My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 48

Chuck’s words were really said on impulse. He didn’t expect that it was inappropriate, so he felt a little embarrassed after he realized it. She wouldn’t overthink it, would she? Since Chuck was saying it out of sincerity. He couldn’t go on like this!
Unlike Chuck, who was thinking too much, Zelda smiled after a moment of astonishment. “Thank you, but there is no need”.
Chuck was disappointed, but it was normal. It would be strange if someone like Zelda entered his home.
But of course, he couldn’t show it so he cleard his throat and said, “In that case, be careful when you drive on the road, sister Zelda.”
As the elevator door opened, Zelda stepped into the elevator and was about to wait for the doors to close. However, she suddenly thought of a problem. It seemed that she didn’t bring her ID card out and she left her house key inside her room. She frowned and clapped her hands at her forehead in annoyance, what was wrong with her?
Seeing that the elevator door was about to close, Zelda hurriedly pressed the button and opened the door, then walked out after a minute of hesitation “Well..”
Chuck who was opening the door, was startled. “What’s wrong, Sister Zelda?”
“I didn’t bring my ID card and I forgot the key to the room.” Zelda was a little embarrassed.
“Then you can stay in my house. There are three rooms” Chuck said
“Will I disturb you?”
In truth, Zelda was very satisfied with Chuck’s performance. Of course this type of satisfaction didn’t have any implicit meaning to it. She was referring to when he kissed her last time. This was the biggest reason why she was willing to come back.
“No, you won’t.” Chuck smiled.
“Well, I will stay in your house for a night. Tomorrow I will find a locksmith to unlock the door!” Zelda announced in relief.
Chuck opened the door and Zelda followed him in.
“Sister Zelda, you can sleep in either of this two rooms,” Chuck said
“Well, thank you.” Zelda casually picked a room and entered, smiling at Chuck as a sign of thanks before closing the door.
Deep down, Chuck was secretly aroused but couldn’t do anything since it was Zelda they were talking about. He sighed, retuned to the room and was ready to take a bath and sleep.
Knock! Knock! Knock!
Someone knocked on the door. Chuck, who was still clad in his pajamas shorts, staggered to the door. He was half asleep and opened the door to have a look.
Zelda was stunned.
Chuck blushed and was immediately awake. He forgot that Zelda was at home.
“Sister Zelda, I’m sorry, I…”
“Its okay. I’m just going to tell you thank you for last night. I’ll treat you to breakfast in the morning.” Zelda said.
Since there was no class today, Chuck agreed. He closed the door, took a quick shower and changed his clothes.
Despite his morning routine, he still felt embarrassed, he coughed and said, ” I’m done, Sister Zelda.”
Zelda stood up from the sofa. She had already made an appointment with a locksmith to come with an electrician in the afternoon. They should be able to fix her problem by today.
“Well, where are we going to eat?”
“Sister Zelda, you make the decision!” Chuck didn’t mind.
The two of them went out together. Since Chuck had to go to the plaza, he could only drive his car instead. After they had a simple breakfast at a cafe nearby, Zelda went to her restaurant. Meanwhile, Chuck drove back to the plaza. Halfway there, he was reminded that he left some documents at home, he could only turn back and go home. After taking what he needed, he accidentally pushed opened the room where Zelda had slept in last night. Indeed the places where she slept was left with a slight fragrance.
Chuck reluctantly left and went downstairs to drive to the plaza. When he arrived at the manager office, Yolanda was already at work and left everything in good order. Chuck was very satisfied. It seemed she was really qualified to be a manager.
It was not until noon that Yvette came to sign the contract. Since Yolanda had given her a five year contract, Yvette was pretty satisfied. Chuck saw her smiling face and was taken aback. It had been a long time since he saw Yvette so relaxedly. He sighed.
“Then I’ll go upstairs. You should work hard!” Yvette said. She was in a good mood.
Chuck nodded, less than five minutes after Yvette left, Chuck’s cell phone rang. It was indeed a WeChat message from Yvette thanking him for everything.
According to her, she was pretty glad that the contract issue was settled and she wanted to treat him to dinner this time around.
Chuck did not know how to reply and could only say that he was very busy.
Yvette sent him a message that said, “Well, anyways, I owe you a favor. I want to thank you.”
Chuck’s thoughts immediately steered into a different direction. If he told her that he was the bailer now, would Yvette fall in love with him? If he tried to ask for that as a favor, would she agree? He shook his head, probably not. He sighed and thought to himself that there would be chances in the future.
On the other side, Yvette felt was also helpless as she replied. “Okay.”
When she was sitting in the office, someone suddenly knocked on the door. “Come in,” Yvette said.
The door was pushed open and an employee said that someone was looking for her. Yvette stood up doubtfully and walked out. She happened to see Zelda, who was bored and came here to look at the store again. Yvette was stunned.
Zelda was even more stunned when she saw Yvette. “Are you the boss here?”
“Yes.” Yvette nodded on impulse. Zelda frowned. She had just came out of her own restaurant and was still reluctant to give up on this place, nor did she find out who the plaza’s owner was. She couldn’t help coming over and was thinking of talking to the owner of this place. If she could take over the shop, she was willing to do so.
But what was going on? Turns out that this shop was Yvette’s. If the new boss was willing to renew her contract, it could only be from someone that she knew, so…
Zelda analyzed the possibilities furiously. Suddenly, a person appeared in her mind. Could he be the new owner of the plaza?

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