My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 454

“You fancy? What are your qualifications to fancy? What do you think you are? If you say these words, do you mean you are going to die?”
Qian Yueying’s eyes are cold, yes, this is openly challenging the majesty of the Qian family!
What fancy? Fancy money from the money family?
Ha ha ha! !
Qian Yueying ridiculed, this is she really wanted to ridicule, this garbage man, actually want to say that he is in love with the money of his money family?
This is a funny joke!
“I don’t understand. Anyway, I’m fancy. Your money house is ready to prepare,”
Chuck shrugged.
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“Aren’t you shameless?” Qian Yueying couldn’t help but swear, how badly could he say it?
It’s just a fool’s speech.
“In my eyes you are, go home and prepare.” Chuck expressionless.
“You fancy my money family’s money, well, I see how you take it.” Qian Yueying sneered.
Today, she opened her eyes. This person first said that she would buy the hotel of Zhao Family, and then said that it was Karen Lee’s son. Now she actually said that she would take money from the money family. What’s the point of this person’s bragging ability and shameless ability?
“Then you look good.” Chuck said lightly.
Dealing with the money family is no better than dealing with the Zhao family.
Directly destroying the Qianjia, then it is not a problem, but Chuck does not want to do this, he wants to take all the money from the Qianjia.
“Shabi!” Qian Yueying was annoyed and didn’t want to say another word with Chuck at all. Talking to her simply insulted her brain. Such people don’t speak through their brains.
She came in and talked to Logan. Take the money to buy Chuck’s garbage, and then you will be pretended! Kill you!
See you still say you want to take money from the money house? So easy to get? Can you score a point? ?
She sneered into Logan.
Logan was cooking for Chuck in the kitchen. When she heard footsteps, she looked back at Qian Yueying, and she frowned, “I didn’t say enough?”
Actually came in again, do not know if this woman will bring bad luck to Chuck.
“I want to talk to you, you open an account, I will not bargain, and then you let me take him away!” Qian Yueying is confident, this Logan is not just looking for a step? Just give her.
Make steps for her with money!
This is enough to give you Logan’s face. There are not many people who can get money from the money family!
This face is big enough!
“Open a number? All of your money family’s money is not enough to buy a piece of hair from our family, do you know?” Logan said coldly. The money family has a lot of money, but it has no appeal to Logan.
Because Chuck is the son of Karen Lee and the one who took away his first kiss…
How could Logan make the price?
“Logan, don’t go too far!” Qian Yueying felt ridiculous, and Logan was ashamed.
Say that Qian’s money can’t buy Chuck’s hair? What kind of garbage can you say?
Yes, really, what Qian Yueying didn’t know was. Her family’s money is nothing in Karen Lee’s eyes at all. After all, Karen Lee is globally deployed. This business vision is not comparable to that of every money family.
“I’m going to cook now, don’t disturb me, go out!” Logan made a guest order!
Qian Yueying stared at Logan angrily. She wanted to say that if there were no Karen Lee, what would you be, my Qian family would find a way to destroy you.
But she didn’t say it, this can’t be said!
She decided on another way.
She sneered and swayed her long legs out.
Chuck shrugged and closed the door.
“Cer, you can eat, come here.” Logan called Chuck with a gentle smile. At this time, nothing matters, and eating with Chuck is the most important.
Chuck was also hungry, so he called Lara.
At this time, Lara had taken a bath and changed her clothes. She opened the door and was particularly cautious.
“Come and eat together.” Chuck said.
“Well.” Lara felt the same as dreaming. She had just seen so many people outside suddenly, she was afraid.
I thought it was dead today, because the Qian family brought so many people over, then Chuck can still bear it? ? impossible!
But Lara was shocked because she actually saw Chuck just brought back by Logan.
She couldn’t understand what was going on?
Who is Chuck, and how can he compete with the Qian family?
“Chuck, who the hell are you?” Lara asked weakly.
“Your question is strange, I am me,” Chuck shrugged.
Lara was sluggish, she couldn’t see through Chuck anymore, she thought, definitely thought Chuck must have no money and money, this is for sure!
But everything today has broken this affirmation, Chuck is more powerful than he thought…
And myself, I used to laugh at her… Lara felt scared.
“It’s so fragrant.” Chuck couldn’t wait to see the dishes on the table.
“Eat more.” Logan is gentle, she rarely cooks, but as long as Chuck likes to eat, then she will continue to cook.
Chuck took the tableware to eat, Lara sat down and felt that she was out of place, not a person in the world at all, she had an inferiority complex…

“Cousin, how is it?” Qian Fangyun felt bad, he saw Qian Yueying’s face was particularly ugly!
Is this Logan’s failure?
“Go back first,” Qian Yueying didn’t want to say more. She had to deal with this matter carefully. She was already sensible, all because of the garbage.
“Cousin, what did they say?” Qian Fangyun reluctantly followed, his cousin spoke, and he couldn’t help listening!
Qian Yueying said, and also said that Chuck was going to take money from the money family, and fancy the money family. After listening to Qian Fangyun, he laughed, “Haha, what did you say about your cousin? This frustrated us. Home money? Want to take it? Haha, laugh to me! How can he take it? I want to see him!”
Qian Yueying was not in a mood to laugh. In her heart, this garbage Chuck was already annoying her.
“Let him come and take the money, and I will kill him with the money!” Qian Fangyun is terrible. Since the family of money is surnamed Qian, so many people with money can kill many people.
He and Qian Yueying got on the bus together, “Cousin, this Logan…”
“Don’t think about it, I heard that Logan was very good before, but this time she was contacted, she is also a shame! Just now, I actually said that all the money in our money family can’t buy that garbage and a hair!” Qian Yueying was angry, the more Want to get angry!
Qian Fangyun frowned, “Actually speaking, is this Logan so brainless? But cousin, she is so beautiful, I…”
“No, I said no! This Logan is not good, what do you think, I know clearly, no, did you hear?”
“Cousin, can’t I play?” Qian Fangyun whispered softly. Since Logan is so pensive, he can only play!
“What did you say?” Qian Yueying was angry. “Cousin, do women have to respect? Understand? No matter how this woman is, respect in this respect!”
Qian Fangyun was speechless, “Oh, don’t say anything, cousin, go back first.”
“You remembered me. I hate people playing with women. You can’t do this if you are my cousin.”
“Got it, let’s go back,” Qian Fangyun coped with, but he was even more tempted to Logan. Such a beautiful woman, she must see her clearly…
“Well, go back and find a way, don’t worry, I won’t let you be beaten in vain, especially by that kind of garbage.” Qian Yueying’s eyes are cold.
“Thank you cousin!” Qian Fangyun was relieved. With Qian Yueying so assured, it would be fine.
He just waited to torture Chuck, it must be particularly interesting by then!
“By the cousin, don’t you plan to continue to find a man to marry? At least try to continue to fall in love.” Qian Fangyun really cares, after all, he is his cousin.
Sometimes he thinks that his cousin is very poor, because her husband died, There is no other man, obviously so beautiful, so good figure! No man dared to touch it.
“Don’t say it.” Qian Yueying sighed, he was a husband, who dare to be with himself? They are all cowards!
Qian Fangyun didn’t talk about it, he was also curious. Who would be bold with his cousin? He asked, Qian Yueying frowned, “No matter how big or small, tell me this topic? Shut up!”
“Yes, yes…” Qian Fangyun smiled…
Chuck finished eating, Logan went to clean up, Lara went to the room restfully, Chuck went back to the room and took out her mobile phone, found Betty’s number, “Hey, Sister Li, I want to make a family into a poor egg!”

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