this point, she was extremely curious about who the baller was.
Yolanda took one look at Chuck and understood what he was trying to say, immediately picking up after him, “Well, since the boss has confirmed it, Teacher Jordan, you can come over and sign the contract tomorrow. As for the duration of renewal, we can talk about this tomorrow.” She had to ask Chuck about these things.
“Well, thank you.” Yvette stood up. She walked over to Chuck and said, “Come out for a while.”
Chuck was surprised. What was she doing? He could only excuse himself and followed her out, asking her what was the matter. Yvette said directly, “You have your boss’s phone number, right? Give me his phone number, I need to talk to him about something.”

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