My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 495

Logan’s idea was firm. She felt the sharpness of the dagger on her neck. As long as she turned her head gently, her life would end and Chuck would not kneel for others.
Chuck’s eyes were beating, he saw the firmness in Loganmei’s eyes, what was he doing? ?
Chuck’s heartbeat must stop!
Logan is ready to move! End yourself.
“Bitch?! Want to commit suicide! Did the old lady agree!” Ouyang Fei suddenly discovered Logan’s anomaly, and really moved the dagger and pinched Logan’s neck.
Logan struggled with pain. The blood from her muzzle drew the blood from her body and the strength of her body. She felt very sleepy and sleepy, could she not even die!
“No.” Logan shook her head in pain.
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“She? The old lady changed her mind, sister, killed Chuck!” Ouyang Fei said fiercely.
Black Rose also has this meaning. She feels that she can’t drag it for too long.
Someone else may come over, so for the sake of extraordinary luck!
Now, Chuck is dead! !
Black Rose swayed her long legs and kicked on Chuckxin’s mouth. Chuckfei flew out, hit a table, and fell into the rubble.
Pain and suffocation like syncope made Chuck lie on the ground for three seconds and he couldn’t get up for three seconds. He gritted his teeth and climbed up. If Logan remembered, he should die with dignity.
“Not yet dead?”
Black Rose kicked his long legs, Chuck was kicked again, Ouyang Fei laughed, kicked well! !
“Big beauty, you can rest assured, Chuck is dead, it’s your turn, I won’t forget to take pictures of you, rest assured! Haha!” Ouyang Fei grinning wildly.
This kind of feeling is really good. Ouyang Fei is more determined to be a powerful killer!
Many people are afraid of themselves!
Logan’s eyes were empty, she had never felt such a heartache, Chuck hurt like this…
Black Rose sneered, Chuck could still get up, even if he was covered in blood.
But Chuck insisted that he would die with dignity!
The black rose was cold, “So, you can die!”
The long legs are raised, this foot is the most powerful fighting attack of Black Rose, one foot can kick the ribs, then Chuck will die at this foot! !
Chuck relaxes, and there is nothing to be afraid of dying. At the very least, it is good to be able to die with Logan.
He faced it calmly.
“Cer,” Logan felt Chuck’s calmness.
“Aunt Logan,” Chuck whispered softly. It’s nothing. If you die, you die…
The two closed their eyes.
Suddenly, there were gunshots!
A hot bullet came over, “Black Rose, do you dare to kill my husband?”
This voice is full of anger, Yvette’s! !
The bullet hit the black rose, and the black rose hummed to the ground. She got up and ran to Ouyang Fei.
Icy eyes came from a distance, come quickly, Yvette!
“Let her go!” Yvette’s eyes were red!
Her heartache Chuck was tortured like this, she heartache!
“Release? You put down the gun, otherwise I will stab her!” Ouyang Fei sneered, she was not afraid!
At this time, she was already stunned by excitement, it can be said that she was close to crazy!
Yvette shot at Logan, “Aunt Logan…”
Logan nodded. boom!
Yvette pulled the trigger, and the cold muzzle fired a bullet, which hit Logan’s shoulder, shot through, and then the bullet hit Ouyang Fei. Ouyang Fei was overwhelmed and retreated painfully!
Black Rose was shocked and immediately pulled Ouyang Fei into a place.
Logan was lying on the ground paralyzed! boom. boom. boom! !
Yvette pulled the trigger angrily, the bullet was shot frantically, she chased up!
“Aunt Logan, Aunt Logan…”
Chuck ran like crazy, tears in his eyes blurred, hugged Logan’s body, Logan was tired, pale to the point of distress.
“Cer, I…” Logan used her last effort to tell Chuck that when you were outside the bar that night, the person you kissed was actually yourself.
But when Logan reached her lips, she couldn’t tell. She was dying, so she buried the words in her heart forever.
That’s okay…
Logan’s hand fell down, his eyes closed, and the crystal tears came out.
