My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 462

Qian Yueying and Qian Fangyun did not delay time, went directly to the airport, and then successfully arrived in Beijing!
“Cousin, you ask him where he is in Beijing,” Qian Fangyun said.
“Good,” Qian Yueying Lima contacted this “Baller”
“Hello, I have arrived in Beijing, where are you? I am coming now!” Qian Yueying sent a message.
After a while, I didn’t return. Qian Fangyun was so impatient. “Why is this guy acting like this?”
“Don’t talk nonsense, he may be busy.” Qian Yueying shook her head, she was also anxious.
But there is no way, this person is much stronger than her Qianjia, she has to deal with it cautiously, in case this person is angered, then the Qianjia may step into the Zhao family!
“Okay,” Qian Fangyun waited boredly.
At this time, the “Ballers” had not returned any information, but their grandfather called me, and he was so angry!
“Grandpa…” Qian Yueying just called out, but the sound inside the phone scared Qian Yueying. “Did Karen Lee find it? Did you see it?”
“Not yet, Grandpa, what’s wrong?” Qian Yueying didn’t feel so good, his grandpa’s voice was very angry.
“There’s something wrong at home again,” the head of the Qian family sighed.
“What happened again? What’s the matter?? Grandpa, hurry up!” Qian Yueying was anxious.
It’s really rare, basically I didn’t hear that my grandpa had such a tone, anger, and there was so little helplessness that could not be covered.
This is a difficult problem, there is no solution.
“Alas, our Qian family is really in trouble this time. In the past few hours, some of our Qian family’s confidential issues have been exposed,” the Qian family owner was exasperated.
How many hours is this? Constantly loophole problems are exposed, how are these secrets known to others? ?
He feels incredible!
And it probably bursts out every ten minutes. This rhythm, even the money family with big businesses can’t bear such a blow!
“What? Grandpa, how much has been exploded now?” Qian Yueying was angry.
“There are seventeen companies outbreaking problems in the company, fifty-nine restaurants, including six brands in the chain, as well as clubs, bars, and even…”
The Qian family owner was weak.
This was impossible in the past. This time, the owner of the Qian family has a feeling of bursting inside.
Qian Yueying is angry, is this too fast? If the family is big and the cause is big, there will definitely be a lot of problems, but like the plague, all of them burst at once, then the problem is serious! !
“Is this what Karen Lee instructed?”
“No grandpa, I asked just now, no, it was Logan who made it,”
“Logan? How could she know so much about my money family?”
“I don’t know, but I’m going to see Karen Lee’s son now, and he has wooed him to tell Logan, then this matter can be resolved soon!!”
“Okay, you’re faster. I’m afraid that the more problems explode, then our Qian family may be seriously hurt.” The Qian family sighed, this problem suddenly broke out so much, they are all doing business. This is undoubtedly the intention of the Qian Family to perish!
What’s more, many of Qian’s stocks have plummeted. This figure is even daunting for the owner of the Qian family!
“Well, I will win over Karen Lee’s son.”
“Okay, hurry up, if this son of Karen Lee, what conditions are required, you agree.
Logan, this bitch, is estimated to have greater confidentiality of my money family, and it explodes, then it is a disaster.”
“Relax, grandpa, I know how to do it.” Very simple, Karen Lee is so powerful, and the fastest solution now is through Karen Lee!
After all, such a strong strength, a sentence opened, Logan dare to continue to burst! ?
The phone hung up.
Qian Fangyun saw his cousin’s face so bad, of course he knew something had happened, “Cousin, what happened?”
Qian Yueying said, Qian Fangyun was angry, “That Logan actually…”
Qian Yueyingmei shot a murderous opportunity. She didn’t expect Qianjia to face such a big problem today.
But this “Baller” has not returned any information!
This is a headache!
“Oh, isn’t this Qian Yueying? What’s the matter, what’s so angry?” A smiling voice came.
Another family of the four major families, Duan Family!
This woman is Duan Wenwen!
The Qian family has such a big problem. This is what surprised the other two families. After all, the Zhao family was wiped out by a mysterious person some time ago. Now it’s the Qian family’s turn. Then are the other two families not?
Far? ?
This is the purpose of Duan Wenwen.
I want to find out whether the problem facing the Qian family now is the one who killed the Zhao family.
If yes, then the problem is big.
Qian Yueying frowned, and the four big families had always been at odds. She knew what this Duan Wenwen was doing.
Qian Fangyun certainly knows that he is still a little unhappy!
Duan Wenwen is Duan’s first beauties, sexy, like a sociable flower, but, no man has ever gotten her. Simply put, countless men have fallen under her pomegranate skirt, but no man has really uncovered it .
Qian Fangyun once secretly pursued it, but Duan Wenwen dismissed him.
But today, Duan Wenwen is beautiful, jeans, t-shirt, perfect lines, this is a seductive woman.
Of course Qian Yueying ignored it. Why did she tell other families about these things? ?
“Go.” Qian Yueying and Qian Fangyun left.
Duan Wenwen’s eyes kept staring, and soon she was expressionless.
“Is it the one who killed the Zhao family?” she muttered.
“I don’t think it should be,” came a man.
Also a member of the Duan family.
“Oh, why?” Duan Wenwen asked.
“It’s not like the style of the person who destroyed the Zhao family. At the very least, if you want to deal with the money family, then this person should also be directly destroyed.” The man said.
Duan Wenwen did not express an opinion, but this made the other two families panic.
“Then you find a way to find out who killed the Zhao family. There is such a powerful person in China. Our Duan family must be drawn,” Duan Wenwen said.
This is the purpose of the people in her family to let her out.
“Well, I will do this, but find a way, do you want to dedicate yourself?” The man frowned.
As a member of the Duan family, he certainly did not want to see his loved ones dedicate themselves, which was an insult to the Duan family.
“No, I won’t dedicate myself, but I will find this person!” Duan Wenwen shook his head, “The man does not have a good thing, want me to dedicate? Maybe?”
The man is relieved, it is indeed impossible!
The two left.

Qian Yueying saw the message from the “Baller”, this place is not too far away.
“Then I will come right away,” Qian Yueying returned.
“How about cousin?” Qian Fangyun asked anxiously.
“He has sent his position, and we will pass by now,” Qian Yueying drove and had to draw the man.
Qian Yueying drove over, this is a particularly good restaurant.
But who is the boss, she is not very clear, is it Karen Lee?
Estimated yes.
“How do you plan to get your cousin?” Qian Fangyun was wary. How could he say that his cousin was so beautiful, in case Karen Lee’s son, what would he do with his cousin? After all, women come home, men will think about it!
How should this respond?
Quite simply, the problem facing the Qian family, only this son of Karen Lee, can be solved in the fastest way!
“Look at his condition,” Qian Yueying actually understood the meaning of his cousin, but as a woman’s son, how could he not know about his husband? No one should dare to risk what they do to themselves? ?
If this is not done, then what else is Qian Yueying worried about? Not anymore!
“Cousin, don’t do anything stupid for Qian Jia,”
“Well, let’s go in! Don’t let him wait too long.” Qian Yueying calmed down, swaying his long legs and walking inside, and Qian Fangyun followed.
At this time in both of them, they both have a question. Who is this Karen Lee’s son? What does it look like? ?

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