My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 429

Seeing his grandson no longer beg for mercy, he was so angry that Zhao Tianlong felt relieved!
“What are you doing with Laozi’s cane? I tell you, our Zhao family is…” Zhao Yunlei laughed. Chuck’s pen was absolutely scared!
The desperation and anger of a family should be carefully considered by everyone, otherwise it will be the same!
But Zhao Yunlei hadn’t finished speaking yet, Chuck came over and raised his crutches in his hand indifferently!
Zhao Yunlei felt his head was opened. Why did his sight suddenly become colored? Why is it so red?
How come I have no energy? very tired……
Zhao Yunlei was lying on the ground, the expression on his face changed, fear, he finally realized what was happening, he trembles in panic, fear made his face grief, but the expression was like a photograph taken, and slowly fixed.
He died, when he was dying, he regretted, why should he provoke Chuck? Why did you provoke Chuck just now?
In addition, he also knows that Chuck is not afraid of the Zhao family fighting hard. His family, in front of Chuck, may not count as anything…
He regretted, but did not regret taking medicine.
“Yun Lei, Yun Lei! Ah, my grandson!” Zhao Tianlong roared like crazy, he stared at Chuck insidiously, “Chuck, Lao Tzu is going to kill your family, kill your family!”
“I said, you are not qualified to speak to me. Your Zhao family will disappear in China tonight…” Chuck said.
“Okay, my Zhao family will let you know what brought me to the end!” boom!
The phone over there seemed to be smashed by Zhao Tianlong.
Video interrupted!
Yvette was stunned. Did Chuck kill someone for himself?
“Master, don’t worry, I’ll take someone to Zhao’s house immediately! Zhao’s family can’t pass this evening!” Betty said.
“Well, I took all the property of the Zhao family!” Chuckhui gave the money to a person, and that person was Yvette!
Chuck thought about it just now, thinking that Yvette is doing something for money?
Then give Yvette all the money from the Zhao family, then Yvette will not do any more silly things.
“Well, then Master, wait a minute!” Betty took out her mobile phone, “Some people come in and clean up the scene!”
Betty opened the door and went out!
Take someone to Zhao’s house immediately!
Soon, several people came in and carried out Zhao Yunlei’s body for disposal. At this time, the hospital was already surrounded by his own people.
No one else will see it.
Betty went downstairs and walked directly to the side of the plane. The others left a part and all of them got on the bus!
Du Pei, who was still waiting in place, was stunned. What about Zhao Yunlei? What happened to Chuck’s Zhao Yunlei?
“Well, what happened to Zhao Yunlei of the Zhao family?” Du Peixin felt that Chuck would interrupt Zhao Yunlei’s other leg at most, and then just give a lesson.
After all, it’s a very simple truth. The Zhao family is four big families. You have to be a good face to the Zhao family no matter how powerful you are.
“Remember, starting today, there is no Zhao family.” Betty said indifferently, and directly got on the plane.
The propeller was moving, and there was a gust of wind!
Flying with anger!
Rumbling, the engines of more than a dozen off-road vehicles are roaring!
They followed rumblingly, and the sounds of the sky were broken, causing a lot of people to marvel. With such a big situation, what are they going to do?
Du Pei was stunned. What is it that there is no Zhao family tonight? Does Chuck want to destroy the Zhao family? Impossible, this is absolutely impossible!
Zhao’s heritage is so deep, how many years has it been passed down? ? How can it be eliminated?
Suddenly, she was shocked!
Because she was lucky enough to see several people carrying a wrapped body out, and the body dropped his hand, not just Zhao Yunlei who slapped herself!
God! he died! ?
Du Pei was paralyzed on the ground, and in a moment, she was stunned…

“Wifey, sit for a while,” Chuck felt distressed and sat down.
Yvette was moved. He didn’t ask himself why he was here. He was so understanding.
“En.” Yvette’s eyes were full of tears.
Chuck embraced her and felt at ease. What his wife did not matter, what was important was that she was safe and sound!

