My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 457

“Yes, young master!” Betty said.
Chuck hung up the phone. Since Betty called, she could quickly make Qian Yueying’s mentality change with her efficiency.
Here Lara has already started to contact the director. Chuck is a good person. After starting here, Chuck asks Logan what’s wrong with her company.
Logan didn’t smile and Chuck wasn’t good to ask, always think, since chatting with her last night, Chuck has paid more and more respect to her.
A woman like Logan must be happy.
I hope this man who took away her first kiss will come out to be responsible!
Chuck and Logan went to her other company to solve the company’s problems.
Sitting in the car, Chuck was lying behind the driver’s seat, Logan’s hair was close at hand, Chuck has always been strange, is this Logan’s body, fragrance?
When he first entered her car, the scent Chuck could not forget now. .
“Aunt Logan…”
“Huh, what’s the matter? Bored? Then I’ll take you to play?” Logan, who drove, said softly. She was afraid that Chuck was boring. After all, this is Beijing, and last time I didn’t take Chuck to play. .
At this time, Chuck was actually touching his hair. What is this for? ?
Logan drove at this time, and it was not easy to look back, just thought it was very gentle.
Chuck couldn’t help himself, but when he came back, he quickly withdrew his hand and smiled awkwardly, “Aunt Logan, your hair is so beautiful,”
There is not a second sentence in my heart: after such hair, which man will touch it?
Alas, what do you want to do?
Logan smiled softly, “Cer, you can be really happy talking,”
Yes, no one dared to touch Logan’s hair at all, let alone compliment.
“I’m honest, Aunt Logan, you are really perfect,” Chuck sighed.
“You…” Logan wanted to look back at Chuck’s expression, what was he saying to himself, does Ceer like himself? Why didn’t I feel it? ?
Why did he say that?
Logan was nervous at this moment.
Is Ceer confessing to herself?
How to do. How should I react? High cold? tension? Or, come and kiss him? Yeah, I can’t do anything like this…
Logan’s thoughts were all messed up.
But Chuck went on to say, “Aunt Logan, you can be my aunt, which is really a wonderful thing.”
Logan lost her heart all at once, and thought of herself too much.
He doesn’t like himself.
I don’t like it at all. In his heart, he has always been an elder.
Logan sighed. “Um, be your aunt, I will protect you for life.”
Chuck moved, “Aunt Logan, can I touch your hair?”
Chuck was nervous, he didn’t know why he said that, he might be bored? Well, Chuck feels the same.
“Okay, I will agree to anything you ask,” Logan smiled softly, and didn’t think about other things. Although he was disappointed in his heart, it was also very good. Maybe Chuck was bored and wanted to play with his hair and relieve boredom.
What’s wrong with this? To be honest, Logan felt that if Chuck wanted to touch other parts of herself, she… she actually didn’t know how to deal with it, refused? She couldn’t say it. agree? She felt shy again, embarrassed.
But the default? She felt bad again, she was messy.
She has no idea about this. In fact, she sometimes thinks that when two people are together, as long as they rest in a room, two people read a book, and hug, the feeling is very warm. What Logan pursues is this kind of psychological comfort and satisfaction , Others, she doesn’t care.
Yesterday, she felt this feeling was particularly good.
Watching the person in my heart sleep, is this not what I want? ? She will feel at ease.
Chuck closed her eyes, Logan’s hair was really fragrant, “Aunt Logan, what shampoo do you use?”
Loganpo smiled softly, and Nijun couldn’t help but this question made her laugh.

Qian Yueying is resting at home here. She is not very clear about when Karen Lee came. But she must pay attention to this matter. How to say this Karen Lee may be a potential threat to the Qian family, or it may be What about a future friend? ?
Qian Yueying felt that she wanted to get in touch with Karen Lee and be friends with Karen Lee. At the very least, if she became a friend, then Karen Lee wouldn’t think about destroying the Qian family!
How to say, this Zhao family with the same strength, Karen Lee’s background, had to let Qian Yueying think about it in this regard, and draw, this is what Qian Yueying thinks the Qian family should do now.
If it is said that Karen Lee has been attracted, then the other two big families shouldn’t be too worried?
She was thinking that the other two families should also be doing this.
She must rush in front of others!
She was ready to go to the night hotel again to see, but cousin Qian Fangyun came to find herself, Qian Yueying was also helpless, she didn’t sleep last night and was masculine. Arrived.
She was thinking that she was actually mad at that kind of man? ?
This was impossible before!
This garbage man, found Logan’s kind of backing, good luck, and shit away!
“Cousin, cousin. That shameful thing,” Qian Fangyun didn’t sleep last night and was slapped with two slaps. How did he sleep? ?
“Relax, I will find a way,” Qian Yueying was thinking. The best way now is to win over Karen Lee.
The relationship is better than the relationship between Logan and Karen Lee, then it is still difficult to force Logan to hand over the garbage.
So to find a way to attract people like Karen Lee can destroy the Zhao family. Then this Karen Lee’s strength is definitely not only in China, but also in the world, otherwise it is impossible to achieve this!
“Cousin, I believe you,” Qian Fangyun was relieved, he could not wait to hack Chuck immediately last night.
“Well, you go to play, I’m going out,” Qian Yueying said, Qian Fangyun laughed,
“Cousin, shall I find you a boyfriend?”
“No need.” Qian Yueying shook her head. She felt that she would be so empty and lonely in the rest of her life. She was used to it now.
Qian Fangyun can’t say anything.
However, Qian Yueying suddenly received a call. Less than ten seconds later, her beautiful brow furrowed.
“What’s wrong, cousin? What happened?” Qian Fangyun walked over with a little curiosity.
“There is a problem with one of the largest restaurant chains in our family.” Qian Yueying frowned.
“What’s wrong?”
“You look at the news, you should have it,”
Qian Fangyun was curious and took out his mobile phone. The headline was actually a meal for the Qian family. Health is worrying! Employees actually wash their vegetables with saliva! !
“Who released this?” Qian Fangyun also frowned. This problem was created by an employee in one of the largest restaurants in their family some time ago. This video was sent out at that time, and Qian Jia resolved it immediately. Too.
“I don’t know. Wasn’t this video deleted?” Qian Yueying also found it incomprehensible. This video was deleted long ago, how can it still appear? ?
Imagine how much this disgusting video has affected the catering industry!
“It may have been intentionally exploded, and I called to solve it.” Qian Yueying said.
“This person is looking for death! Is someone deliberate?” Qian Fangyun was annoyed.
“Maybe!” Qian Yueying is relatively calm, she often handles such matters, but this time it is obviously still a little serious, but it is still relatively easy to solve.
“Find out this man. Die him whole!!” Qian Fangyun was annoyed. This is really looking for death. How dare he do this to the Qian family? Could it be that the pen is here, and I don’t know that the Qian family is one of the four big families? ?
Qian Yueying nodded. She took out her mobile phone and was about to make a call. The person who burst out, Qian Yueying would let this person know what the word regret is, wait for a call to solve this matter, then make another call , You can easily find you again! !
However, before she called, the phone suddenly rang again. Qian Yueying frowned, and after ten seconds, her pretty face was completely ugly, and Qian Fangyun was strange, what happened?
Qian Yueying put down her cell phone, and the eyes were cold, “Someone is dealing with our money family!!!”

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