My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 491

“The place where Ouyang Fei is located is over there. I checked. It is an ordinary hotel! But this hotel I know, many people will live here, safe! Ouyang Fei… No, the possibility of black roses hiding in this place Very high!” Logan pointed to a hotel in the distance.
This is a very desolate suburb. This hotel is actually not a hotel, but a hotel.
Chuck and Yvette look, Chuck now wants to know, how did Ouyang Fei and Black Rose come together?
Ouyang Fei really has the ability to deceive people!
Even the black rose was deceived, and Ouyang Fei took the photo. I wonder what mood the black rose would know? ?
“Now we have to get off, drive too close, you will be discovered by Black Rose, Ceer, you follow us behind.” Logan got out of the car.
Chuck, Yvette of course got off.
Chuck still has experience in this kind of assassination. He follows Logan, but Chuck asked Yvette to be so vigilant. Chuck whispered, “Wifey, why are you so experienced?”
“I?” Yvette was stunned. This was her instinctive reaction. At the very least, she has been a killer for a while!
Yvette looked strange at Chuck. She secretly looked at Logan walking in front. She kissed Chuck and she froze.
“Wifey, what are you doing?”
“You said I have experience, so kiss you,” Yvette successfully changed the subject.
Chuck smiled and whispered in Yvette’s ear, Yvette’s face was red, this little villain husband…
But she also breathed a sigh of relief. If Chuck thoroughly asked, she didn’t know how to answer.
Chuck really wants to know that he has become a killer, will Chuck be disappointed with himself? ?
Yvette worried.
“Aunt Logan, how should we get in?” Chuck couldn’t see the hotel in the distance.
“You guys.” Loganmei stared at the hotel. She actually wanted to go straight in, but she would definitely not work alone.
She looked back at Yvette.
“Yvette, you and Ce’er are guarding in that place, hide, unless I call you, don’t come out, if the black rose comes out, you shoot a gun at her! But remember, black rose Not so good to deal with, up to three shots, if not, leave immediately!” Logan took out the gun to Yvette.
In fact, Yvette had a gun hidden on her body, but in order not to let Chuck see the abnormality, she did not take it out.
Yvette took the gun and explained.
“Aunt Logan,” Chuck worried.
“Be good, okay?” Logan smiled softly.
Chuck sighed, his strength has improved, but still has a gap with Logan, he still don’t want to drag Logan behind.
Logan was relieved.
Logan’s beautiful eyes flashed and quickly went to the hotel!
“Husband, let’s hide here,” Yvette pulls Chuck to Logan’s place and hides with Chuck.
Yvette stared at the outside. This place can leave at any time, or secretly put a cold gun on the black rose. It is a good place.
“Hubby, don’t worry?” Yvette looked worried at Chuck, and she also felt distressed.
Chuck sighed, why not worry?
I hope Aunt Logan can find the black rose, and Chuck also hopes that he can protect Logan quickly.
She is a woman and Chuck wants to protect her because she is too good for herself.
Logan has entered the hotel…

“Sister, I know I was wrong, I knew I was wrong,” Ouyang Fei begged. She could feel the coldness of the black rose. This is to kill herself!
“Give me the phone!!” Black Rose said coldly.
Ouyang Fei cried and took out her cellphone trembling. How did Black Rose know that she had shot her? ?
Black Rose picked up the phone and opened it. For a few seconds, she frowned, slap, and slapped Ouyang Fei’s face heavily.
“I’m sorry, I don’t dare anymore, I dare not,” Ouyang Fei cried for mercy.
With her head down, she was thinking insincerely, but she had a dagger on her body. If you really wanted to kill me, I would stab you with you! !
“I told you on the first day, don’t use your phone to contact anyone, do you think my words are by the ears?” The black rose grabbed Ouyang Fei’s neck and lifted her.
Ouyang Fei was frightened, but he was at ease. It turned out that Black Rose didn’t get angry for taking pictures of herself, was that for?
Ouyang Fei was angry, that Qian Yueying was actually looking for herself!
Fortunately, it was discovered by Black Rose.
“Sister, I will never dare again.” Ouyang Fei begged for mercy.
Black Rose saw the photo on this WeChat, she showed disgust, “You are also a woman, why do you want to take pictures of other women’s women, and want to blackmail her? You do, deserve to be a killer?”
Black Rose particularly despised such behavior, ruthlessly, but don’t be so shameless.
“Sorry sister, I don’t dare anymore,” Ouyang Fei was scared, afraid that Black Rose would find her picture, then she would be in pain.
“In addition to the woman you photographed, who did you photograph?” Black Rose asked coldly. This Ouyang Fei is actually such a person. It is suitable to be a killer, but you may not be able to do it yourself one day.
What if I also took a picture of myself? This is impossible, Black Rose knows his own situation, this Ouyang Fei has no chance, and dare not!
“No, where do I go to take pictures of other people.” Ouyang Fei was so scared, did the black rose discover something?
“Warning you, don’t be so shameless to be a killer! Understand? It’s okay to kill a person, but taking someone’s photo for extortion is an insult to the killer!”
Black Rose hummed loosely and returned the phone to Ouyang Fei, “Others have come here,”
Yes, Black Rose has his own way of knowing this, so he is particularly angry.
If not, Ouyang Fei still has a little use, otherwise, Black Rose killed Ouyang Fei as soon as he came in.
“Sister, what should we do?” Ouyang Fei was angry. Qian Yueying, you are looking for death!
“Clean up things, we will leave here immediately!” Black Rose looked at the phone in Ouyang Fei’s hand and said coldly.
“Okay, sister, wait a minute,” Ouyang Fei was busy packing and going out with Black Rose.
She decided to make Qian Yueying look good when she went out! !
Let men all over the world see your photos.
But Black Rose took out the gun vigilantly, and her sixth sense told her that a master came over here.
Be careful yourself!
She took Ouyang Fei out, and suddenly a bullet came over!
Black roses and blue eyes appeared cold, Ouyang Fei’s face was white, “Sister, give me a gun.”
Black Rose looked back at her, and gave her a gun.
Ouyang Fei started learning yesterday. boom!
The bullet was empty, and there was a trace of surprise in the black rose and blue eyes. It was possible to do this. Is it her? ?
As a killer, Black Rose knows the habits of every gunman. She has already fought with Logan several times. How could she not feel it?
So, Ouyang Fei blackmailed the woman in the photo, how could Logan come here?
The black rose felt strange.
However, the current enemy is strange and useless, so Logan is coming, is Chuck nearby?
Black roses and big blue eyes are all cold. Since this is the case, let’s break it today! !
After she fired a shot, she certainly couldn’t hit Logan, but she looked back at Ouyang Fei and trained her for so long, she could come in handy.
Logansong was really a black rose here. She just saw the black rose and protected Ouyang Fei. She didn’t know what to say. For Ouyang Fei, Logan was very annoying. She pointed a gun accurately at one. Place, pull the trigger!
There was no hit, but Logan could be brought closer and continue to look for other shelters. Logan was wary of approaching. This one is very powerful for Black Roses and must be careful. downstairs!
Both Chuck and Yvette heard the gunshots. Chuck was nervous and worried. He believed Logan, but he was also worried!
Yvette has been watching, she has been a killer for this period of time, already has a particularly good psychological quality, she must seize the opportunity!
While Chuck was waiting, the phone rang suddenly, it was WeChat, he was not going to read it, but it rang for several times in a row, he took it out to see it, clicked to see it, it was actually Ouyang Fei, this woman sent a message What are you doing here?
She sent: “Come and come to me, I have killed Black Rose!!”

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