Zhao Family!
The alarm sounded!
The people of the whole Zhao family, forced to get up from the bed, some of them in the field, also drove towards the house.
In the hall, many descendants of the Zhao family appeared one after another. They saw Zhao Tianlong sitting in the chair of the house owner. His face was so ugly.
They wondered, what happened?
Why is my grandpa so angry? In the middle of the night, let everyone in the family appear?
“Grandpa, what happened?”
“Grandpa, are the other three families making trouble? We have been fighting all night!” Someone said cruelly.
These children and grandchildren are angry!
“Cloud Lei…” Zhao Tianlong burst into tears in heartache, but he saw Chuck killed his grandson with his own eyes!
“What’s wrong with Brother Yun Lei?”
“Yeah, isn’t Yun Lei in the hospital? Discharged?” Zhao’s grandchildren debated.
“No, Yun Lei is dead.” Zhao Tianlong was heartbroken!
The children of the Zhao family were shocked. What happened? Zhao Yunlei is in the hospital, how could he die?
“Grandpa, aren’t you wrong? How could Yun Lei Ge die? Was killed? Who dares to kill our Zhao family?” Someone was angry!
Yeah, who dares to do this? Don’t dare the other three big families!
“Slain!” Zhao Tianlong said poisonously.
“We avenge Brother Yunlei!”
“Yes, revenge? Dare to move our Zhao family!” The descendants of the Zhao family were all angry, this is the majestic beating of the Zhao family!
“Chuck!” Zhao Tianlong said.
“What? Is he? Why did he kill Yun Lei Ge? He didn’t get enough last time?”
“She? Dare to do this bastard, when our Zhao family does not exist!” All the people were overwhelmed with anger, and the dignity of the Zhao family must not be trampled like this!
“Grandpa, this Chuck has nothing to kill Yun Lei Ge?” A beautiful woman said fiercely!
“One small thing, Yun Lei hit his wife…” Zhao Tianlong said.
“What? When he beats his wife, he will kill Yun Lei Ge? Is this her a problem??
This bastard is definitely an exercise! No, he must definitely let him pay for his blood!” This beauty is angry! Just hit a person, as for? Still killing?
“The purpose of letting everyone come is simple, this Chuck said to let our Zhao family disappear…” Zhao Tianlong was indifferent…
“Huh, whispering words!!! Let the Zhao family disappear? Which green onion is he? Pretend!”
“Yes, this person is a little bit stronger than our Zhao family. How dare we say that, Grandpa, let’s resist! Let him know that our Zhao family is not so annoying!”
“We, Zhao Family, have been standing in China for hundreds of years, inherited for dozens of generations, can this kind of garbage be destroyed?”
The descendants of the Zhao family are roaring!
None of them believed that Chuck could destroy their Zhao family! Because Chuck is only a little bit more powerful than the Zhao family, and also, the Zhao family dare not say that you can destroy a family, can you Chuck? What is it!
Zhao Tianlong stood up, “I mean, Chuck is now destroyed!”
“I agree!”
“I agree, kill him and avenge Yun Lei Ge!”
“Good!” Zhao Tianlong raised his hand coldly. Today, he wants Chuck and everyone in China to know how serious the anger of a big family is!
How horrible!
At this time, people ran in from outside!
“Not good, not good…” The captain of the family guard ran in.
“Fuck, what happened?” Some people scolded!
Zhao Tianlong frowned, “Say!”
“The people who came last time are now here again!” The captain was shocked.
You know, last time, you were beaten so badly that people rushed in. This kind of thing, until today, he is all Feeling terrified!
But he just saw the scene of fear, the engine roared on the road, and there were helicopters in the sky!
Is this going to make a comeback?
The descendants of the Zhao family froze, and they looked at Zhao Tianlong.
“What should I do now?” the captain asked.
“What should I do? Tell everyone to come out. Since these people have sent them to the door, there is only one end, that is, death!” Zhao Tianlong said coldly. The haze in his eyes was extremely high, and he came to the door?
“Okay, let them go back and forth!!”
“Yes, kill them, dare to underestimate our Zhao family?” The descendants of the Zhao family laughed! Want to destroy the Zhao family? Let you come and go!

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