My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 439

Qian Yueying really felt sick. Chuck’s mobile phone was held by hand at this time.
She saw some pictures of women’s bodies on the screen. What are you looking at?
Look at the color website? ?
How could there be such a disgusting person?
Beating a woman, opening a room and letting the woman pay for it. Now I still look at this kind of photo during the day. What kind of strange garbage man is this?
Qian Yueying didn’t want to see Chuck for a second!
Chuck had something in her mind, but found that Qian Yueying was just angry and angry, and she didn’t have that kind of anger. Chuck understood that her cell phone was not a good cell phone. She should not see her face in the daytime.
Simply put, the screen is not very good, plus the reflective, she thought she was looking at color photos, so she as a woman, so disgusted.
Chuck let out her breath and made her misunderstand so much better than she found herself looking at her photos?
“Nothing.” Chuck explained casually.
“Why are you so sick?” Qian Yueying said coldly.
It’s really incomprehensible, how could there be such a garbage man?
What are you doing here? Still want to see this kind of photo?
Qian Yueying didn’t want to stay for a second, “Get out!”
“I want to ask, did you live here last night?” Chuck thought he still had to figure out how this photo was taken.
It seems to be a surveillance camera. Is it possible that my mother’s hotel has been hidden by a caring person who has lived in it? This should not be possible?
However, how did the top-quality woman, Qian Yueying, take a photo on her mobile phone? Shouldn’t I send Qian Qianying directly to blackmail her? ?
Chuck didn’t understand.
However, the photos are still very comfortable. How to say, she is beautiful and has a good figure. The mystery of the camera is very good. Chuck admits, but there is no intersection between the two people. She will not take her for no reason.
Show it to Chuck yourself?
Chuck felt that it was cheaper to pick up.
He wanted to laugh in his heart.
“Yes, living here, what does it have to do with you?” Qian Yueying said indifferently.
“Ah, it still matters,” Chuck shrugged. This is his mother’s hotel? Why doesn’t it matter?
It’s okay to say that this hotel is your own. Anyway, you can tell your mom that this hotel is your own, so if you live in my hotel, I can’t even ask it.
“What does it matter? The hotel is yours?? What are your qualifications to ask?”
Qian Yueying was annoyed. She felt that she was already polite enough. For such people, Qian Yueying usually ignores it directly.
“Ah.” Chuck was ruined, has this woman taken medicine? Chuck sighed, “I don’t seem to offend you?”
“I ask you, what does this hotel owner Karen Lee have to do with you?” Qian Yueying’s last concern, this Chuck, is Karen Lee’s younger brother? ?
She must handle it carefully, after all, this Karen Lee is too powerful!
“Oh, are you here to find her?” Chuck seems to be smiling, looking for his mother? What is this for?
“It doesn’t matter, you just answer me!” Qian Yueying said.
Chuck shrugged and smiled slightly, “What do you think?”
“Do you have??”
“Of course.” Chuck said.
“what relationship?”
“I said, you might not believe it,” Chuck sighed. Qian Yueying had some inexplicable opinions about herself. She said that she was Karen Lee’s son. She certainly didn’t believe it. Chuck was too lazy to prove it. He had other things.
How can you waste time on such things?
“Forget it, don’t say it,” Chuck shook his head, “I just tell you, I must have a relationship with her, as for what relationship, you guessed it, now I can ask you other questions?”
“Guess?” Qian Yueying did not have such good patience with Chuck.
“You don’t need to go any further, even if you are Karen Lee, I can only see Karen Lee, everyone else is standing by!” Qian Yueying said coldly.
Yes, now Qian Yueying thinks, who would be Karen Lee, a woman who could be a woman? ?
Perhaps Karen Lee was blind, let such a person enter the hotel!
Maybe it was Karen Lee’s friend’s son. Karen Lee was forced to help him to let him be here.
“What the hell are you doing with her? She has been away from China recently and has gone to the United States.” Chuck was helpless. Is there anything important about this woman?
Chuck still felt like asking clearly.
“In the United States?” Qian Yueying frowned.
“What can I tell you,” Chuckzhi said.
“Say to you?” Qian Yueying was disgusted, and her eyes were cold.
“Ah,” Chuck was too lazy to go on. The woman had a bad impression of herself.
Chuck smiled slightly, “Mr. Qian, when we were in the hotel last time…”
“What do you want to say? You want to say that the hotel was bought by you?? Do you still want to say that the Zhao family was also destroyed by you?” Qian Yueying said coldly.
Chuck understood that Qian Yueying came to ask about this matter. The Qian family is also one of the four major families. Their family received the news that the Zhao family was destroyed. Of course, they will treat this matter with caution.
Worried that they have destroyed their money family.
However, Chuck didn’t mean to destroy the other three big families. It’s not necessary. Chuck didn’t just destroy the other families. No one offended himself in these three families. Only Qian Yueying of the money family, I’m too inexplicably bad.
“Ah,” Chuck felt like not telling her in advance.
Mainly, she didn’t believe it!
“If you don’t, just let go!” Qian Yueying said.
“Are you worried that your money house is also destroyed?” Chuck laughed.
Qian Yueying’s eyes are cold. She came out of the car with a tall and attractive figure. She is very tall, and this kind of temperament is really just a talent of such a big family. Chuckgang looked at her picture. At this time, looking at her real person, seriously, it is a bit strange.
“Who are you?” Qian Yueying said word by word.
“Me, guess what.” Chuck smiled slightly.
Qian Yueying was so angry that the Zhao family was destroyed in China these days, and it can be said that many people in China are talking about the Zhao family being destroyed. Then the other three families Anymore? Will it be destroyed one after another?
Such words can be said to be the words that Qian Yueying is least willing to hear.
“I warn you not to challenge my endurance!”
“If you come here and ask her if the Qian family will be destroyed, then I can tell you that your Qian family will not do anything bad, and no one will destroy you,”
Chuck said.
Is this straightforward?
“Why do you say that?” Qian Yueying suddenly felt ridiculous, and actually said this kind of topic with this person. What qualifications did he have to say this kind of topic to himself?
I was wasting saliva on this kind of person!
“Because, I can say that.” Chuck was unpredictable! He can’t say yet, who can?
But this sentence fell in Qian Yueying’s ears, making her even more disgusted,
“Who do you say you are? If you are a direct relative of Karen Lee, son, then you have this qualification to say.”
“Hey, why are you so smart? I’m Karen Lee’s son.” Chuck smiled slightly, okay, worthy of being a big family, so smart, can actually think of this matter.
Qian Yueying was a little surprised. She was angry and angry just now, so she talked and said something like this.
But is this possible? Karen Lee can destroy the Zhao family, there will be such a garbage son? ?
After being suspicious of Qian Yueying, he reached the point of exasperation and was fooled by him.
“Well, you are Karen Lee’s son. How do you prove it?” Qian Yueying sneered. ridiculous!
Ask yourself what you want to do? Certainly not! !
“Okay, do you want evidence? Come with me,” Chuck shrugged. After entering, the employees in the hotel all called themselves young masters. Can’t this prove?
Qian Yueying stared at Chuck, “Okay, I’ll go with you!”
She didn’t think she said such things, believe him? How boring I am!
Chuck walked ahead, Qian Yueying followed, Chuck thought, let this woman know well, then she knows her identity, at least she can cooperate with her problems!
She was filmed in the mother’s hotel, this is a big problem!

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