My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 479

“No, he didn’t let me do anything.”
Qian Yueying shook his head, he didn’t think it was real, he just came back like this?
Did nothing!
“What?” The head of the Qian family shivered, unbelievable!
He had a mental plan and felt guilty. He thought that Qian Yueying would do something to Chuck, but did he not?
“Yueying, didn’t you panic? Did Chuck do anything to you? Are you embarrassed to say it?” the rich man asked.
The other members of the Qian family also came around.
Everyone expressed their opinions.
How to say, Qian Yueying is back like this, Chuck didn’t ask at all, they are also incredible!
“Everyone, really, Chuck didn’t mention any requirements. From beginning to end, he didn’t touch me, you don’t have to think about it,” Qian Yueying said very seriously.
She can also understand why relatives say so.
Everyone in the Qian family looks at me, and I think of you.
“I didn’t ask at all? Didn’t you touch Yueying? This is unlikely!”
“Yeah, Yueying is the most beautiful woman in our money family. I dare say that the top ten beauties in China definitely have us Yueying! He is actually… incredible! Is it because we despise our Yueyingke man? This is still possible.”
“Hush, quietly, let Yueying hear bad.”
These people muttered, Qian Yueying sighed in his heart, Chuck really didn’t do anything to himself, why do these relatives do not believe so much? ?
The owner of the Qian family said in disbelief, “Yueying, I haven’t seen this Chuck, how old is it?”
“Grandpa, he doesn’t seem to be twenty years old yet,” Qian Yueying roughly estimated.
To be honest, Chuck’s appearance, she still thinks it’s more hanging, it seems to be a college student, but Qian Yueying suddenly felt that Chuck had a little mystery in her body.
What kind of person is Chuck? ?
“Then is it possible for you and him?” said the head of the Qian family.
All the people of the Qian family have quieted down. Everyone understands this meaning. Really, this Chuck is so powerful. If we can have this kind of relationship, wouldn’t it be better?
Qian Yueying was surprised, and his face was red. “Grandpa, don’t talk nonsense.
He is so young. How could he be with me? There is also my husband. No man dares to be really close to me.”
“Ah, yes! But our Qian family is the most beautiful for you. If he… forget it, forget it.” The owner of the Qian family shook his head and was a little disappointed.
His granddaughter, Qian Yueying, is a man. He has searched too many people to see it, and there is no result. This may be a mismatch, it is not suitable for marriage, so you can’t force it.
Qian Yueying relaxed.
“Everyone is gone. Chuck let us go of the Qian family. No one is allowed to go abroad for the next year! We must help the family’s business to rejuvenate. Have you heard it?” said the Qian family’s owner with dignity.
The people of the Qian family are preparing to go out one after another.
“Also, this person Chuck, from today, no one can offend him, what requirements do he want, our Qian family are all satisfied, have you heard?” But just in case!
All the people in the Qian family nodded their heads. It must be, this time Chuck’s method surprised them, but how dare they offend!
Especially Qian Fangyun, who has a conflict with Chuck, is cold sweat behind him! !
When Qian Yueying came back just now, he was worried, would Chuck want to do something by himself?
How can I look down on him so much? He also led people to force him, think about it, Qian Fangyun was trembling with fear.
Chuck asked, then he must do it! Fortunately, Qian Yueying said that she didn’t have any requirements, and Qian Fangyun almost cried. So Chuck was a good person…
The people of the Qian family leave, they should be able to sleep well today, starting tomorrow, let the Qian family stand up again!
“Yueying, hard work,” said the head of the Qian family.
“Grandpa, this is what I should do,” Qian Yueying looked down.
“Well, if Chuck has any requirements, you can meet them!”
“Grandpa is assured that I know what to do.” Qian Yueying nodded.
“Anyway, Chuck is drawn, so what do you think of the other two families?” The head of the Qian family was deeply concerned.
Now that the Qian family suddenly has this kind of problem, the other two big families are also watching and may be thinking of annexing the Qian family at any time!
“This, their two families should not dare to mess up, how can our money family become like this, they dare to mess up?”
“It’s hard to say, I have a rest. Tomorrow our family matters, you have to work hard!” During this time, the Qian family has already been ruined!
This restoration works, it is difficult! !
But it’s better than turning into debt.
“I know.”
The owner of the Qian family nodded and went back to his room.
“Mom, let’s go back.” Qian Yueying’s daughter said.
“Well, daughter, thanks to you this time, otherwise Mr. Zhang won’t let us go,”
Qian Yueying is really fortunate to have such a good daughter, otherwise, Qian Yueying
“Uncle Zhang, in fact, I think, get along well, have a good temper.”
“I know, but my mother didn’t know before, and his mother angered him, so.” Qian Yueying took her daughter back to the room.
“That mom apologized to him?”
“Yes, I apologize.”
“I think this uncle is very good, mother, can you let him be my dad?” the daughter said seriously.
Qian Yueying shook her head hurriedly, “Daughter, don’t talk nonsense, this is impossible,”
“Why? My mother is so beautiful, and my uncle must like it too,” the daughter didn’t understand.
My mother is the most beautiful woman, and Uncle Chuck will love it!
“There is no reason why, he is young and powerful, how could he look at me?
What’s more, you know, mother wicked men…” Qian Yueying shook his head.
But when it comes to this, she finds it difficult to tell!
Nor is it anything else, just… Chuck has seen his photos!
This is Qian Yueying’s vomiting blood. Although Chuck deleted it in his own face, he has seen it…
Speaking of that, Qian Yueying has been married twice, and has really been seen by others. That Ouyang Fei certainly does not count. For men, Chuck is the third.
This is getting harder and harder!
Qian Yueying sighed, now he must find a way to find that Ouyang Fei, otherwise his photos may be distributed, and then it will be troublesome.
“Oh, I think my uncle is very good. I want him to be my dad.”
“Don’t talk about your daughter,” Qian Yueying all blushed. What if she was heard by Chuck? How embarrassing? ?
Qian Yueying took her daughter back to the room, and she can finally sleep well today…

Duan family of four big families!
What did Duan Wenwen say in front of the family? Suddenly, someone said the news and said that the Qian family’s problem had been solved, which made the Duan family look at each other!
“What’s the matter with this? Who is the person dealing with the money house?”
Someone began to ask.
This force, if placed on his own Duan family, will certainly not be able to carry it, but suddenly said that it will end, how can it not shock them?
“It’s the same person who killed the Zhao family!” Duan Wenwen has already checked this point, but she doesn’t know who it is.
No one revealed it, it was mysterious.
Huaxia actually appeared such a powerful character!
“Then, what was the reason why the Qianjia was rectified? Why did it suddenly release the Qianjia?”
“This is not clear, but it seems to be Qian Yueying!” Duan Wenwen said.
“Did this person who destroyed the Zhao family look at Qian Yueying? So… to force Qian Yueying to follow?” Some people analyzed.
“This is still possible.”
“How to say Qian Yueying is still very attractive,”
“If this is the case, then this person who destroyed the Zhao family is not a thing, but it is broken like this?” Some people justified and disdain!
“Hush, there is ears next to the wall, be quiet!”
“What are you afraid of? Our Duan family is still out of spirits? I see, this money house suddenly stopped. It must be that this person found that there was no strength to make the money house disappear, so it had to be stopped. It was also a fun move! Where is the big family so easily broken down? I don’t believe it!!” said a man with a sneer.

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