My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 46

The middle-aged man was even more stressed out by Chuck’s words. He tried to plead. “Boss, I really know I was wrong. Don’t make Old Henry do this…..
Chuck said nothing and just looked at him calmly.
The boss snorted and said, “Get out of here, don’t dawdle!”
Hearing the convict, the middle-aged man gritted his teeth and said bitterly, “Alright then, I won’t forget what you two did to me. Let’s just wait and see. Wait and see!”
However, as soon as he turned around, a beautiful woman appeared in front of him. It was Yolanda Lane, who was staring down the man with her hawk-like gaze. Queenie was even more surprised. How could she not know the campus beauty, Yolanda Lane? Why was she here?
The boss was equally surprised. Who was this beauty, and why didn’t he see her before?
“Don’t stand in my way! Who the hell are you? The middle-aged man was angry. When he saw Yolanda standing in his way, he immediately lashed out at her.
“If you dare to make a scene here, I’ll make sure you regret it!” Yolanda said coldly, her beautiful eyes stained with unfriendliness.
“Hmph, what’s wrong with me making a scene here? What else can you do to me?” The middle-aged man taunted. Since he was already fired, he might as well just go out. He panicked slightly as he said this because two security guards came in from the outside and walked towards them in the kitchen.
“Manager,” said the two security guards.
The boss was surprised that there was a new manager in the square. Why didn’t he know? Meanwhile, Queenie was even more taken aback. Yolanda was actually a manager in such a big square? Chuck touched his nose and thought that Yolanda really had the imposing manner of a strong woman.
“What are you going to do? Are you going to beat me up?” The middle-aged man said in a hurry. These two security guards were tall and strong, and they scared him a little.
“Weren’t you going to cause a scene? Is this square a place where you can cause trouble?” Yolanda glared at him. “Do you know who the owner of the square is?”
“I…. I won’t cause any trouble….. I promise….” The middle-aged man broke out in cold sweat and shivered with fear. He was just saying harsh words in the heat of the moment. But, how could he actually cause trouble? He knew that the owner of the square had a net worth of more than one billion dollars. The owner could easily employ someone to assassinate him or ruin his life. The more he thought about it, the more panicked he became. But if he knew that the owner of the square had changed, and the mother of the owner didn’t even care about 50 billion dollars, how would he react? He would be shocked.
The big boss of the restaurant was startled at Chuck’s manner. Who was he? Chuck was unfamiliar and a stranger to him, but Chuck managed to make Harold Wendel call him and the manager show up. This….
“Just watch him as he goes out. Beat him if he dares to make any trouble!” Yolanda said.
“Behave yourself! Why don’t you leave now?” The two security guards came over.
The middle-aged man panicked. This time, he was really scared. He ran out in a hurry but came back again and plopped down on his knees in front of Chuck. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I know I was wrong. Please don’t find someone to mess with me.”
His fear grew with each passing minute he thought about it. He knew that he had offended a big shot today. He regretted it so much.
“Why would I mess with you?” Chuck smiled. “I’m just asking you nicely to get out of here.”
His simple words shook Queenie and left her in a daze. He really did it….
The middle-aged man had mixed feelings, who was he? One word from him actually caused him to lose his job!
“You promised me you won’t mess with me. You promised!” The middle-aged man got up and walked out quickly, as if he wanted to escape from there. The two security guards followed him immediately.
Yolanda’s stormy expression cleared up and she smiled. She came over and looked at Chuck as she asked, “Off for dinner?”
“Yes, join us?” Chuck smiled.
“No, I still have work to do. Otherwise, the boss will scold me,” Yolanda chuckled. The word “boss” was particularly emphasized. Chuck glanced at her and was speechless.
Quennie however, bit her lips tightly. Yolanda’s beauty made her feel inferior and embarrassed of herself. How did Chuck and Yolanda know each other? They looked like they had a good relationship, was there anything between them? Queenie’s heart was filled with disappointment.
“Take your time and enjoy.” Yolanda said, then turned around and walked outside.
After Yolanda left, the boss immediately breathed a sigh of relief and said to Chuck politely, “I’m sorry for today. As an apology, you can eat anything here for free today!”
