My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 456

“What kind of special man?” Chuck asked, lying on Logan’s lap.
Why is Logan’s smile so gentle?
What a special man is this? Chuck is a little…envious and lost.
However, Chuck dispelled this idea, he can’t think about it, he must respect Logan!
Logan is such an excellent and perfect person who can take away her first kiss, certainly a man who can match her!
Yes, Loganzhen thought of that night, outside the bar, Chuck pulled himself out, wearing a cat mask, and Chuck dragonfly kissed himself.
That kind of feeling was very electric shock, until now Logan understood that it seemed to be the feeling of heart.
“Anyway, it’s very special, very special.” Logan looked down at Chuck.
In fact, Logan’s feelings are particularly simple, because she hasn’t tried it, and other men don’t feel emotional in Logan’s eyes, but why do they want Chuck more and more?
She now understands herself. In Loganxin’s heart, Chuck is a simple boy, and she has simple feelings. In this respect, they coincide.
But if Chuck knew Logan’s idea, he would feel guilty and vomit blood, because what did Chuck do at that time?
I secretly looked at Logan’s back. At night, I dreamed of Logan more than once.
Even when I came here last time, I sneaked into Logan’s room and saw the clothes she usually wears…
However, Logan did not know, even if she knew, what would she look like? Well, it should be shy, mostly embarrassing…
“Then you didn’t plan to be with this special man?” Chuck asked.
“This…I…” Logan was silent for the first time.
How do you say this, with Chuck? Logan feels that it is not possible. Logan is a person who does not like coercion and does not seek return. She feels that she can pay, then she will do so and will not pursue a certain return in return.
So, she will let Chuck and Yvette break up? ? And then be with yourselves?
Logan didn’t even think about such a thing. All she wanted was to give in silence.
When Chuck needed comfort, she could be by her side to meet all of Chuck’s requirements, and others.
This is what Logan thought.
“It’s this man who doesn’t want to be with you Aunt Logan?” Chuck was more angry. Did he eat it or not?
Logan, such a beautiful woman, who actually kissed Logan and didn’t recognize it?
To be honest. If this man is himself, he will surely recognize, what a perfect woman? How to bear heart?
“No, I, I don’t know.” Logan said softly.
Losing her heart, Chuck’s eyes didn’t have any evil thoughts. She didn’t think about these things, but she didn’t have any evil thoughts. That is to say, she didn’t have any interest in herself.
At this time, he leaned over and liked to lean on himself because of comfort, habit, even because… he was his aunt and was supposed to…
“Who is this person, I’ll go find him!!” Chuck was annoyed.
“No, how do you find him?” Logan was embarrassed to the extreme. At that time, the kiss was taken by you, but you thought of me as Yvette!
“Why can’t you find it? Aunt Logan, I want to make you happy.” Chuck was particularly serious.
Such women should be loved and loved by men.
You should not be single for so long, because someone who can kiss Logan must be the man who has walked into Logan’s heart, or would a normal man try? ?
Even his own kiss, Logan’s reaction, Chuck can think of, absolutely absolutely angry!
“As long as he is happy, I… will also be happy.” Logan said.
Chuck sighed and couldn’t talk anymore. What else could he say? Logantai thought about others, and Chuck felt distressed to her.
“Late, sleep.” Logan said.
Chuck closed her eyes and rested her head on Logan for a long time before she fell asleep. Logan kept watching, and she suddenly smiled, “Ceier is so interesting to sleep, this little snore… has a sense of rhythm…”

Early the next morning, Chuck woke up. Logan watched him before going to make breakfast. Chuck washed out and saw Lara.
But she didn’t sleep much all night, mainly because she couldn’t sleep. She felt that it was too out of place here, so she wanted to go back, or ask other brokerage companies in Beijing?
Lara has made up her mind. She must be a star and make a lot of money.
“Chuck, I, I will go out later, thank you this time,” Lara was lost. Actually, when she went to bed last night, she didn’t close the door.
She was thinking, if there is no woman beside Chuck, will she be lonely? So she thought, if Chuck pushed open the door and came in last night, she would not mind.
But after midnight, Chuck didn’t come in. Lara felt that Chuck was not interested in himself? Um, I’m not interested, so I won’t come in.
“Where do you go? Why are you going to the brokerage company? You want to be a star?” Chuck looked at her strangely, Lara said, the appearance must be better than that of Yvette, but their figure is comparable, but being a star may be Orientation into what kind of female, female figure or the like, if you film a movie, it is the type that misses the figure and attracts the otaku to look forward, it should be more difficult to get ahead.
Unless there is acting, she… when she was crying, she made Chuck feel a little bit.
The acting could be honed and talked to Director Erica Yannic, trying to arrange her role, it should be possible. This is one sentence.
“Well, I want to be a star,” Lara lowered his head.
“What type?”
“I want to make movies, TV shows, and singing,” Lara whispered.
Chuck laughed, and Lara asked, “What are you laughing at? I want to do it.”
“Let you shoot fruit, drama, do you shoot?” Chuck tested Lara’s bottom line.
When Lara heard this, she thought of the picture she took for Chuck. She blushed and shook her head. “No, but if you want to see it, I can take it for you.”
Anyway, Chuck read it, so Lara does not need to support us?
Chuck coughed, “This… if you want to be a star, then I can give you a chance,”
“Really!?” Lara surprised.
“Yes, my Aunt Logan has a film company, I can let you go in and shoot some, but at first, it must be a small role. You work hard and let other directors see your acting skills before they can come out.” Chuck this busy Can help.
“Well, thank you, thank you very much.” Lara was crying in surprise. She knew that Chuck had such a relative. He should have contacted him long ago. If he was found, then he would not have encountered such a thing.
“It’s okay, after breakfast, I will show you,”
“it is good,”
Logan’s breakfast was ready. When the three of them ate together, Chuck said, Logan certainly said that it was okay. In fact, Logan also felt that Lara had the potential in this respect. If she works hard, she should be able to come forward.
Start a film company. This resource is a matter of her words.
After dinner, Logan drove Chuck and Lara to the company to solve Lara’s matter.
Logan also wanted to solve his company’s affairs.
When he arrived at the company, Logan took Lara to get to know the director and let Lara perform a random performance. It was really interesting. This Lara could play that kind of spicy girl, as well as unreasonable roles.
Logan arranged this, and immediately the director said that Lara could be played, and Lara was all happy and broken.
Chuck shrugged and took a phone call out, this Betty’s.
“Hello, Sister Li.”
“Master, you have to be careful. Black Rose did not appear near the hotel yesterday. She should go to the capital to find you.” Betty said with concern.
This black rose is so cunning.
Bettydu wanted to bring someone over to find Chuck.
“Well, I know.” Chuck had a killing intention in his eyes. He wanted to know the woman.
“What happened to the Qian family?”
“Master, I have found the loopholes of several large companies in the Qian family, and I am ready to start the whole process.” For this kind of thing, Karen Lee’s network of connections, soon, these loopholes, for the entire company, That’s fast!
“Then start the whole money house, I want to see the money house become a poor man!” Chuck said expectingly.
See where your superiority of Qian Yueying comes from! !

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