My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 465

The owner of the Qian family had to be so excited. In fact, he was wiped out to the Zhao family overnight. He still has so little unbelief, but now he believes.
Because of everything today, this is not what an ordinary person can do! In just one day, his money family had burnt.
You should know that this bursting problem has a great impact on the Qian family.
The family of the Qian family can still last for a long time, but today it is like this all day, so what will happen tomorrow, the day after tomorrow? ?
It is such a blow, how long can your money family resist?
He still doesn’t know how these secrets of the Qian family were transmitted, he still can’t understand!
But he understood one thing, dealing with the people of his money family is absolutely extraordinary! !
If the money family can be like this one day, then this person cannot afford to offend the money family!
“Grandpa, it’s me.” Qian Yueying shed tears.
“It’s you? What’s the matter?” The head of the Qian family shuddered, and everyone else came around.
Qian Yueying cried, and the huge pressure made her cry.
“I’m sorry, grandpa, and everyone, this Chuck deal with our money family is because of me.” Qian Yueying said with a cry.
This is not the case for her strong woman. When did she encounter such a thing? She never thought that her money can make people deal with it like this!
“What? What the hell is going on?”
Qian Yueying said the matter.
Snapped! !
The head of the Qian family slap Qian Yueying in distress!
A slap mark appeared on Qian Yueying’s face!
“Fuck things, what did you do?” The head of the Qian family scolded!
“Grandpa, it’s no wonder that the cousin, that shabby pen is just like a pendant.
Who knows his background is so strong?” Qian Fangyun is still unbelievable, is he dreaming? ?
The owner of the Qian family slapped it out and took it on Qian Fangyun’s face!
Qian Fangyun grievously covered his cheek, “Grandpa…”
“Fuck, the two of you! The thing is the two of you. I don’t care whether you are kneeling or begging for mercy. The two of you immediately apologize to this Chuck!” .
He was really mad at him, it was so! He didn’t want to pass on the money family for hundreds of years, so it was destroyed!
“Grandpa.” Qian Fangyun couldn’t do it, how could it be done?
Qian Yueying shed tears silently, and the people in her family were scolding. These sounds made Qian Yueying go to collapse.
The head of the Qian family slapped Qian Fangyun’s face with a big slap. “You still say?”
At this time, Qian Fangyun was hit on the ground, there was fear, he had never seen Grandpa so angry!
“Don’t you go yet?” the head of the Qian family said in exasperation.
The head of the Qian family once again slapped Qian Yueying, who did not respond, “Have you heard?”
Qian Yueying’s face was red and swollen, and she wiped her tears, “But I apologize to Chuck, it’s useless,”
Slap on the face of Qian Yueying. “what did you say?”
“Grandpa, he said that he would make our family poor.” Qian Yueying cried.
“What?” The head of the Qian family was angry and couldn’t help beating Qian Yueying again.
After a few slaps, Qian Yueying’s mouth was bloody.
“Well, I heard.” Qian Yueying choked.
Qian Yueying lifted Qian Fangyun up, “Cousin, let’s go,”
The two went out!
“Fuck things!” The Qian family were so angry that they vomit blood!
“Can the two of them solve this matter?” Someone asked, this matter was so noisy, did this apology work?
“No, you two don’t come back!” Qian family head scolded!
The two people who had just walked to the door stopped and shivered before going out.
“Grandpa, that Chuck really can make our money family run out of money?” said a young man.
“This person is not simple! Judging from Yueying’s description, it is absolutely hidden! Such a person is terrifying! It can kill the Zhao family overnight, and our Qian family can’t bear it!” Seems like many years old.
Yes, the strengths of the four major families are all the same. The Zhao family is a lesson, so can the Qian family have the strength to resist? ?
At this moment, the people of the Qian family panicked, “What should I do? In case. In case…”
“Alas, Yueying has always been smart, why did you make such a mistake this time?”
“Don’t panic! There may be room for things!” This can only be done one step at a time. If it doesn’t work, then the Qian family will leave Huaxia directly!

The car drove back to the luxury hotel!
“Cousin, what are you going to do?” Qian Fangyun was uneasy. He really didn’t want to face Chuck. He just left from here, and this time came again.
“I don’t know. I don’t know,” Qian Yueying cried.
The pressure was so great that she couldn’t breathe.
“Cousin, why don’t we kneel and apologize to him!” Qian Fangyun gritted his teeth!
“I’m afraid not.”
“What should I do? Cousin, you said he did this, did you see cousin you? Want to force you to give him a hug?” Qian Fangyun analyzed.
Qian Yueying had anger in his eyes but was powerless. “Cousin, what do you want me to do? Do you want me to spend the night with him?”
Qian Fangyun didn’t want to say that, but besides this method, what other methods are there?
“Cousin, everything in the Qian family is now on us. Cousin, you have to sacrifice appropriately!”
Snapped! !
Qian Yueying slaps the money in anger and slaps the cloud. “What are you talking about? I’m your cousin? Are you talking to me like that?”
“Cousin, don’t hit me.” Qian Fangyun’s face was numb. “You know, Chuck doesn’t forgive us. Our Qian family will be like the Zhao family. Do you want to see such a thing? ”
“I…” Qian Yueying was in pain.
“Don’t talk, let’s go down and see what he said. If he really wants to do that, you will come out on your own,” Qian Yueying was ashamed.
She made a trade-off. Compared with the entire Qianjia, what is her body worth?
“Okay, cousin,” Qian Fangyun relaxed.
The two of them got out of the car and went back to Chuck’s private room, and opened the door. Chuck just finished eating, Logan went to the kitchen to make snacks, Chuck was stunned, these two people came so fast?
This is interesting.
“What are you two doing?” Chuck shrugged.
Qian Yueying, Qian Fangyun bowed his head and said nothing.
“What are you doing here?” Chuck stood up.
“I, I apologize to you,” Qian Yueying, stuck in his throat, said one by one, and came over to apologize to him.
“Apologize? Why do you apologize? Are you not wrong? Don’t you believe it?”
Chuck came over with a shrug.
“I. I’m sorry, sorry,” Qian Yueying said biting her lip.
“Hehe.” Chuck gave her a look. “Where is your sense of superiority?”
“I.” Qian Yueying was speechless. She felt ashamed. She turned out to be nothing in front of Chuck.
“How can you forgive me. Forgive our money family?” Qian Yueying said.
Qian Fangyun bowed his head and didn’t speak. He was completely stunned. How could he be so low?
“You’re done with a sorry sentence? It’s that simple?” Chuck shook his head and said indifferently.
For this woman, Chuck gave her a lot of opportunities, but it has always been so, so why should Chuck be merciful to his men?
“Cousin.” Qian Fangyun understood Chuck’s meaning. This was to make his cousin dedicate himself.
Qian Yueying felt sad, did you actually want to do this? Her tears came out, and her shame made her unable to move.
“Cousin, you have to be Qian’s family!” Qian Fangyun whispered.
“I…cousin, you go out first.” Qian Yueying finally made a compromise.
Qian Fangyun sighed, his cousin, although he has children, but that figure is really wonderful!
Any man will be excited, this kind of charm, charming taste.
Qian Fangyun went out. Chuck frowned, and he was too lazy to ignore him. When the money family was out of money, the money would come to ask for mercy.
Chuck looked at Qian Yueying’s motionlessness. What did he do? Chuck sat down, Qian Yueying encouraged herself and suppressed shame, she came over, “Chuck, I said I’m sorry for what I did, you want me to do whatever I want, I listen to you of,”

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