My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 497

“Aunt Logan, are you hungry? I’ll buy it for you,” Chuck cares.
In fact, Chuck was particularly surprised. Logan’s powerful woman had no temper in front of her. Anyway, she always smiled, as if she had always been in a good mood.
“I’m not hungry, you go to rest, you are also injured,” Logan shook his head and said distressedly.
“I’m not going, I want to accompany Aunt Logan, can you?” Chuck didn’t want to go, now he wanted to stay with Logan who was almost lost, and didn’t want to leave for a moment.
“Yes, there is a bed next to it, you can sleep.” Logan smiled softly.
“No, I want to hold Aunt Logan’s hand,”
Chuck wanted to feel Logan’s temperature, for fear that she suddenly had no body temperature, and suddenly no pulse, then Chuck would regret it all her life.
“Well,” Logan was willing, as long as Chuckti asked, she would meet and promise.
Chuck took Logan’s hand and closed his eyes contentedly. This was the same as sleeping on Logan’s lap. It was particularly at ease and comfortable.
Logan’s hand is not as hard as the fighting master’s, but it is very girly. This is actually very difficult to imagine, because Logan is so powerful, the minimum body is exercised like steel?
But no, how long has Chuck slept on Logan’s legs? That feeling… is that others cannot understand it.
Logan saw Chuck tired and fell asleep. She let out a sigh of relief. She reached out and touched her lips herself. During the time when she lost consciousness, she seemed to feel someone… Is it her own illusion? probably.
Logan smiled slightly, “It’s really interesting to see you sleeping again…”
Maybe this is the feeling of peace of mind!
When she woke up in the morning, Chuck slept too well, and Logan woke up long ago. Her physical fitness was particularly good. After the operation, Logan had already had strength in addition to the pain in her body. You can get out of bed and walk.
She saw Chuck about to wake up, she smiled softly, this silly boy, holding his hand all night,…
Chuck woke up confused and saw Logan, he was at ease, at least Logan’s appearance was much better, and his eyes were brilliant.
Chuck reluctantly let go of Logan’s hand, so beautiful, he slept and slept all night.
“Aunt Logan, I’ll call you to eat.” Chuck stood up.
“Uh huh,”
“Aunt Logan, what are you going to eat?”
“What is Ceer’s name, what do I eat,”
Chuck walked out with peace of mind, but Chuck was moved outside and was distressed. She actually forgot Yvette last night. She fell asleep on a chair in the corridor. It must be very tiring to sleep like this.
Chuck walked over and hugged Yvette lightly. Yvette woke up and found out that Chuck was relieved and rested her head on Chuck’s chest. “Her husband…”
She didn’t feel wronged. She just thought Chuck had forgotten herself. She actually forgot. Well, she felt wronged…
But it was not revealed that Logan was hurt so badly, Chuck should be with Logan, she should wait.
“Sorry, last night,” Chuck felt guilty.
Yvette shook his head and asked blushing, “No, husband, where are you going to hug me?”
Is this little villain thinking again? ?
“Let you sleep well,” Chuck asked people to open a ward, but this is Logan’s hospital, wherever he lives.
Yvette was put into a room by Chuck, put her on the bed, kissed Yvette, “rest well, I will call you breakfast,”
Chuck went outside, and Yvette blushed and pulled him, “Husband, will you stay with me for a while?”
Yvette is going to be chased down by the killer. She must find a way to avoid it, then Chuck may not be seen by then.
Chuck was already guilty, and of course he was willing to lie down with Yvette.
Yvette whispered in the same way as usual.
Chuck came out of the room and went down to order breakfast. Halfway through, the phone rang. It was Qian Yueying. Chuck answered.
“Hello, Mr. Zhang, did you find Ouyang Fei?” Qian Yueying was uneasy.
She didn’t sleep all night, how could she sleep!
