My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 445

Black Rose is confident that this shot can burst the head of this man who dares to assassinate himself! !
She is the number one killer in the world!
But this bullet hit and hit this protruding thing, there is no blood? The beautiful blue eyes of the black rose immediately chill, bait? boom!
A bullet came from a place and almost hit the black rose!
She immediately dodged, her blue eyes staring at other places, this was shot from another direction, there is a helper? ?
Who is this guy?
It’s quiet here!
The injured Yvette found the gunshot, and she immediately looked for it, but couldn’t find where the source of the gunshot came from. This is a master! boom!
When a bullet was fired again, it almost hit the black rose. The black rose knew who this one was!
China is now away from Karen Lee, only Logan has this strength!
Black Rose blue eyes stared at the search, she hummed…
There was no more gunshots in this place. Yvette just prepared to lure Black Rose to shoot, and then she shot another shot, and she couldn’t fight for her chances, but suddenly there was another person on the scene.
This was not what Yvette thought of.
This place was quiet for a few minutes. Yvette didn’t know what was going on. She was ready to take a look, but her phone suddenly vibrated.
She endured the severe pain in her shoulder. She took out her phone to see the number of a stranger, and she hesitated to answer it.
“It’s me, Logan, and the black rose is gone.” This is the voice inside the phone.
Yvette let out a sigh of relief, “Well, thank you.”
“You…should be injured, wait for me there, I’ll come over to find you,”
When the phone hung up, Yvette could relax. He didn’t expect that he would lose so badly when he confronted Black Rose for the first time. The gap between herself and her was still too big.
Yvette was a little lost. After a while, Yvette saw Logan carrying a suitcase.
Yvette stood up immediately, but the pain in her arm made her half numb.
Logan squatted down and took out the processing tools.
“Don’t move, I’ll handle it for you,” Logan ripped Yvette’s clothes, a shocking wound on his shoulder.
Yvette closed his eyes.
Logan was better than a doctor in this field, so the treatment was completed quickly, and Yvette did not feel any pain.
“When did you start doing it?” Logan asked while processing.
“Ah?” Yvette subconsciously stunned.
“I asked when did you start to be a killer?”
“Just started this time.” Yvette looked down, like a child who made a mistake.
Although Logan was no more than a few years old, Chuck called her aunt!
Yvette also respected her in her heart.
“Ready to continue?”
“Well, keep doing it,”
This is difficult, and will not overwhelm Yvette. What if he is injured? Yvette will continue, and only in this assassination will she grow.
“I did it, and then killed Ceer’s mother, right?” Logan looked at Yvette, otherwise what did Yvette do?
I definitely want to improve myself!
Yvette lowered his head, “I…she killed my dad, me.”
“Don’t say this, but you need to know that the person you killed, but the mother of Ceer,”
“I know, especially know,” Yvette raised his head, his eyes were full of pain.
It was because of Chuck who grew up with himself, so Yvette was caught in a painful struggle!
If Karen Lee is nothing and has nothing to do with Chuck, how good should it be? ?
Then you can do it yourself, without any consideration, but, things are not what you think you are, you really killed Karen Lee, then what will Chuck do? Yvette is not afraid of death now, but afraid of becoming an enemy with Chuck, then she will be more sad and painful.
“Okay, you just need to know,” Logan helped Yvette treat the wound. “Don’t touch the water these days,”
“Well, thank you, please don’t tell Chuck, I’m a killer.” Yvette pulled Logan to pray.
“Why not tell him?”
“Because, I don’t want him to know what I am doing,” Yvette was sad.
Logan looked at Yvette for a few seconds, “Well, you told him that you can go?”
“Yes, but I want to stay for a while.”
“I’m afraid this won’t work. The black rose is still nearby,” Logan turned a pair of beautiful eyes around. This black rose is a dog skin plaster that can’t be shaken off.
Logan supported Yvette.
Taking Yvette away from here, the black rose saw that something was wrong, and immediately decisively left. Solving this vigilant woman was not so easy.
Go downstairs.
“Yvette, you’d better find a place to rest for a few days,”
“Come on to protect my husband, I want to work,” yes, Yvette’s task has not been completed yet. She still has someone to assassinate. After finishing this, she will temporarily stop taking the task, and then say after solving the black rose.
Otherwise, she will never be at ease.
“If you don’t say it, I will protect him.” Logan will definitely do so.
“Thank you, my husband, now…”
“Asleep, but you can go and see him.”
“No, I have a shoulder injury now, so it’s not good to see him,” Yvette shook his head, and certainly could not let Chuck see it, otherwise how could it be explained?
Yvette glanced at the night hotel in the distance, turned and left, Logan kept staring, sighed slightly, and went back with the suitcase.
This time the Black Rose was rushed, and she may have to do it in recent days.
Logan had to protect herself and went back to the hotel. Betty breathed a sigh of relief. Logan was fine. She could just use the gunshots to judge the level of thrill.
“Yvette is okay?” Betty came over and asked.
“Injured. But the problem is not big,”
“That black rose…”
“Run away, this woman is very smart,” Loganmei looked out.
Betty was a little worried, but Black Rose was the first person to assassinate!
“You have a rest, I’ll look at Ce’er,” Logan gently pushed the door in and Chuck was still asleep.
She closed the door, put the box, and then went to the sofa and sat down, lifted the sleeping Chuck, and put it on her own leg. Chuck seemed to be sleeping soundly.
He rubbed his face and hugged Logan. .
Logan smiled softly, “Sleeping obediently, it’s alright,”
Then, Logan closed her eyes.
When she got up in the morning, Chuck felt that she had a beautiful dream and didn’t want to wake up. However, Logan was not on the sofa, but she could hear Logan’s voice. She called on the balcony.
Yes, in the morning, her cell phone suddenly vibrated, and the company called from the company side, saying there was a problem on the company side, and Logan needed to go back to Beijing to deal with it, but Logan’s command was that there was no time.
She must protect Chuck inseparably.
Other things, no matter what, must be put aside.
However, when Chuck heard this, Logan had a problem. What about going back to Beijing with Logan?
Logangang just hung up the phone and turned to see Chuck, she was stunned.
In fact, Chuck was surprised. She saw that Logan’s skirts were all wet. This was because she slept and slapped against her last night.
“Aunt Logan…would you like to go to the capital,” Chuck said.
“What are you doing in Beijing? It’s fine here, safe,” Logan smiled softly.
“But Aunt Logan has problems with your company, anyway, I haven’t been to Beijing for a long time, so I should go on vacation,” Chuck walked over.
Touched to the extreme, Logantai thought about herself.
“Aunt Logan, okay? Go to the capital?”
“Cer…” Logan was gentle and moved. Chuck heard his phone, so he had to go to Beijing with himself!
How did Logan reject it? In fact, he went to the capital and Logan could better protect Chuck. After all, Capital was her stronghold for development.
Will also give Black Rose a surprise! After all, Black Rose has been sitting here! When she suddenly went to Beijing, could she react?
Logansi wanted to go and decided to go back, “Okay, just listen to you,”
Chuck was relieved, “Aunt Logan last night…”
“It’s okay,” Logan grabbed Chuck’s hair. “Hungry, I’ll make breakfast for you, and let’s go to the capital after eating,”

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