My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 487

Logan was sad in the room.
Yvette said to Chuckxin, “Hubby, what have you done recently?”
Yvette must tell Chuck about someone wanting to kill Chuck.
Asked like this, Chuck didn’t hide much. He told the Qian family recently that Yvette was stunned. Then it shouldn’t be that the Qian family secretly contacted the killer organization. Who would it be?
“Hubby, you are more dangerous recently. I’m going to follow you,” Yvette is particularly serious. She feels more and more strange. Who is this person?
“Follow me?” Chuck is certainly willing, but it is still more dangerous to follow him.
The recent Black Rose, as well as Li Overlord, have to kill themselves.
“Yes, follow.” Yvette looked at Chuck seriously.
Must follow!
Chuck was moved and couldn’t help but say something in Yvette’s ear. Yvette was red and scared after hearing it, “Little villain… I’m yours, you’re alone, what do you want me to do, I’ll What to do, but my mother and I haven’t solved it. I can’t give you everything. Husband, will you be angry?”
Yvette is also getting more and more entangled, one side is the death of his father, the other side is Chuck who grew up together, hate her for reporting, but Chuck…
She doesn’t want to hurt even a little bit.
So what should I do? Too tangled.
Chuck embraced her, and of course Chuck knew the pressure of Yvette, so for so long, Chuck had not been married to Yvette.
This is to respect Yvette and not to put too much pressure on her.
But Chuck sighed, what will happen to Yvette in the end? ?
Chuck didn’t know himself. Anyway, what he knew was that his mother and Yvette, he didn’t want any of them to do any harm.
Chuck knows that he is selfish, but is there any way?
Both were silent. Yvette didn’t want to make Chuck unhappy. She whispered,
“Husband, little villain, do I need to do anything?”
Chuck looked at her and sighed.
Yvette tenderly said, “I promise, before I do anything to your mother, I will definitely tell you, absolutely, can I guarantee it?”
Of course Chuck believed, sighed in his heart, but smiled.
Yvette kissed Chuck, “That’s right, husband, little villain.”
Yvette blushed and looked at Chuck. Only Chuck could make her like this. Other men, she would not look at it more.
Chuck really hasn’t been with Yvette for a long time. Yvette now really cooperates with Chuck. As long as Chuck says, Yvette will definitely cooperate.
With such a wife, what more do you want?
I smelled the scent in the morning. It was Logan who made breakfast. The two of them got up. Chuck was too happy last night. There was no way to have a good wife.
When the two went out, Logan saw that they were in a good state of mind, and they must have been good last night.
She was sad, she didn’t have it last night, and she wouldn’t let her have a woman’s idea because Chuck and Yvette were together, she didn’t.
It’s just that she didn’t sleep much all night, just watching movies all the time, reading books when she was bored, or just exercising. She never felt that one night was so hard.
But Logan had no other thoughts than sadness. She had no jealousy. Logan was a gentle woman, she would not be jealous of others, and she would not do anything to hurt the feelings of Chuck and Yvette. .
She will bury this sorrow in her heart and keep burying it…
Seeing Chuck and Yvette finish their breakfast, she went to clean up and kept smiling. When she arrived at the kitchen, Chuck and Yvette disappeared, and her eyes were dimmed…
At this time, Yvette came in, “Aunt Logan,”
She can only call it like Chuck.
“Well, is there something wrong?” Logan smiled slightly.
Yvette closed the kitchen door. Logan looked stunned and put down the bowl in her hand. She seriously asked, “Aren’t you coming over suddenly?”
“I… received a task of murder, 100 million remuneration.” Yvette said straightly, Logan knew she was a killer, so she didn’t need to hide it.
“One hundred million reward? That’s pretty good, wait, who are you killing?”
Loganmei was surprised.
Yvette was silent.
Logan understood, “You came here to kill Ceer? No, you came to protect Ceer?”
“So, someone paid 100 million in remuneration, and the one to kill was Ceer? You took the order?”
“Yes, I took it.”
Loganmei has a cold light. She knows the rules of the killer organization. She can’t ask if she asks, but someone actually killed Chuck at such a low price? ?
Yes, 100 million is too low for Chuck’s life.
What Logan thought of, “Then you are not breaking the killer’s rules?”
“My husband is more important than anything,”
Logan looked at Yvette again. She was a little relieved. At the very least, even though Yvette had hatred against Karen Lee, Yvette knew that Chuck was innocent.
“Well, I know,” Logan would be more vigilant, but as a killer, Yvette has a time limit for killing. During this time, the killer organization will not let other killers come over except Yvette. Kill Chuck, so this period of time is considered safe.
Can solve the black rose with all my strength.
Yvette felt so relieved, “Aunt Logan, thank you for taking care of Chuck during this time.”
“Should be.” Logan smiled.
When Yvette went out, Logan’s eyes flashed. Who is it?
In the next few days, Yvette and Chuck were inseparable. Until last night, Logan was too tired to fall asleep and fell asleep. She dreamed of the kiss outside the bar.
After the kiss, the two chatted and kept talking. Logan liked this dream, she didn’t want to wake up…

Qian Yueying was shocked. She suddenly had a stranger’s number on her mobile phone to add WeChat, but she added it, but the other party sent a smiley face when Qian Yueying was puzzled.
This person sent a series of photos, own photos!
Qian Yueying was angry at once, Ouyang Fei! !
She passed the voice call and answered, the other party was Ouyang Fei, but when connected, Ouyang Fei laughed jokingly.
“What do you want to do?” Qian Yueying was angry, and the last thing she wanted to see was still happening. Ouyang Fei still had too many photos. The key is the video…
She has been asking people to find Ouyang Fei for the past few days, but there is no result. Ouyang Fei seems to be missing as if she is missing.
Look now, Qian Yueying is flustered and angry!
She must know what Ouyang Fei sent photos to do, this is blackmailing herself.
“Oh, Qian Yueying, what are you doing so angry? Do you think the pictures I took for you are artistic? Haha, I think there is. Your figure is so good that I am envious of a woman. How do you maintain it? Got? What did you eat?” Ouyang Fei laughed, but Qian Yueying’s figure, she really envied.
“You are shameless! What do you want to do? Say!!!” Qian Yueying was so annoyed that her own photo was actually taken by such a woman. She regretted that she did not strangle Ouyang Fei that day!
“Nothing, I think, your figure is so good, I don’t seem to appreciate it alone. So, I decided to let more people appreciate and appreciate you Qian Yueying, the four big families, the Qian family What do you think of the most beautiful woman’s body?” Ouyang Fei sneered.
She was happy to die, and found this revenge too interesting.
“How much does it cost!” Qian Yueying said one word!
“Oh, you are so refreshing, then you changed my mind, well, I don’t want too much, 100 billion!” Ouyang Fei said excitedly.
“What?” Qian Yueying was angry, 100 billion? This Ouyang Fei really can say it!
Qian Jia because of Chuck, many industries need a lot of funds to fill the vacancies. Of course, 100 billion could be easily taken out, but now, Qian Jia can’t afford much money in this situation!
Ouyang Fei’s big opening came to this point, her ambition was too big! !
“What are you so angry about doing? You scared me, so I want to distribute your photos, hehe, you big beauty, many people want to see you…” Ouyang Fei ha sneered!

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