My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 421

“How powerful is it?” Yvette looked at Du Pei so dazed, she couldn’t help but feel a little curious.
She thinks that her husband Chuck’s background is considered strong. After all, the kind of person who is behind Karen Lee is not strong and unlikely!
“Do you know? The hotel owner, Mr. Zhang, let Zhao Tianlong, the owner of the Zhao family, break the leg of his grandson…” Until now, she was incredible!
It feels the same as a dream, not real, but it really happened!
“This…” Yvette was surprised.
This Mr. Zhang is so powerful? ?
“Really, if you see this Mr. Zhang, you feel surprised. He is so low-key that you can’t recognize him as such a capable person.” Du Peixin said.
“Very low-key? My husband is also very low-key.” Yvette’s mind came out, Chuck without trimming.
He, apart from having a new look, cutting his hair, and buying new clothes, was very ordinary and obviously very handsome, but he didn’t dress himself up.
However, in Yvette’s eyes now, Chuck is handsome and cute, no matter how he does not trim.
Du Peixin wanted to say, how does your husband compare with Chuck?
Chuck is the one who is afraid of the Zhao family!
Not ordinary people can compare.
Your husband is low-key, but it is definitely far from it! Can’t beat it!
But she certainly didn’t say this kind of hurtful words. This courteous Du Peixin still knows.
“He should come out later, you can look at it, absolutely surprise you,” Du Peixin said.
“No, no background, no special people, I am not interested, because my husband is the best,” Yvette shook his head, eyes turned back, she was just a little curious, now it is gone.
Yvette wasn’t a nympho girl. What do you look like when he looks handsome? Yvette was not interested.
Du Peixin looked at Yvette again. Does this woman really love her husband? This should belong to Xishi in the eyes of lovers.
“Since this is the case, let’s go. I’m tired. I’ll take you to my house. You are now protecting me step by step.” Du Peixin said.
“Well,” Yvette began to work seriously, and she had a mission experience, she already knew what to do.
Du Peixin drove and took Yvette away.
As soon as they left, Chuck came out of the hotel. He saw Du Pei’s car going away.
Chuck shrugged. This woman was clever and Chuck didn’t resent her. But for no reason, Chuck would not help her.
However, I haven’t seen Yvette for a few days, and miss her a little. Chuck sent WeChat to Yvette, “Wifey, where are you?”
Yvette returned after a while, “I, did nothing,”
“Then I’ll go find you, let’s learn to fight together,” Chuck has been studying every few days these days. He hasn’t gone to school for a while, he has no time, after all, he might come over! You have to improve yourself.
There is no news from Mom, but Mom is monitoring everything in the United States. As long as there is any rash action by Li He, Chuck can know the wind in advance and make preparations in advance.
“Don’t, I, something is wrong,” Yvette hurried back, how could he be together? Now that I am doing the job of protecting Du Pei’s heart, let Chuck know that he is doing such a dangerous thing. Does Chuck get it?
“Okay, love you,” Chuck had no choice but Yvette might be outside.
“Well, I love you too,” Yvette closed his phone and smiled for a long time. Warm in my heart.
Du Pei, who was driving, was a little curious. Mingming Yvette felt so cold to her, but smiled, is this talking with her so-called husband? ?
She didn’t ask me, and when they got home, the two got off.
Du Peixin usually lives on his own and is not used to men coming, so the bodyguard she is looking for is also a woman.
Yvette followed, she did not look at how luxurious the house was, but the environment of the villa. This is a vigilance for killers and bodyguards now.
This is Yvette’s second task. She must do well, so that her fame can slowly improve!
In the end, it surpassed the current black roses and reached the number one in the world! !
This is Yvette’s goal now!
Du Peixin went to take a bath and rest, Yvette continued to inspect, after that, she began to exercise!
Du Peixin came out of the shower and saw Yvette. She was surprised. Yvette had bruises on her arms. Did you work so hard?
“Your husband likes you like this?” Du Pei couldn’t help it. She rarely chatted with other women, but how to say, to Yvette, she felt good.
Men all like women to be flawless, but Yvette, with such bruises on his arms, one can imagine that the rest of the body should be almost the same, or even more serious, so what will happen to the men after watching? Disgusted?
“I think, I like it. I don’t miss it for him,” Yvette told the truth. Fighting training is hard, and the body will inevitably have unsightly bruises, so when Yvette and Chuck are together, Is dressed.
Du Pei said nothing.
At this time, she was ready to sleep, but the phone rang suddenly, and she took it out to see that there was a change in her face.
“The person from the Zhao family called me?” Yvette came over.
Du Pei didn’t want to pick it up. It was indeed Zhao Yunlei who called him. What is he doing? In the hospital!
Do you want to go to the hospital yourself?
But not answering, then what should I do? Du Pei summoned the courage and took it.
“I’m in the hospital, come and find me.” Yes, Zhao Yunlei was in the hospital these days. He was bored and wanted to find someone to accompany, so he thought of Du Peixin.
“I’m not here,”
“Not there? I told you last time. In three days, you opened a room and waited for me, did you open it?” Zhao Yunlei was holding his fire at this time!
His grandfather broke his leg, he couldn’t do anything else, he was really annoyed!
“I.” Du Pei Xin Wu Zhi Wu Wu, how she opened the room? ? She couldn’t walk past this, to be honest, she wanted to confess to her family for the past few days, but in the end, it must be her parents who forced herself to open a room for Zhao Yunlei.
Because at this level, family interests are above all else!
She must be sacrificed.
But this Kan, she could not convince herself that her body is for the future husband, not for the young masters of these big families!
“Give you an hour to the hospital, otherwise you will look good!”
The phone hung up, Du Peixin sat on the sofa, Yvette said, “What did he say?”
“Let me go to the hospital to find him.” Du Pei was about to die. At this time, she particularly wanted to go to Chuck for help, but why?
“You go, I will go with you, if you don’t go, then I will protect you here.” Yvette said, she was particularly disgusted with such things, women should be so forced.
When she borrowed usury before, she was threatened like this, she hated such people!
Du Peixin felt that Zhao Yunlei should not dare to treat himself in that kind of place in the hospital, right?
Not to mention Yvette.
“Go to the hospital,” Du Peixin felt that he had to make things clear this time.
Yvette had no comment.
“When you arrive at the hospital, don’t say it’s my bodyguard, but my cousin,” Du Pei told him that this was to protect himself. If Zhao Yunlei knew it, and he specifically found a bodyguard to defend him, the consequences would be serious.
“it is good.”
The two were ready to drive out of the hospital quickly. While on the road, Du Peixin especially wanted to call Chuck for help, but he couldn’t find a reason.
I couldn’t open the mouth at all. When I got to the hospital, the two of them walked inside. Du Pei told him, “Yes, you listen to my order, and don’t shoot without me.”
This matter is particularly serious and hastily shot, then Du Peixin’s Du family will definitely be retaliated by Zhao Yunlei, so they must exercise restraint.
“What if he wants to do to you?” Yvette asked.
“Anyway, listen to my orders…you don’t understand, there is a family behind me, offended Zhao Yunlei, my end doesn’t matter, but what about my family?” Du Peixin felt a deep powerlessness, which was powerless against a powerful family Feeling, yeah, if the abnormal Zhao Yunlei let himself do anything in the ward, what should he do? ?
“Good.” Yvette agreed, because Du Peixin is now his employer!

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