My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 461

Qian Yueying saw Betty, she was a little strange in her heart, this woman seems to have seen somewhere! !
Yes, she had really seen it. Last time when Chuck bought the hotel, Betty went, and Qian Yueying saw it at that time, but it didn’t come to mind at this time.
“Yes, I want to see you President Li!”
Qian Yueying was relieved that she didn’t know this woman, but she had seen too many people. This Betty is so aura, she is definitely not an ordinary employee. It may be Karen Lee’s secretary.
How can such a person not reach Karen Lee?
“See what President Li is doing?” Betty looked blankly.
Chuck said that the people who wanted this money family became poor!
“I want to discuss something with her.”
“What is it?” Betty was indifferent.
In this tone, Qian Yueying felt uncomfortable, but was helpless. “I want to get to know President Li and let her do a favor.”
“What’s busy?…You can leave without saying, then you can leave,” Betty turned and left.
There is no hesitation.
“It’s not Karen Lee, what is it?” Qian Fangyun murmured, Qian Yueying glared at him, and Qian Fangyun was honest.
“Hello, I said,” Qian Yueying chased over.
This Betty’s attitude is not good, she is also particularly uncomfortable, but Qian Yueying is also a smart person, who can have this attitude!
This also shows that Karen Lee destroyed the Zhao family! Otherwise, a little secretary, can he be so nimbly? ?
Betty stopped and turned to look at her indifferently.
“I want to ask, something happened to our Qian family today. Does this mean Mr.
“No.” Betty shook her head.
It wasn’t originally, Karen Lee didn’t know that Chuck wanted to make money poor, how could Karen Lee mean it? ?
But, if you know Karen Lee, she will smile and agree. After all, Chuck is Karen Lee’s son, and Karen Lee has only one child…
Who does not love Chuck?
Qian Yueying was relieved, so this is what Logan meant? ? Unexpectedly, Logan was able to get so many secrets from the Qian family!
Qian Fangyun was also relieved.
“So, can I ask Mr. Li to do a favor?” Qian Yueying should ask clearly. What is the relationship between Logan and Karen Lee? ?
“You said,”
“I want to ask first, is Logan your friend of President Li?” Qian Yueying was a little nervous.
“No,” call! !
Qian Yueying breathed a sigh of relief. Logan and Karen Lee didn’t even count as friends, that’s just knowing, nothing more! I worry too much about it!
That Logan’s confidence was really inexplicable, Qian Yueying was at ease, so since Logan is not a friend of Karen Lee, then his own Qian family is not easy?
Qian Yueying thinks it’s more effective!
This is really not true. Logan and Karen Lee are friends? No, in Karen Lee’s eyes, Logan is already her daughter-in-law. .
How can it be as simple as a friend? ?
“Then I can ask Mr. Li to do me a favor, and let Logan stop.”
“What hand stop?” Betty asked.
“Logan is dealing with my money family these days. I want to use Mr. Li’s ability.
In a word, she will stop her interest. Of course, my money family won’t let Mr. Li help him. I especially want to see you Li. Overall!” Qian Yueying has a particularly good attitude.
Betty understood that you didn’t know that it was Master Chuck who ordered it! I thought Logan did it.
“This Li is not here, I can’t help you,” Betty shook her head and refused.
“Can you make a call?” Qian Yueying sighed.
“No!… But if you have something, you can go to another person. If he agrees, then I will deal with it,” Betty said.
The person she said was, of course, Chuck. She felt that if Qian Yueying asked Chuck at this time, would it be more interesting?
“Who are you looking for? Please tell me.” Qian Yueying asked nervously.
“This, you can add this person’s WeChat, he will tell you where he is.” Betty said.
She spoke of Chuck’s micro signal.
Qian Yueying Lima Jia, after searching, was a man named “Baller”.
“Is this man??” Qian Yueying is more curious, is it Karen Lee’s true confidant? ?
“Our son Li,” Betty said.
“What? Do you really have a son?” Qian Yueying was shocked, really Chuck? How is this possible?
Qian Fangyun was also dumbfounded.
“Yes, there is a son who is still in college!” Betty said.
“College?” Qian Yueying was relieved. Chuck’s rubbish, where is it like studying in college?
“Yes, you can find him, he means what President Li meant.” Betty turned and walked away.
Qian Yueying and Qian Fangyun looked at each other, and the two came out and got on the bus.
“That rubbish is really right, knowing that Karen Lee has a son, so it must be Logan to tell him!” Qian Fangyun was annoyed, this is shameless to the extreme!
“Well, this kind of person is really abominable, you are driving well, I will contact Karen Lee’s son,” Qian Yueying took out her mobile phone, she felt that Karen Lee’s son was at least the most noble temperament!
After all, mothers can wipe out the Zhao family clearly, so what is not a noble?
How can a person like Chuck be abducted and abducted? Yes, only garbage.
“By the way, cousin, we can deal with Logan by ourselves. Anyway, it’s not necessary to know that Karen Lee means it.” Qian Fangyun said, this can be at ease. Is the Qian family’s strength not Logan?
The reason why I didn’t have it just now was because I was afraid of Karen Lee.
Now Karen Lee is not involved, so what else does the Qian family worry about?
Directly counterattack, let Logan know wrong, then Logan will come over and ask for himself, then when time comes… Qian Fangyun is happy to think about it.
“This is still the first contact. At the very least, Karen Lee is attracted, and it is safer,” Qian Yueying considered.
“Well, it’s a little more insurance, then you cousin continue,”
“Okay,” Qian Yueying waited.
Soon, the Baller passed, and Qian Yueying felt at ease.
Chuck is laughing here. Betty called just now and said that Qian Yueying came to find her mother. Chuck heard it funny. He found it, did he still find himself?
He also felt so interesting. He told her that she was Karen Lee’s son, but she didn’t believe it, but she still came to find herself!
“Hello, this is Qian Yueying,” 7 Qian Yueying WeChat returned.
Chuck is funny. The name of Qian Yueying’s WeChat actually taught Bing Nu, the background is still death.
“Well, something?” Chuck returned.
“I want to meet you, can you tell me where you are? Come and find you,” Qian Yueying replied.
“See me?” Chuck smiled. This is your own initiative. What expression would you make when you saw me?
“Yes, I have something to discuss with you, and I will trouble you to meet.”
“Then where are you? I’m coming now,”
“You are also in Beijing?” Qian Yueying was so surprised, why is this Karen Lee’s son also in Beijing?
“What’s wrong, cousin? What did he return?” Qian Fangyun asked curiously.
“He said he was in Beijing,”
“Jingcheng? Oh, that happened… cousin, what do you mean by this expression?
You shouldn’t think that because you are in Jingcheng, just think about that garbage Chuck? He has a little temperament? It’s a shame! “Qian Fangyun disdains.
“Also, how could it be him? It should be just a coincidence,” Qian Yueying also shook his head, the capital is so big, Karen Lee’s son can definitely go, after all, such a powerful person must be in the capital!
“Of course it was a coincidence, how could that shame be? The garbage that didn’t give money for opening a house, or Karen Lee’s son?? Impossible!” Qian Fangyun felt that this kind of person is more powerful than himself, how could he do this Shameless things come out?
This is not something that a rich second generation can do.
“Well, let’s go to the capital, let’s go back and say, I will ask the specific location of this person, we will go find him again.” Qian Yueying decided to see Karen Lee’s son, then pull him in, and then Deal with Logan! !

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