My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 480

This person said, then the other members of the Duan family look at me and I look at you.
No comment.
Yeah, it wouldn’t be such a simple thing to destroy such a large family without any effort. ?
At the very least, the problems of the Qian family suddenly stopped. This is really probably the person who attacked for a long time and found that there was no mistake, so he had to stop the fun.
“Wen Wen, what do you think?” The head of the Duan family is an old man with silver hair.
“Grandpa, this is also possible from the analysis of my uncle. I think that the Qian family is a little worse than our Duan family, but if it is dealt with, it should not be possible for the Qian family to disappear unless it is violent against the Zhao family… What do you think?” Duan Wenwen analyzed.
The Duan family began to express their opinions.
“I think so, this person really doesn’t have much strength. The reason why they can destroy the money family, I see, what kind of killer organization may be engaged in a sneak attack, the shameless night attacked the Zhao family, and the Zhao family’s pens Things don’t usually pay attention to family defense. In family defense, it’s only less than one billion yuan per year. This is a gross? It is normal to be attacked by someone, but let this person bring someone to attack our Duan family? Don’t let him The army was wiped out, crying on my knees and crying for my mother’s begging for mercy, I’ll tell him his surname! … I see, this man is just a gangster who will kill and kill!”
“Big Brother’s thoughts are similar to mine. This person will not have too much money, and may not have more than our family. It’s very simple. After this person wiped out the Zhao family, he asked for all the property of the Zhao family! This means that he has no money! So I asked for the family property of the Zhao family! Then, he pointed to the Qian family, but when he found out, he couldn’t eat the Qian family, and he didn’t have such a big mouth, so he chose to give up… The strength is not enough, and I want to swallow the sky. Look at the people who are sitting on the well…”
“However, this person is able to make the Qian family like this, which is also amazing! How to say that the Qian family is almost finished this time,” the others disagreed.
“It’s finished? Your eyes saw that the Qian family was finished? The Qian family was broke this time, but it’s all family secrets, can outsiders get it?? I see, someone in the Qian family eats and eats, and the Zhao family is destroyed. The people have made their own home together, and may have been found, so they suddenly stopped, no news has been sent out, and they are still engaged in Mao? Can only stop!”
“Eh, Sixth Brother, what you said might be possible!”
“I think it’s possible.”
“It’s not possible, it’s all right!”
The people of the Duan family are expressing their opinions, and all feel. The person who killed the Zhao family is just doing a sneak attack, it is shameless!
If you come to the Duan family, you will definitely die!
Duan Wenwen’s beautiful eyes are all vigilant, and there is such a little doubt, is it true that several uncles analyzed and said? ?
“Wenwen, you said.” The head of the Duan family said.
Everyone looked at Duan Wenwen.
This girl is not very young, but she is smart!
Maybe there is a way to find this person.
“I think it’s better to look at it first. I’ll find a way to find out this person. After all, the Zhao family can be destroyed, and our Duan family has to be cautious!” Duan Wenwen analyzed.
“Wenwen, you can rest assured that after the Zhao family had an accident, I would have someone order a batch of items from the United States. It was already in place. This person dared to attack our Duan family at night, and he would definitely die! This is assured!” Dahan said.
“Uncle San, you are a master of fighting. You said that if there is no problem, there must be no problem,” Duan Wenwen smiled.
Yes, this man had been a soldier in the United States before, and even had his own mercenary regiment. He guarded the Duan family, and everyone was assured.
The rest of the Duan family are also at ease. A family guard is so vulnerable that it is really embarrassing. The Zhao family’s expenditure in this regard is stingy. The Duan family is absolutely not stingy. Three billion!
My own Duan family is absolutely solid! !
Want to attack at night? Dream!
“Then, I will find a way to find this person.” Duan Wenwen had an idea. At the very least, Qian Yueying could be used to find clues!
“it is good.”
“Just do what Wenwen said.” The Duan family basically agreed.
Duan Wenwen swayed his long legs and went out, now he is looking for Qian Yueying? Will she meet? This is still a problem, but it’s hard to fail yourself.
She smiled confidently and went to Qian Yueying to ask this question…
The same thing is happening in another of the four major families. The people in the family are analyzing who this person is. ?
But no one can figure out why.
Such a scene is also being staged in other places. Everyone is wondering, why should the Qian family, which should have collapsed, suddenly stop again?
What do the people behind this mean?
Many people are negotiating this. Is this person without strength? I can’t make money, so I gave up?
But no one knows.
Everything makes “this person” even more mysterious…

“Sister, when will you kill Chuck? I can’t wait,” Ouyang Fei, who has been training for a few days, feels that he has the talent to learn fighting. This is her ecstatic!
“Not enough!” Black Rose was indifferent. Her injury was not completely cured.
How could she take the risk to kill Chuck?
How to say, there is a Logan beside Chuck! Logan’s strength is particularly powerful! She all admit!
Ouyang Fei whispered in his heart: Not enough, the old lady took out your picture, see if you are enough!
But she did not dare to say clearly, she could only continue training.
Hope to improve yourself, she Ouyang Fei also want to be the killer first! !
Black Rose saw that Ouyang Fei was not lazy and did not steal. She thought she didn’t save the wrong person. This is a good seedling. You can train it well. It is estimated that she can do something in the killer world!
Going home in the evening, Ouyang Fei was already exhausted. Black Rose had stopped her from sleeping in a room. Ouyang Fei was not willing yet. Anyway, there were already photos of Black Rose.
Ouyang Fei wondered if he could do something else?
For example, extortion a little money? She thought about it, and she did it more and more. She must have a photo of Qian Yueying, and she must extort money!
She was thinking beautifully, and began to find a way to contact Qian Yueying, she must extort 10 billion! …

Yvette went home tiredly. She knew about the Qian family and knew that Chuck did it. She didn’t need to ask to know.
“Daughter, did you break up with Chuck? Haven’t seen him for so long?” Yan Li said.
“Mom, no,” Yvette has just done a task. In just a week, she has already done three tasks. Blood Leopard is slowly becoming famous in the killer world.
Yvette’s strength has become stronger!
She wanted to go to Beijing to find Chuck, and missed her especially.
“How’s the Zhao family taking over?” Yvette cared about this.
“Half, such a big family needs time,”
“Well, mom, I went back to the room to rest,”
“it is good.”
Yvette returned to the room, and she was tired of taking a bath to rest. She was a little lost in her heart. Chuck hadn’t called in a long time!
Forgot yourself? ?
“Husband, don’t you want me?” Yvette was frustrated. She wanted to go to the capital and go all night!
She packed up her things, and the thoughts in her heart became strong. When she came out of the room, Yan Li was stunned. “Daughter, what are you doing?”
What is this for luggage? Go out mission? Didn’t you just come back?
“I, I went out for a walk,” Yvette didn’t feel confident, and his mother still hated Chuck.
“Ah, go, go.” Yan Li is no longer wrong. She thought what happened between Chuck and Yvette.
“Thank you mom.”
Yvette went out, and she drove to the capital, where they lived now is another villa of the Zhao family, not far from the capital!
She drove all night and arrived in Beijing. She was going to find a place to stop and see where Chuck was, but she received the call and was organized by the killer.
“Me, I won’t take the task today.”
“Someone kills a man for 100 million, can you pick it up?” The phone’s voice was cold.
“One hundred million?” Yvette was very surprised. She has become famous recently, but she hasn’t reached this price yet, so the only possibility is this order, and no one dares to take it.
“Yes. One hundred million!”
“Who is it?” Yvette was interested, and she was thinking, her husband, I took the order and went to find you.

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