The photo of yourself was held in someone else’s hand, in case it was sent out, so one night, Qian Yueying didn’t do anything. She kept brushing the news to see if there was any news on her photo.
When she arrived in the morning, she was about to collapse and she couldn’t help calling Chuck.
She was so nervous!
“The photo is available, you can come and see me delete it,” Chuck said.
“What? Get it?? Thank you Mr. Zhang, where are you now? I’ll come over immediately.” Qian Yueying wept with joy!
With a big rock in her heart, she finally landed.
Chuck said the address hung up, went downstairs, but called Betty, connected!
“Sister Li, help me find out the black rose, no matter how much it costs, find her!!!” Chuck said coldly.
Logan was hurt like this, the biggest culprit was Black Rose, and that Ouyang Fei!
These two people must die! ! Especially Ouyang Fei!
This woman, Chuck did not expect that she was so ruthless at that time, underestimate her!
“Master, wait a minute!” Betty started to inquire here. Soon, she found out that Black Rose and Ouyang Fei were out of China!
“Master, Black Rose has left China.”
“Where did you go?” Chuck said coldly.
“The rice country should be back to the rice country!”
Chuck’s eyes are cold, Black Rose has been assassinating Chuck, and Chuck is defensive, but this time, Black Rose should never be wrong, hurt Logan! !
“Okay, prepare for me. I’m going to the United States in the next few days!” Chuck decided that he must kill Ouyang Fei and Black Rose. Chuck doesn’t want to wait for a minute or two now! Even if they fled back to the United States, it is useless.
Chuck will let them add a few people to die!
And when he arrived in the United States, Chuck had a way to force black roses to come out, because he just saw that there are many photos of black roses in Ouyangfei’s mobile phone, in addition to many photos of Qian Yueying.
With these photos, in the rice country, Chuck can’t force her out?
When the time comes, let’s put up a net and see where she runs! !
“Master, Li always let you stay in China.” Betty said.
When you arrive in the country, it will be particularly dangerous. After all, the easiest is that the Li overlord of the Li family is here! And the Li family!
Karen Lee is now separated from the Li family.
In the past, without strong strength, it is not good at all!
“Sister Li, I’m going to the country of the United States and killed Black Rose with my own hands! Aunt Logan was injured and almost died…” Chuck’s eyes were red.
“What?? Master, I will prepare it for you, but Master, what is your strength now?
Mi Guo is dangerous!” Betty said, exasperated, Logan almost died?
How serious is this?
“I know,” Chuck decided to go to Rice when Logan was about to get better! Kill Black Rose with all my strength, Ouyang Fei!
Especially Ouyang Fei, Chuck wants her to die better than life!
“Then I will prepare, but I have to ask Mr. Li first.”
“Yeah.” Chuck had no opinion, and of course asked his mother.
Chuck hung up the phone, and here Betty called Karen Lee, and it was connected.
Karen Lee’s voice was inside. “There’s something wrong with Master, Tang almost died…”
Chuck was ready to go up, and Qian Yueying ran over, “Mr. Zhang.”
Chuck glanced at her, opened Ouyang Fei’s mobile phone, and deleted them one by one in front of Qian Yueying. Qian Yueying was angry, this Ouyang Fei actually shot a video, how perverted can this be done?
Seeing Chuck deleted, Qian Yueying was relieved and finally relieved, “Thank you Mr. Zhang,…”
When she came, she was thinking about how to repay Chuck. She couldn’t think of it herself. Now, these days, Chuck has helped herself too much.
“You can rest assured now.”
“Well, thanks…”
Qian Yueying didn’t say anything. Chuck turned and took the elevator. He didn’t stay at all. His eyes are now Logan. Others, Chuck didn’t want to say a word. At this time, hurry up and accompany Logan has breakfast! !
When Qian Yueying came to her mouth, she stopped, her eyes were stunned, and Chuck didn’t ask for anything at all.
Qian Yueying was relieved, but she was inexplicably lost in her heart…

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