My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 493

When the black rose threw out the bomb, Logan had noticed it for a long time, so he reacted instantly and ran aside to find a cover.
The bomb exploded and it was all dust. Black Rose did not see Logan killed. She was ready to leave here in exasperation. She is now injured. Knowing the gap between Logan and continue to leave!
However, Loganmei’s eyes shot cold, and rushing over was a kick.
The perfect long legs kicked out, and the black rose frowned, and he raised his long legs to greet him. The two beauties were so fierce!
If there is a man at this time, it will definitely be attracted by the picture at this time, which is too charming. suddenly!
“Aunt Logan…” This is Chuck’s voice.
Full of anxiety and panic!
“Cer,” Logan was stunned. How did Chuck come up? ?
After less than a second of hesitation, Black Rose seized the opportunity and kicked Logan!
This foot was the full power of the first female killer. Logan was kicked and hit the wall. He coughed up a spit of blood, and a pair of beautiful eyes lost a little charm.
Logan was originally shot, but now he was kicked, and he was seriously injured.
Black Rose sneered, “Well, when fighting, you are most taboo and distracted, you have been jealous!!!”
Logan got up and reached out and wiped the blood from the corner of her mouth.
Her eyes were turning and she used her energy. “Cer, I’m fine, don’t come up!
Black Rose kicked Logan’s heart with such a kick. She was a little overwhelmed.
This foot was too heavy.
Black Rose walked over with her beautiful long legs. Her big blue eyes were all cold. “I will give you another chance. It is not easy to meet an opponent. Now you say you don’t care about it anymore. about you!!”
Yes, such a person as Black Rose has reached the pinnacle of the world’s killer. In her life, in addition to being in the same person again and again, Karen Lee suffered a loss, this Logan can barely do this. .
Experts are sympathetic.
Black Rose cherishes this master Logan!
Logan was unimpressed. “Did you say it was too early? Just kicked me.”
“Then you die!” Black Rose’s long legs kicked out.
She is also a master of fighting, mastering the fighting skills of one-hit killing!
Logan immediately counterattacked, and the two beauties fought again. What a beautiful picture. Suddenly, there was a sound of pulling the trigger, and a bullet came from a dark corner. boom!
With a thousand shots, Logan turned around and the bullet hit his body and banged. Logan bumped against the wall, her beautiful face suddenly turned pale like snow, and blood flowed down from Logan.
The black rose frowned, and the person who shot came out, excited Ouyang Fei! !
She went down just now and attacked Chuck and Yvette. She fled up and saw Logan fighting with Black Rose. Of course she shot with a cold gun. She had no impression of this woman, but came with Chuck Everyone will die!
Ouyang Fei came with a sneer and sarcastically, “Are you very good, can you even get better bullets?”
Logan held her bloody muzzle in her hand, and her body was numb with pain.
Logan’s cold muzzle pointed at Logan, who had no fear and no expression.
“Who let you shoot?” Black Rose said coldly.
“Sister, of course, this kind of pen is going to be shot with a gun. It’s what time it is. It’s best to kill her with a shot!” Ouyang Fei was full of anger.
The black rose has a hint of anger! She is a killer, one is one, although she kills everyone, but when fighting, she enjoys this process, which is not understandable by the fledgling Ouyang Fei.
For the killer, enjoy this process!
Ouyang Fei interrupted Black Rose while enjoying it.
“Sister, look at her like this, it’s really embarrassing, I just shot her waste just now, so I don’t have to do it yourself, and let me solve her,” Ouyang Fei pointed her gun at Logan with a proud face. !
Now as long as she knows Chuck, then she meets and she will kill!
“Fight, why don’t you fight?” Ouyang Fei mocked.
Logan stared at her, Ouyang Fei laughed, “Look at your pretty face, why are you so beautiful?”
The cold muzzle slides on Logan’s face, “This gun can make your head blossom and make you ugly to death, do you know?”
Logan coughed and blood came out constantly. If this shot wasn’t the reaction she had just reacted to, otherwise she was shot dead just now.
Ouyang Fei had only been in contact with the gun for two days and was able to hit Logan with one shot. She was indeed too talented for killers!
Logan had no fear, but had a little regret. It was not that he died in the hands of a girl, but that he did not tell Chuck how he felt about him.
“Please, please, I can make you die a little bit faster, and keep your beautiful face.”
Ouyang Fei is happy, he should be a killer early, stepping all these people under his feet!
“Stupid thing, you are too close to her!” Black Rose scolded! !
How can a first-rate combat master fail to fight back? Yes, Logan just prepared to do this just now, and only needs Ouyang Fei to go one step further.
Ouyang Fei was angry and slapped Logan on the face.
Snapped! !
A hand print appeared on Logan’s beautiful face. For the first time in his life, Logan was beaten.
“Do you still want her to sneak attack on me? C!” Ouyang Fei’s grimace!
Logan has no expression, “I will kill you!!!”
“Can you still kill me? Haha! Go to die you! Shabi! The old lady collapsed your head with a shot, making you ugly!” Ouyang Fei laughed, full of ridicule.
She decided to give Logan the biggest insult and let Chuck know that she was wrong with herself at first!
Ouyang Fei’s fingers were moving, pulling the trigger.
Logan closed her beautiful eyes and died. She was not afraid, but regretted.
Logan sighed…
“Click, click!”
Ouyang Fei will continue to pull the trigger to kill Logan, but no bullets are left.
Ou Yangfei slaps Logan’s face with an angry slap, but Logan instantly opens her beautiful eyes and tries his best to punch out!
Ouyang Fei screamed and fell to the ground.
She climbed up in exasperation, “c!! The old lady killed you!”
Ouyang Fei trained, and was not Logan’s opponent, but Logan got two shots. She didn’t have much strength and was kicked on the ground by Ouyang Fei. She spit out blood again.
But without fear, he was still climbing.
Logan knew that he could not be afraid, not afraid of being beaten even if he died?
Ouyang Fei snorted, used Black Rose to teach this time, one-on-one attack, the Black Rose next to him was a little surprised, Ouyang Fei’s talent seems to be higher than himself, and in time, it can really exceed himself!
Black Rose thinks she can kill anyone, but there is also a little bit of a killer bottom line. For example, when fighting just now, she never thought of using a gun, but Ouyang Fei is different. She has no bottom line, as long as she can kill, what Everything will be done, this woman is terrible!
Now the black rose, give Ouyang Fei such a comment!
Ouyang Fei kicked Logan’s foot and came to the wound. Logan’s muzzle was getting more and more blood. Her face was as pale as paper. Ouyang Fei laughed and kicked again. Logan’s beautiful eyes were sad.
Ouyang Fei proud, stepped on such a woman, it is the coolest! !
“Beg me, my old lady asked you to beg me, did you hear me?” Ouyang Fei laughed wildly, she was also pretty, but such a cold smile made her look particularly cruel.
A slap hit Logan’s face. Logan was lying on the ground. She had no strength. Her vision was blurred and she lost too much blood.
“Haha,” Ouyang Fei grabbed Logan’s neck and said, “Big beauty, you are so beautiful, you should be a little famous, in China? I think you should be more famous than Qian Yueying, she, you know Did I take a picture of her? Later, I will let everyone in the world appreciate it. You, I think I should take a few photos, haha, that should be very interesting!”
Loganmei is cold, “What are you doing?”
“Haha, afraid? Haha. I said I took your photos, but I am a professional photographer. After I killed you, I took your photos to find your family and let your family give me all your money. , Are you okay?” Ouyang Fei laughed proudly. This idea is good!

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