My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 484

Chuck heard Yvette think of himself, he smiled slightly, “Miss me?”
“Yes,” Yvette knew Chuck’s meaning, she kissed Chuck, “I really want to.”
Chuck smiled, but how about Yvette’s equipment?
What do you do with a cap?
Chuck stretched out his hand and took down his black hair. It was absolutely beautiful. Yvette put down her hair. She was pretty. She was a little bit shy of a woman. She wore a hat and was heroic.
Yvette didn’t feel any discomfort. After she was a killer, she was wearing a peaked cap. If other people touched her hat, she would definitely be angry, but Chuck touched, she didn’t have any.
“My wife is so beautiful,” Chuck said with emotion.
Chuck felt this way more and more. Yvette was so beautiful that she couldn’t describe it. The eyes in her eyes could change, she was indifferent to others, and she was a little bit shy about Chuck.
Yvette was happy, “But you don’t call me, husband…”
Yes, when Yvette is doing killer tasks, sometimes it is particularly boring. If Chuck calls, then Yvette will feel much better.
“I’m sorry,” Chuck was training recently, and he was tired after sleep after eating, so he didn’t call Yvette.
“Don’t say it, I’ll just talk about it,” Yvette covered Chuck’s mouth and stopped him from speaking.
Chuck smiled, “Wifey, you suddenly appeared here. Is there anything else?”
“No, I just miss you.” Yvette shook her head. She didn’t know how to say this. The reason why she took on this task was to delay the time.
At the very least, if someone else picks it up, isn’t someone going to assassinate Chuck immediately? ?
If it is Yvette, then Yvette will definitely not kill Chuck, but also to protect Chuck.
But Yvette was also sad at the time. She still wanted to be the killer first, but now she does so, then she will be chased by the team afterwards, so she can’t do the killer first.
But as the killer first, compared with Chuck’s safety, Yvette did not hesitate and chose Chuck’s safety.
“Then let’s go out, you shouldn’t have a meal, wait for the banquet,” Chuck said.
“I’m hungry,” Yvette came all the way and didn’t really eat anything.
Chuck pulled Yvette out, and Yvette bit her lip and hugged Chuck, “Hubby, stay here for a while, we haven’t seen you for a long time, do I want to talk to you?”
“Yeah, but this is the toilet,” Chuck certainly is willing, but just afraid of grievances to Yvette, what if other people come in? Yvette’s temperament was inherently shy.
Yvette snorted, “Little villain husband, at that time you still…don’t want to stay with me in the toilet now?”
Chuck was a little embarrassed, “Okay.”
He also wanted to ask Yvette what he was doing, what did Yvette do, he saw Yvette…

It hasn’t come out after so long, what is this doing in the toilet?
Loganmei’s eyes were always on her gaze. During the whole process, her eyes never left the bathroom.
“What else can you do? The two young men are together, and it’s still the toilet.
That can’t help but chant.” Logan said a beautiful friend. is it?
Logan was a little stunned, and then sighed.
Because she didn’t want to do this kind of thing at ordinary times, and her mind was as calm as water, she didn’t think in other directions at the time just now, thinking what the two people were talking about. Now, seeing that her friend is right, it really should be, Otherwise, it won’t be out for so long.
Loganmei wanted to leave, but she was uneasy to continue to watch and keep her eyes fixed. In this way, she would feel at ease, no matter what Chuck was doing, she would protect him.
She was thinking that she was in the same room with Chuck recently. Of course, Chuck also occasionally slept on the sofa and rested her head on her legs.
Logan would feel as if he had adapted to this feeling.
Although there was a sudden addition of a person in the room, and he was still a man, but he was not in violation of it. Logan liked this kind of spiritual communication.
Talking and listening to Chuck’s grunting voice, she will find it particularly interesting.
But Yvette came over today, so he certainly can’t stay in the same room with Chuck, then himself?
Sleeping at the door?
Then Chuck and Yvette in the room will definitely have a psychological burden and will disturb them.
And Logan would also feel sad. She would not let her have such strange thoughts because she heard what Chuck and Yvette did. She would not, she would only feel sad.
Because Logan admitted that she had Chuck in her heart, but seeing what Chuck and other women did, what could she do besides being “indifferent”?
She only buried the feelings in her heart silently, did not show it, did not disturb Chuck, did not bother Chuck, and made him happy, then this was what Logan wanted.
In fact, Logan sometimes thought that if she suddenly said affectionately to Chuck:
“Cer, I seem to like you…”
What is Chuck’s reaction?
Can you say this sentence yourself? ?
Logan sighed in his heart, he thought a lot about this kind of words, but he could not say it, because Logan’s temperament would not say such a thing.
So don’t sleep at the door, then sleep in your room?
But what if something goes wrong?
What if the black rose comes and you can’t stop it in time?
Logan is in a tangle, what should I do?
“Mr. Tang, what are you thinking?” her beautiful friend asked.
“It’s nothing.” Logan shook her head. The women looked at each other a few times.
One of them said seriously, “Logan!!”
“Well?” Logan looked at his friend in amazement. Why was he so serious? “what happened?”
“What’s wrong? Logan, you don’t know how serious you are now. We know what character Logan is, but you have to change yourself now!” the beautiful friend said seriously.
Logan was even more stunned.
“Yeah, look at us. We are the same age as you. We are like you and we are not married. But we are different from you. How many boyfriends have you changed since you look at us? Laohua, last Three boyfriends at the same time! But what about you? Don’t you think that you are among us, so it’s out of tune?”
“Yes, it’s out of place.” Another beautiful woman agreed.
Logan was so speechless that she knew what her friends were going to say. They had talked about this topic many times.
“So you have to change it, don’t say like us, make a few boyfriends at the same time, you have to try at least one person!”
“Ah, I have known Logan for so long. I basically haven’t seen Logan staying with other men. This time I saw a little fresh meat. It was actually called aunt. My God, Logan, you used money. Have bought the elder, let him not pull the red line for you??”
“No,” Logan shook his head silently.
“Then you try to pay one, if you don’t, then our sisters will find a good one for you, rest assured, for you, the kind that we have never touched, Logan, you can rest assured!”
“No,” Logan shook his head. On this topic, many times, these friends kept talking to themselves. Logan knew that these friends were doing it for their own good, but he didn’t have that idea.
“Ah, Logan, are you going to live alone in life? People have lived a life of seventy or eighty in this life, we have money, we can buy all kinds of medicines, and all kinds of good doctors can see doctors, we can live a little longer, but we will not survive Are you in your nineties? You are all thirty, what else do you want to do?”
The beautiful friend sighed and felt a pain for Logan. I have known Logan for so long, but I have always seen Logan alone.
It’s useless for them to worry.
Logan knows that she is thirty, but she… Logan is sad, and she is really old. If she is in her twenties, twenty-five, twenty-six, will you have the courage to tell Chuck that he likes him Anymore? ?
If it can, then Logan will give up all wealth, but is this possible? impossible!
“Logan, shouldn’t you ever have a boyfriend? Don’t you… lonely at night?” the beautiful friend asked, and several other friends looked at Logan.
Logan shook his head, “No, except for the affairs of men and women at night, in fact, I can read books, watch TV, and watch movies that I invested in. I am not lonely at all.”

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