My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 443

Chuck’s classmates all think so. It’s true that Chuck is rich, but the big stars like Ye Zabrina aren’t just for everyone?
Chuck is a rich hanging wire. This kind of hanging wire temperament is all over his body. If he is rich, even if he wears gold and silver, he still has the hanging wire temperament, which has penetrated into his bones and cannot be changed.
Is Zabrinamei’s new boyfriend? This is just like.
“Are your eyes blind? Isn’t this Chuck?” Lara had been sad because Chuck hadn’t been here for so long. Seeing this picture was even more sad. Now that these students are so sour Chuck, where can she Can bear it? ?
“Lara, don’t think you’re great when you hook up with Chuck,”
“That is, who do you think you are? After being played by Chuck, you are dumped.
Are you still complacent? Have you got smug?”
Some students are unhappy and unhappy.
“Shut up, you trash, Chuck didn’t play with me. Also, although this picture is unclear, but is it Zhang Ze, you can’t see it right?” Lara was annoyed, it was annoying!
Are these people shameless?
The classmates in the class looked ugly, and they were scolded by Lara. Where are they happy? All around.
“What about Chuck?”
“Yes, what about him? I don’t envy! You think he made a beautiful boyfriend of Yezimei? No one knows who plays, Yezimei, he can keep it?”
“Lara, you are amazing, dare to scold our class, Chuck is gone, dropped out of school, what do you still criticize? Who still protects you?”
“Your eyes are blind, shabi, you can’t eat grapes and say grape sour, this is Chuck.”
Lara scolded in exasperation!
Snapped! !
A girl slapped Lara, and a red slap mark appeared on her cheek!
“Lara, would you like to try again?” the girl said coldly.
Lara clutched her cheek, grieved, and the tears of shame swirled in her eyes, “You hit me?”
“I’ll hit you!” The girl slammed again, and she immediately burst out Lara’s tears. It hurts, and my face is numb.
“Let’s say it again!” The students yelled!
It’s all around Lara.
“Dare you say us? I used to be too lazy to care about you, but now Chuck is gone, and you are so cheap, can I kill you!” The girl pointed at Lara.
The shame of Tianda made Lara fire, and opened her teeth to bite the girl’s finger.
“Ah!!!” The girl cried bitterly and raised her palm to hit it.
Hit Lara’s face.
“Did she call me, this pen! Dare to scold all of us?” The girl was angry.
Crack, boom. Crack, boom!
Basically, everyone slapped Lara, slapped Lara’s face, and Lara’s hair was messed up, her face was swollen, and she ran out, and went to no one, She covered her face and cried, and there were too many people. How could she be an opponent?
“Chuck, I was beaten…” Lara said with a cry, if Chuck saw it, would he give himself a head start?
Lara cried with tears and wanted to send WeChat to Chuck, but he certainly wouldn’t come back. Lara cried to watch entertainment news and saw the kissing photos of Chuck and Zabrina, she had more tears, “Chuck, are you right? Do you like celebrities? Then I will be a celebrity, will you like me?”
Lara is confident. Although her face is not that beautiful, but she is also a goddess.
Once she walked on the street, someone asked her to be a model. Because her figure was so good, Lara felt that she would become a star with her figure. There should be no problem. She even regrets it a little. She should go this way early!
Anyway, the milk tea shop Charlotte is managing there.
However, the pain on the face, the stomach, the back, made Lara cry more sad…

When Murong Qing was bored, she read the news and saw the kissing photos of Chuck and Zabrina Mei. She suddenly dropped her phone angrily, “Asshole, are you?”
Murong Qing sat on the sofa, his eyes getting colder and colder, how could I give you my body? ?

After Lara waited for her face to swell, she went back to put on makeup, and then checked it online to see if there was any brokerage company. She wanted to be a star, and of course she wanted the company to support her, otherwise how could she be red? How did Chuck notice himself?
She cast some resumes and some photos, all of which are full-body photos. Lara is confident, at least she can be a model, and then make a hit, then make a movie, sing, do everything, then she is also a star, Chuck will definitely like.
Lara closed her eyes and went to sleep expecting herself to be a star…
Chuck was so overwhelmed by the news. He didn’t expect that this kind of news was overwhelming. He sighed, and the movie has become more popular, so he was miserable. Fortunately, Yvette didn’t call.
But Chuck is ready to tell her the initiative.
I posted a photo link to the past and said it was hype and caused a topic.
After a while, Yvette sent a message: hum, hum, hum.
Chuck is worried, is this Yvette angry? Chuckli made a speech and said this, and Yvette called, “Hubby, I’m not happy in my heart, but I won’t blame you,”
Chuck was relieved, “Thank you, where are you wife?”
At this time, Yvette was performing a mission. She had already received a new killer mission. Originally, she did not want to return, but her husband Chuck, how could she not return?
“Me, something.”
“Well, then you are busy and say love me,”
At this time, Yvette was serious. Hearing Chuck said, his face was red, and he whispered, “Love you.”
When the phone hung up, Yvette’s heart was sweet, and he was really obedient.
Yvette was shy himself, and was really brought by Chuck, “It’s so cute,”
She put away her phone. At this time, she was tracking a person. She was about to prepare for assassination. The murder was successful, so she could be famous in the killer world, but. .
Suddenly, Yvette stopped because she saw someone…

Here, Chuck received his mobile phone. At this time, it was already night. He just learned fighting with Logan and was exhausted. He came back to rest. When he was lying in bed, he thought of kissing Zabrinamei.
How to say, Chuck didn’t feel anything at all. Instead, Chuck thought of kissing the woman with a cat mask outside the bar when she was in Beijing. That was a beautiful kiss.
At that time, Li Shidao said, Logan, but isn’t it?
This is not important anymore, but I respect Logan myself!
Chuck no longer thought about this and was going to sleep, but suddenly there was a knock on the door.
“Cer.” This is Logan.
Chuck got busy, went to open the door, and there was a vigilant Logan outside.
“Aunt Logan, what’s wrong?” Chuck asked. Logan was so vigilant. Did the overlord Li come? ?
It shouldn’t be that fast!
“I found a person, Black Rose? Has been monitoring you!” Logan said coldly, she alertly told her that she has been monitored for several days, she thought it was an illusion, but not.
Chuck’s eyes cooled down, black rose? It was just right!
This woman has played especially miserably! After so many days, Chuck’s fighting strength has been greatly improved!
She couldn’t beat Black Rose, but she was injured. It’s impossible to be so fast, so if you encounter Black Rose, you must get revenge this time! The way you tortured yourself last time, you have to torture you back!
“What should I do?” Chuck asked Logan, she should have a way, who is Logan? Her strength is much stronger than that of Black Rose, except that Black Rose is too shady, and she always likes to sneak attack and put a dark gun. This is a big problem. How can one resist the main gun?
“I just have feelings, but where, I don’t know very well, so in these two days, I decided to stay close to you!” Logan was serious and serious. It must be like this.
The black rose is so scary!
In case she shoots Chuck, she will regret her life!
“Then, thank Aunt Logan,” Chuck moved.
“It’s okay, you go to sleep,” Logan smiled slightly and took out a body armor.
“Good, put this on,”
Chuck nodded, put on his body armor, and worried, “How can you rest Aunt Logan?”
“I, on the sofa, go to bed early,” Logan said softly.
Chuck was moved, Logan was so good.

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