My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 440

Chuck took Qian Yueying back to the hotel. Qian Yueying was all angry. What did he do with him?
Did you actually believe it? Want to verify his words?
Qian Yueying felt that he was wasting time.
Chuck suddenly saw Logan coming out of the elevator. Chuck smiled. Logan is famous in China? Her strength, if you want to enter the four major families, then you can do whatever you want.
Logan, Qian Yueying must know.
Compared with the hotel staff calling themselves young master, Logan’s words are even more convincing for Qian Yueying!
Logan said, what else can Qian Yueying have to question?
Chuck was a bit dumbfounded. Today Logan is particularly beautiful, with high heels and blue skirt.
Chuck remembered this time, but he was learning combat with Logan.
Logan gave him a lot of advice, Chuck had made great progress, but how to say, because of Logan’s training, Chuck had some illusions about Logan before.
This is respect for Logan.
Chuck feels that Logan is so good to himself, so meticulous, when he still wants to think east and west, so insulting Logan in his thoughts, then he is too human.
Chuck admonished himself!
In fact, for the first time, when Chuck saw Logan, because he was so shocked that he was a god, so he had fantasies about such a woman.
This is normal.
But after a long time of contact, Chuck’s thoughts gradually matured. He felt that it was wrong, especially wrong. It was simply not human’s idea, so now Chuck thinks that Logan is a big sister.
Special respect for Loganxin!
“Tang…” Chuck said.
Qian Yueying was very surprised, of course she knew Logan! Who doesn’t know Logan, a high-end Chinese family?
Her strong strength, to be honest, her money family is not enough, this is only the plain, secret industry, who knows how many Logan?
But why did Logan stay in Karen Lee’s hotel? Do you know Karen Lee?
It should be that all are high-end upper-class people.
But this Chuck, with a happy face, is this to know Logan?
Is Chuck really the son of Karen Lee? How is this possible? Unbelievable! !
However, both Chuck and Qian Yueying were stunned.
“You, come here and drive me!” Logan glanced at Chuck, his tone a little cold.
It seems to tell employees.
Chuck was forced, what happened? Why is Logan so cold to himself? Is it angry to see yourself with Qian Yueying? Ignore me, what is Logan doing angrily?
After Qian Yueying was stunned, she frowned at Chuck!
“Want me to say it a second time? Come and drive me!” Logan said coldly.
Chuck collapsed. “Don…”
Logan’s eyes narrowed, full of the majesty of the boss, “Don’t think you are the son of an ordinary friend of Karen Lee, I would not dare to fire you!” what? What is Logan talking about?
Chuck was completely ashamed!
The changes in Qian Yueying’s mind can be great. First of all, he was angry and ridiculous. He actually believed that Chuck was Karen Lee’s son. He really followed in. Was he so stupid today? ? ridiculous!
See how you explain, and how you want to continue to install. Actually said that he is Karen Lee’s son, you still have to be shameless? ?
“Not yet!” Logan frowned.
Chuck nodded, “Oh.”
When she walked to Logan’s side, her fragrance was near the air.
“Mr. Qian, I’ve been away for a long time,” Logan smiled a little.
“Hello, long time no see.” Qian Yueying looked a little better.
“Does President Qian also live in this hotel?” Logan asked with a smile.
“Yes, I came in… this person said it was Karen Lee’s son, so.” Qian Yueying stared at Chuck.
“He is not.” Logan shook his head.
“I don’t think so, it was because I was too confused just now,” Qian Yueying’s eyes are about to burst into flames, and he was really fooled by him!
When he followed up, was he laughing at himself?
“Well, see you next time,” Logan said.
“Okay, see you next time.”
“What are you still doing?? Don’t come out yet!” Logan ordered coldly.
“Oh.” Chuck followed Logan out in despair.
Qian Yueying was mad, and he was so stupid today. He actually believed this kind of person and was mad at me, mad at me! !
Chuck followed and entered Logan’s car, “Aunt Logan…”
Chuckwei was aggrieved, what happened?
Logan turned her head, “Why contact with her?”
“Aunt Logan, your voice is so cold.” Chuck is particularly unaccustomed. In her heart, Logan is the gentlest. Why is it that when you talk suddenly, it makes people feel so cold?
“Pooh.” Logan suddenly smiled, “Is my voice cold?”
Chuck was relieved. This gentle smile was Logan, but why did Logan say that just now?
“Know why I want that?” Logan looked at Chuck seriously, and there was worry in Meimu.
“I don’t know, anyway, Aunt Logan, you scared me just now.”
“Okay, I’m sorry.” Logan smiled slightly, reached over and grabbed Chuck’s hair, then said very seriously, “This Qian Yueying is good, but you as a man, don’t contact her, have you heard? Don’t you? Contact her again.”
“Uh, I didn’t touch her, just because she said me…”
“Okay, I don’t want to know how you talk to her, but you must remember my words, don’t… No, it’s forbidden to contact her again!” Logan was very serious!
“Why?” Chuck was forced, and Logan was so serious, why?
“Because, Qian Yueying is a pretty woman, this is really beautiful, but she is a misfortune, she has been married twice, but her husband has been killed by her.”
Logan sighed, she also had a little sympathy for Qian Yueying .
She didn’t believe in any of those things, but this was the real deal. Qian Yueying’s two men were both killed and killed by a car when they went out.
This is a bit evil!
Chuckxin understood that Logan was protecting himself, so he said that? But there is no evil at all in this world. For thousands of years, China hasn’t done anything in this respect. So, this cuff, does Chuck think there are other hidden secrets? ?
“No one can say bad about this, but it’s not a good thing for you as a man to contact her more, in case you get hit by a car…” Logan suddenly stopped, “So be obedient and know, don’t you know?”
Chuck understood, “But Aunt Logan, she just gave me a bad impression just now, so I brought her in…”
“En, do you listen to me?” Logan smiled slightly.
“Listen, Aunt Logan, I will definitely listen to you,” Chuck felt, rather believing in what was possible, and not believing in nothing, or be careful.
If I touched her, what bad luck was convened for myself, and I was also killed.
What an injustice!
“Well, good!” Logan felt at ease. “Cer, I’ve been training for the past few days. I’ll take you for a walk, relax, the movie you invested in, it’s killing today, will I take you to see it? ?”
Yes, the film Zhang Ze invested last time was finished today, and the postproduction will be carried out immediately.
Logan has his own theater in China, and it is enough to arrange all the films directly, which will make Chuck a lot of money for this movie.
Logan didn’t say this, but Chuck had forgotten it. The movie he invested in was actually killed. Is this for post-production?
“Well, Aunt Logan, you drive. I like to take your car.” Chuck said.
“Okay, didn’t you get angry just now?”
Chuck joked, “Yes, Aunt Logan scared me.”
“Will I apologize to you again? I’m sorry, sorry, sorry…” Loganmei’s eyes are gentle, but how to say, Loganxin’s heart is so lost.
Recently, Chuck has to be taught every day. When the two people have been in contact, it is inevitable that their bodies will bump into each other, but Logan has discovered a subtle problem. Chuck is very careful, that is, he respects himself very much. Get in touch with yourself when learning to fight.
This is a good signal and a bad impression.
The good reason is, in Logan’s mind, Chuck is still so simple, but the bad thing is that Chuck is taking himself as an elder…

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