The young man in front of him had managed to make Harold Wendel call him personally, so he definitely had to treat him politely.
“It’s alright.” Chuck shook his head.
“Well, as for your friend, I’ve decided to make her the head waitress.” The boss had no choice but to say.
Chuck looked at Queenie. Queenie shook her head. It was tempting but she was only a part-timer. She didn’t have so much time, how can she be the head waitress?
The boss suddenly felt awkward.
“Chuck, you should go eat first.” Queenie looked at Chuck, feeling both disappointed and touched.
“Don’t work here anymore, I’ll introduce you to a new job.” Chuck was serious. Working under Yolanda was much better than working here, wasn’t it?
“Thank you, but I can only work here for now.” Queenie said seriously. She thought that the job that Chuck was going to introduce to her was a full-day job. She still had to go to school, how could she have the time?
Cgubk shrugged and said, “I want you to work under Yolanda. The jobs will be very easy.”
“Her?” Queenie was surprised. How could Chuck ask her to work under Yolanda?
“Yes, you can just come to class after work. There won’t be any time restriction. Yolanda will talk to you about your salary.” Chuck said. She would agree, wouldn’t she?
Queenie shook her head. “Thank you, thank you so much….”
Queenie was touched because Chuck was so kind to her. However, Yolanda was too beautiful, and Chuck and her knew each other, so he would go to see her occasionally. If Chuck saw her, Queenie would feel bad about herself.
Chuck sighed and said, “Well, you can think about it carefully before making a decision.”
“I will. You should go have dinner.” Queenie said.
Looking into her eyes, Chuck could only comment, “Don’t work today, let’s eat together.”
“It’s alright.” Queenie’s heart ached. Chuck sighed and could only leave. He understood what she was thinking. If he forced her more, but she would probably start crying.
Queenie looked at Chuck who was leaving, and tears flowed out of her eyes. “I really want to eat with you, but now I can’t….” She thought to herself.
“You have a powerful friend.” The boss sighed in resignation.
“Yes, he really is.” Queenie sobbed. She was getting farther and farther away from him.
Chuck returned to the table. Yvette and Zelda didn’t know what had happened in the kitchen, but they knew it was strange to see Chuck come in after a long time. He didn’t say anything and the three of them ate in silence. Yvette paid the bill and the three of them came out of the restaurant. Zelda naturally didn’t want to be a third wheel, so she left after saying thanks.
Chuck heaved a sigh of relief. When they were having dinner, Zelda’s expression did not change, indicating that Yvette didn’t say anything to her.
“Zelda admitted that it was her the last time.” Yvette said coldly.
Chuck froze. It seemed that Zelda was helping him cover up his lie. He was relieved.
“Let me send you back.” Yvette said. Chuck really wished for that to happen. It would be nice to sit in Yvette’s car, since he could take a peek at her thighs. However, he had to discuss some things with Yolanda. He could only shake his head and say that there were still some things he needed to do, although he was very reluctant to do so.
“It’s okay. I can wait for you to get off work.” Yvette thought that Chuck still had to work, and he could only leave after he finished it.
Chuck was moved and wanted to get into Yvette’s car immediately. But after hesitating for a while, he said, “It will be very late if you wait for me.”
Late? What did he mean? Yvette was stunned. Could it be….. that he was hinting her? Yvette looked at Chuck, who was once caught in the act of secretly looking at her butt, and her expression became unnatural.
Of course, Chuck didn’t expect that his words would make Yvette misunderstand. He could only reinstate that there was something he needed to attend to.
“Okay then, work hard!” Yvette said.
Chuck could only nod, and Yvette turned around to take the elevator back. He looked at her back as she left. When would he be able to sleep with her again? Chuck sighed and immediately left to find Yolanda. She immediately showed him her future plans for the plaza, and Chuck was already almost sure that he wanted her to become the manager. About 9 o’clock in the evening, the two of them came out of the manager’s office. Chuck offered to drive her home, and Yolanda agreed with a smile.
The two of them went to the parking lot. However, when they just arrived at the car, Yolanda said in a surprised voice, “Is this car yours?”

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