There was no pain on her face, there was peace, and a smile…
“Aunt Logan.” Chuck’s tears came out and shook Logan’s body, but Logan didn’t move, so she lay on the ground.
He was madly called Logan, and no one answered. He was in pain to the extreme.
Logan died, and his Aunt Logan died.
Chuck cried, tearing his heart apart.
He looked at Logan’s lips, he thought of it, artificial respiration.
He did this and inhaled. At this time, Chuck had no idea. What he wanted was to wake up Logan and let her come back.
“Aunt Logan, you wake up, wake up…” Chuck screamed loudly at her lips, and the pain caused Chuck to numb and repeat this action mechanically. He knew that this was the only way to save Logan Hope, as long as there is a breath, then sent to the hospital and still be saved!
“Aunt Logan.” Chuck was crying wildly.
Tears dripped on Logan’s face, and suddenly her eyelashes were moving, Chuck noticed, ecstatic, this is useful!
“Aunt Logan.” Chuck cried.
“Ce, Ceer…I’m not dead yet?” Logan was powerless. She had a dream just now.
She dreamed that she was lying on the ground and couldn’t wake up. She felt uncomfortable breathing, but she had a breath It sucked in, and she felt good, so her eyes opened.
“I’m not dead, I’ll take you to the hospital,” Chuck ran away with Logan holding him. He had just tried to lose Logan’s feeling, suffering, wanting to die, and she didn’t want to try anymore.
Logan was so hugged by Chuck, she was very satisfied, she was not dead, and she still had a sense of security. This was given to her by Chuck. At this time, she just wanted to be a little woman, an obedient little woman…
“Husband, husband.” Yvette ran over. She just hunted down Black Rose and Ouyang Fei. She had shot each of them two times, but they were still run by them.
Yvette worried about Chuck, so Ran back.
“Wifey, go drive, go drive.” Chuck called out.
“Okay,” Yvette rushed down and drove. Chuck put Logan in. Yvette stepped on the throttle to the end. The rumbling took Chuck Logan to the hospital.
“Husband, which Ouyang Fei’s mobile phone is this,” Yvette put the mobile phone over. When Ouyang Fei ran just now, he accidentally flicked the mobile phone out.
Yvette knew that there were photos in it, so he picked it up.
Chuck’s hand was holding the phone, his eyes were blood red, Ouyang Fei! !
“Aunt Logan, you insist on it, the hospital will arrive immediately.” Chuck said, he had called and called Betty to let Betty inform Beijing, Logan’s hospital, to prepare all kinds of first aid!
Logan can’t die! !
“Well,” Logan felt at ease, even though she was particularly miserable at this time.
Yvette drove along the road, and soon arrived at the hospital, Chuckhu Tang Tang came out, put Logan on the emergency cart, and rushed in with the doctor, his eyes are all tense, Aunt Logan, you must live, Hold on, hold on! !

Black Rose’s face was pale, and she used her red dagger to dig out the bullets in her body. She was really angry, but this time she failed! And it made me like this!
“Sister, sister,” Ouyang Fei, according to the method of black roses, endured the pain, dug out the bullet, she lay prostrate on the ground like a prostration, hate in her eyes! !
Yvette, everything is you, if you don’t appear, all my plans can be realized! Kill Chuck and shoot Logan! But you, stop it!
Ouyang Fei, the hatred of Yvette at this moment is extremely extreme!
“where are we going?”
Black Rose’s face was ugly. This injury must be returned to the United States for cultivation. Otherwise, Chuck found him, so he must have died.
“Back to the rice country!!!” said the black rose coldly, Ouyang Fei cold, rice country? I haven’t been to Ouyang Fei!
“But here…”
“Relax, you will follow me back to the United States. In three months, I will train you to be a first-class killer. When the time comes, you and I will come to China again and kill three of them!!” Black Rose is cold!
“Okay, as long as my sister is willing to train me, I will never let my sister down!”
Ouyang Fei said fiercely!

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