My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 471

“Still not talking? Haha!”
Ouyang Fei is more proud of Chuck’s dull pen!
Haha, I’m really a genius. I actually came up with the kind of method that came out and turned you around.
Chuck looked at her again and understood what Ouyang Fei said.
Ouyang Fei is saying that she is avoiding Qian Yueying, so she came here to hide.
She is showing off to herself, and her plan to send Qian Yueying’s picture to herself succeeded.
What is this head thinking? Chuck is more curious about this.
“What are you talking about? I didn’t hide anyone.” Chuck’s expression looked.
“Haha, are you still pretending to be right? Haha! Let me tell you well. For the sake of being so difficult to pretend, I tell you, don’t cover it up. Are you hiding the money house’s Qian Yueying, right?? Ouyang Fei sneered.
“Why should I hide her?” Chuck shrugged.
“Still pretending, people like you really have to lose face, well, I will pierce you!
Haha, come here, I will tell you!” Ouyang Fei waved to Chuck.
Chuck was indifferent.
“You are such a shame!”
Ouyang Fei was angry, so disobedient! “You wait for Qian Yueying to clean up.”
“She can’t clean me up,” Chuck’s eyes were cold. This Ouyang Fei didn’t know what he did Still complacent?
This woman is so arrogant!
Think you are smart by yourself?
Are other people stupid?
“Haha, are your ears deaf? Or are you acting silly? I said Qianjia, you don’t even know the Qianjia of the four big families?” Ouyang Fei laughed, who is this?
“Just know, you, in front of that money house, don’t you even understand shit?…
But, you know, you understand that you are shit compared to the money house, so you secretly hid here, you There is self-knowledge! But how long do you think you can escape?” Ouyang Fei said proudly.
Chuck frowned.
“Tell you, is there a photo of a beautiful woman in your phone?” Ouyang Fei laughed.
This complacent look is clearly extreme.
“Yes, what’s the matter?” Chuck’s face expressed.
“Haha, pretend, you continue to pretend, this picture is Qian Yueying of the Qian family, haha, are you scared? You actually have a picture of her in your hands.
People like you must have taken the picture and Qian Yueying to show off. , You only know what you offended, so you fled here and hid here as a tortoise…don’t talk anymore? Haha, was it pierced by me? See you pretend, I said you were in front of me It’s useless to pretend.”
Ouyang Fei laughed smugly, “Look at you, you don’t know who sent it to you?
Haha, did I send it to you?”
“You sent it?” Chuck said.
“You say you are so bad, otherwise? Who do you think it was sent? You don’t think it was Qian Yueying who sent it to you? Why are you so narcissistic? I thought Qian Yueying was in love with you, so I took the initiative Send photos to you??” Ouyang Fei all wanted to laugh, really want to be laughed to death.
“But ah, even if she told Qian Yueying, she wouldn’t believe you, because when I took the picture, it caused your hotel to steal it. Do you know? She wouldn’t believe it was taken by me, let alone, I was in her heart. , But good girl, you…”
Chuck looked at her, “So?”
“So you were played by me, do you regret it so much to me now?” Ouyang Fei smiled and was extremely proud! She now feels that she is too happy and retaliates against Chuck, who beat her, and sees Chuck of her body, which is great.
“No regrets.” Chuck shook his head.
“Don’t regret it? Pretending, Qian Yueying to clean up you is as simple as cleaning up the ants.”
“She is insecure now, how to clean me up?” Chuck said.
“Are you still complacent? Your kind of fluke is useless, even if the money family has a problem, but you can still clean up,” Ouyang Fei sneered. It turns out that Chuck still has this kind of fluke psychology?
“That’s not necessarily the case, the Qian’s house will be over soon, and it won’t be able to pack me,” Chuck said.
“Are you still self-righteous?”
“You are self-righteous.”
“Yes, I also tell you that Qian Yueying knows that I have a photo in her hand, and she still lets me save it.”
“Haha, are you going to laugh at me? Haha!” Ouyang Fei laughed, full of ridicule,
“She is in love with you, so let you save?”
“Are you still going to admit it? Why are you so shameless? Qian Yueying is a member of the Qian family, how can she look at you? Still let you save the photo?
You still want to brag. Why don’t you say, Qian family now Did you let people do the trouble?” Ouyang Fei disdainfully ridicules, can you really say such things?
How shameless can this come out?
Qian Yueying is a lot of gold. It is similar to a princess in ancient times. Will she ask men to save photos? This is impossible. How could Qian Yueying fall in love with this kind of garbage? Not at all in the same grade!
Compared with these four big families, Chuck is just shit. Want to climb higher? Is this sleeping yet awake? Only after saying this kind of bad words came out.
“You are right, I really made it.” Chuck nodded and said that Ouyang Fei was finally smart.
“Haha! Chuck, then you are really good at writing, even the money family can be adjusted, why are you so powerful?” Ouyang Fei was about to laugh to death.
How could the Qian family be able to be adjusted by people like Chuck? This is absolutely impossible!
Chuck has been scared and stupid, talking nonsense!
“Then you are so powerful, why are you hiding here?”
“When did I say I was hiding here?”
“It doesn’t make sense to you, you’re too pretending,” Ouyang Fei sneered, “you’d better find a place to hide!”
“I think the person who wants to hide should be you,” Chuck expressionless.
No matter what Chuck does, Qian Yueying can make herself uncomfortable. This Ouyang Fei “has made a lot of effort”. Qian Yueying saw her when Ouyang Fei asked for mercy.
“Why should I hide? You are you for me? Shabi, I’m too lazy to care about you,”
Ouyang Fei laughed. At this time, the man who came with him saw that Ouyang Fei hadn’t come, he came.
“Fifi, did this person bully you?” The man stared at Chuck with a frown.
“He?” Ouyang Fei sneered. “What qualification does he bully me?”
“Yes, just look at him like this, just get away, did you hear that?” the man scolded.
In front of Ouyang Fei, we must show the majesty and strength of men!
Chuck gave him a glance.
“Do you know? This person offended the Qian family, and said that the Qian family was rectified by him. How badly can you say such a thing?” Ouyang Fei said.
The man laughed, “Fifi, did he really say that?”
“Well, you didn’t see the tone of what he said just now, and there are so many words. If I am a pen, I might not believe it, but I am not.”
“This is really something that only Shabi can say. The Qian family is yours? Why don’t you say that the Zhao family was destroyed by you?” The man laughed.
“Forget what to tell him? He’s about to finish, you wait for me for a while, I go to the toilet.” Ouyang Fei went to the toilet.
“I warn you to install the pen and install it with others, and then install it in front of Ouyang Fei, be careful that I pack you up!” man siren Chuck.
In his view, it was Chuck who was chatting with Ouyang Fei, but pretended to be pierced.
“Do you know who Ouyang Fei is?” Chuck expressionless.
“Who still cares about you? The dog takes the mouse, talks about business, and gets away!” The man stared at Chuck in exasperation. Chuck gave him a look.
“Somewhat interesting, what is your name?”
“Your name is what you can know? … Feifei, let’s go.” The man saw Ouyang Fei came out. He was too lazy to talk to Chuck. He had to do the next activity!
Ouyang Fei nodded and looked at Chuck in disgust, “Take down the turtle, hurry and find a hole to hide! It’s disgraceful!”
“Wait,” Chuck suddenly stopped her.
“What are you doing? Ask me to help you, right? Do you think I will help you?
Dream you!” Ouyang Fei felt so comfortable at this time, it was really happy!
“No, you should consider yourself, slightly, Qian Yueying is here.” Chuck said lightly.

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