My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 478

Qian Yueying drove to Logan’s company. She didn’t know if Chuck was still here, but she had to come here to ask.
Did Chuck spare his money because of his daughter?
She was very embarrassed, although in the current situation, the Qian family’s affair has disappeared. This must be the case only after Chuck nods.
Then on behalf of Chuck let go of his money.
But why is Qian Yueying upset and why is she nervous? ?
That’s because Qian Yueying didn’t know how to face Chuck.
How can I thank Chuck? She had no idea what to do.
She has collapsed in the past few days, but now she is very pleasantly surprised, and she can’t adapt to it.
She got off the car anxiously, and because she didn’t know what to say, she simply waited in the parking lot.
After waiting for more than three hours, finally, the elevator opened and a man and a woman came out.
Qian Yueying was nervous all at once!
She was at a loss, how to describe this feeling? Much like when I was studying, when facing a teacher, there was also a time when I first met my first husband.
“Zhang, Mr. Zhang…” Qian Yueying ran over, bowing his head and daring not to face Chuck.
Chuck looked at her expressionlessly.
“Cer, don’t stay too long, I’ll wait for you in the car,” Logan said.
She was really worried about what bad luck this Qian Yueying would bring to Chuck.
“Well,” Chuck smiled slightly.
Loganmei glanced at Qian Yueying and walked towards the car.
Qian Yueying bit her lip and said, “Mr. Tang, I’m sorry for the previous thing,”
“Well,” Logan nodded and got into her car. A pair of beautiful eyes kept staring at Chuck.
This atmosphere is a little embarrassing! be quiet!
“Chuck, you, did you forgive me, right?” Qian Yueying spoke out uncomfortably.
“Forgive?” Chuck had no emotion on his face.
How to say, Chuck called Betty to stop, but Chuck thought, why should he do this? ?
The situation of the Qian family will absolutely not be able to resist long before it will become debt-ridden with debts. Then its own purpose can be achieved, but why should it suddenly stop at this time?
Chucksi came and went, and felt that it was mainly the reason why Qian Yueying’s daughter was too sensible, maybe… can’t bear it!
“You didn’t forgive me, then why…” Qian Yueying’s face was all white, and she was scared by Chuck’s rhetorical question.
If not, is this a prelude to the storm?
“I can’t forgive you, mainly because you have a daughter.” Chuck said lightly.
Qian Yueying relaxed, “Thank you.”
“No need to thank me,” Chuck shrugged, not wanting to talk to her.
“Wait, trouble, wait,” Qian Yueying was uneasy.
“Is there anything else?” Chuck turned to look at her.
“Me, I don’t know how to say this, I thank you for forgiving me, forgiving me…”
“I just said, your daughter, without your daughter, your money family will still be finished.” Chuck said indifferently.
“I know, but thank you, me, how can I thank you?” Qian Yueying bit her lip.
She really didn’t know what to do.
Thanks for giving money?
Everyone can make their money family look like it is without a soldier, then even if they give him all the money as a thank, they may not look at it more.
So besides money? How are you grateful? people?
Qian Yueying had confidence in herself before. Although she had children, but she was very well maintained, men all had ideas about themselves.
However, because of his husband’s reasons, many good men are discouraged from him, Qian Yueying knows this.
What’s more, when I cried to Chuck last time, he made it clear that Chuck should make any request, but he would be willing, but he didn’t mention it, which shows that he really has no appeal in front of him.
Of course, Qian Yueying would definitely not think that she would be able to thank Chuck if she was willing to talk to Chuck a few times, mainly because she was helpless. There was no way to do it. I didn’t know how to thank Chuck.
“You want to thank me?” Chuck expressionless.
He let go of the Qian family, but not for any thanks, mainly because of Qian Yueying’s daughter.
Qian Yueying is beautiful and has a good figure. This is a superb woman, comparable to Murong Qing. Chuck must know.
Now she will not refuse to do anything, nor dare to refuse, but Chuck does not want to do so.
I never thought what to do with Qian Yueying.
So what kind of thanks?
“Yes, what does Mr. Zhang want me to do?” Qian Yueying lowered his head and dared not look at Chuck.
“What can you do?” Chuck asked indifferently.
“I…can do anything, as long as you mention it.” Qian Yueying lowered her head, and her voice was even quieter.
“Be clear.” Chuck did not change a little.
Qian Yueying bit her lip tightly. She looked up, and there were tears in her eyes.
She choked and looked really pitiful. This kind of pitifulness was different from that of Ouyangfei’s.
Qian Yueying is really the feeling of tears and pears, which is the emotion after the collapse.
“I, I am willing to do it, accompany you, follow you, you mention, as long as you tell me, I will do it, I am willing.”
She felt very ashamed, and Chuck said she was about to cry.
This sense of oppression came from someone who almost made his money house die!
She even felt a little fear.
This little man of his own is terrible, but he is terrible, and he finally gave up his money.
Qian Yueying feels the same as dreaming. She can’t figure out Chuck’s character.
Is this man cold-blooded, or does he have a big heart of concealment? ?
Chuck stared at her, and the surroundings were so quiet that Qian Yueying was terrible, “Zhang…Mr. Zhang, what I said is true,”
She was very embarrassed, afraid of Chuck suddenly repenting, so she admitted that she was trying to please Chuck!
Without saying a word, Chuck turned and left.
The anxious Qian Yueying relaxed, “Mr. Zhang, thank you, really thank you, thank you for giving me dignity.”
Chuck did not make excessive demands, her dignity was preserved.
Even if Chuck let her kneel and let herself do other things, she would not dare to refuse!
But Chuck didn’t do this. Qian Yueying was really grateful. This was heartfelt.
Chuck looked back at her.
Qian Yueying bit her lip, bowed her head and dared not look at Chuck, she was so emboldened in front of this man with so many young men.
“Don’t thank me, I hope you don’t say anything about your money family, otherwise you know the consequences,” Chuck said, and turned away.
“Got it, please rest assured.” Zhang Yueying is serious.
Chuck got into Logan’s car, and Logan took Chuck home.
Qian Yueying froze for a long time before she calmed down. She was relieved.
Chuck’s reaction made her feel that she had not dreamed.
“Thank you, I will never make such a mistake again, thank you for forgiving me.”
Qian Yueying muttered to himself, wiped away the tears in his eyes, and showed a long-lost smile. This smile is actually a little man. For yourself.
Allure of the country, charm and temperament.
It seems that I haven’t laughed for a long time!
She drove home and went home.
Everyone in the Qian family is waiting. The eyes of the people in the family are expectant, nervous, and uneasy.
“Mom.” A girl ran over.
Qian Yueying picked up her daughter and kissed her.
“Yueying. How is it going? What does Chuck say? Did he say that we have let our money house go?”
The few hours that Qian Yueying went out, for their money family, was suffering!
They were uneasy and could not describe how they were feeling, waiting like a needle felt!
Although everything about the Qian family is gone, they feel that this is a prelude to the storm, so they are even more nervous.
Waiting for Qian Yueying to return, at this moment, all the people of the Qian family were quiet.
“Mr. Zhang forgave me, and he didn’t do anything with my Qian family,” Qian Yueying said. call! !
The whole family was relieved and even wept with joy!
Did Chuck really let go of the Qian family?
“Are you dreaming? Ooo, this time scared me to death, I thought our money house was gone.”
“Yeah, this Chuck must have moved her heart.”
“Oh, Yueying, how do you thank Chuck?” The head of the Qian family cared about the problem.

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