My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 49

The only person whose name carne to Zelda’s mind was Chuck. After all, he had bought two cars and a house, and that was already 10 million dollars in total, but….
She was still confused: She didn’t know how much Harold Wendel had sold the whole plaza. From what she knew, it should be at least 600 million dollars. Did Chuck have so much money though?
After all, there was a huge gap between ten million dollars and six hundred million dollars! At least for her, she couldn’t have taken out so much money at one time. Thinking of this, Zelda rejected the idea that the new boss was Chuck. Was it him or not?
Zelda felt a little uncomfortable. If it was really Chuck, she would actually be slightly angry. Did he actually buy this whole plaza just to stop her from taking over Yvette’s store? She had already told her in advance, but he chose Yvette and gave up her proposal.
Zelda shook her head and felt more uncomfortable. She was conflicted and confused. Forget it, she would go and ask him in person later.
“Director Maine, come in and have some tea” Yvette invited her.
“How long have you known Chuck?” Zelda asked.
“It’s been a long time.”
“Who are Chuck’s parents?”
“He doesn’t have one. It’s been like that since young.”
“No parents?” Zelda was even more confused. If not, where did he get the money to buy a car and a house. If so, the new owner of the plaza couldn’t be him. Zelda’s worries cleared up and she felt more comfortable.
“No need. I’m just here to have a look. Continue your work.”
Zelda turned around and left Yvette was a little confused, but she didn’t think much about it and went back to the office. Since the contract had been renewed, she had to start improving her company’s business.
However, Zelda turned back when she reached the door. “Do you know that there is a new owner of this plaza?”
Yvette was stunned and shook her head. “I don’t know.”
Was there a change of ownership? This was such a big plaza, and the ownership had changed? When did this happen?
“Someone rich managed to buy the place a few days ago at about 600 or 700 dllion dollars,” Zelda said.
Yvette was surprised. A few days ago, when Chuck had helped her get back at Manager Yam, the big boss of the plaza was still Mr Wendel. How did someone spend so much money to take over the plaza in just a few days? She suddenly thought of a person. Could it be the baller?
But, it was a matter of 6 to 7 hundred million dollars, could he actually be that rich? If so, it would be simply incredible! Could she only be able to renew the contract because the baller had bought the plaza, or was it because he knew the owner of the plaza? Yvette was a little confused, because this news was too shocking to her. She’d had to ask the baller properly later.
Zelda saw Yvette’s surprised look and didn’t continue. Yvette didn’t even know the plaza had a new boss. So how could she know who the new boss was?
Zelda was about to go out, but Yvette came to her senses and said in a hurry, ”Director Maine, do you know who this new boss is?”
“Nope, his identity is very mysterious since he didn’t announce It to the public,” Zelda shook her head and said.
“Thank you….” Yvette murmured to herself.
Zelda walked out.
Yvette returned to the office. After hesitating for a while, she sent another message to the baller: I want to know how you helped me?
When Chuck received this message, he was a little surprised. What did she mean by ”how he helped her?” Chuck thought about it and replied, “I asked my friend to step in and help.”
“Did your friend buy the plaza?” Yvette said.
This sentence was short but still gave Chuck a shock. How did Yvette know that someone had bought the plaza? Only a few people knew about the whole thing. Could it be Zelda? It should be her. Maybe she said it by accident when they had dinner last time.
As Chuck thought so, Yvette’s message came in again, “Did you buy it?”
Chuck had a headache just thinking about it. Perhaps, Yvette thought that she could renew the contract because he bought it. She was smart enough to think of this possibility.
“No.” Chuck replied, but he felt a little regretful soon after. She didn’t know who he was, so there was probably no harm if he admitted it.
“Well, I thought it was you who bought it. If it was you, then I would be really curious to who you are.”
“Well, thank you.”
“No problem..” Yvette put down her phone and murmured to herself. The baller had been so nice to her, could he be someone she knew? Yvette shook her head. She did know some people, but most just wanted to sleep with her, not to mention that they didn’t have the financial ability. Who the hell are you then? Yvette stared at the baller’s profile picture.
Chuck put down his phone and felt a little regretful. He should have admitted directly just now. Then, he could directly ask Yvette if she can wanted to be his girlfriend. However, if she agreed, what.. what would he do?
Chuck sighed. He and Yolanda made detailed plans for the plaza until late in the evening. He had wanted to send Queenie back, but she went back to school on her own by car after work. She probably didn’t want to trouble “Yolanda”….
Chuck could only drive Yolanda back to school. However, when they arrived at the parking lot, his mobile phone rang. He looked at it and smiled. It was Zelda. Zelda’s lace pants were still at his house. She had probably just thought of it, so she would probably ask him when he would be coming back in a roundabout way.
Sure enough, when the call was connected, Zelda’s voice sounded a little embarrassed. “When will you be back? I need to ask you something…”
Zelda hesitated to tell him. If Chuck found out, she would be embarrassed.
“It’ll take a while,” Chuck said. He was slightly remorseful that he didn’t use it when he went back that morning. Well, this idea was quite lecherous though. Chuck was speechless at himself.
“Well, tell me when you come back.” Zelda sighed in relief. Chuck probably didn’t notice. The call ended.
Yolanda turned around and walked to school. All of a sudden, a good-looking male student appeared. It was William Yuri, Yolanda’s boyfriend.
She was surprised to see him and asked, “Why are you here?”
William looked at the BMW seven series but did not manage to see who the driver was. He walked over to Yolanda and said, “Why am I here? I’ve heard that you’ve been frequently finding this student named Chuck Cannon. Shouldn’t you give me an explanation about this?”
“There’s nothing to explain. I had some stuff to ask him.” Yolanda shook her head.
“Some stuff?” William looked at the BMW 7 Series which had just left. “Was the person driving the car just now Chuck?”
He had already confirmed the rumours that Chuck was a poor man who managed to pick up some cash out of luck these days. From what he heard, it was only a mere two thousand dollars, so he could never afford to drive a BMW 7 series. The reason why he asked was that his girlfriend was sent back by a man. What the hell? He needed to know who the driver was!
“No.” Yolanda shook her head. Seems like she couldn’t allow Chuck to send her back anymore.
“Of course I know it’s not him. I’m asking you who was the one who drove you back just now.” William stared at Yolanda.
Yolanda glanced at him and continued to make her way into the school, ignoring him. William was a bit angry. He grabbed her by the arm and said, “If you don’t make it clear today, I won’t let you in!”
“Let go!’ Yolanda’s expression hardened.
“Yolanda Lane, don’t I have a car? My Ferrari is several times better than the car he drove just now. You want to hitch a ride on such a garbage car instead of my extravagant car?” William’s expression was gloomy indicating that he was really angry.
“Don’t judge a person by his appearance. It’s useless to compete in cars.” Yolanda shook her head.
“Then let’s compare wealth? Okay, call him now and ask him to turn back. I’d like to see who this person who’s richer than me is!” William sneered.

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